Pubg Night Mode Pc

PUBG Night Mode or Dark Mode or Black mode has become extremely popular in the tech world. This feature is not only being introduced to the games but also on all popular social media and messaging. You might be aware of the dark mode feature which has been lately introduced in Instagram as well as YouTube. It is also rumored that WhatsApp is soon going to get a dark mode. This mode does not only saves battery but also is pleasant who also fine your device at night. As the trend it was on, PUBG also decided to introduce night mode in PUBG mobile.

PUBG Mobile Night Mode:

Pubg Night Mode Pc

The PUBG v0.90 introduces is a night mode that is available in the classic version of the game. This feature was awaited by many players. PUBG has remained on the number one position when we talk about action and shooting games. We all know that developers keep on introducing new things in the game in order to maintain the interest of the gamers. Usually, people get bored of the same thing. Hence, Tencent also regularly produces new features in PUBG mobile. So what are you thinking of? Get started with the latest feature which has been added to PUBG mobile.

PUBG introduced PUBG mobile night mode last Halloween. This boys one of the most awaited features and it got added after the recent update. So are you excited to play the PUBG Mobile dark mode? We how mentioned below the steps to play in the dark mode. It is really an amazing feature and will be liked by most players. This night mode feature has been added directly to the classic version of the game and you will witness it on the regular maps. However, there are certain drawbacks to the feature.

PUBG Mobile Night Mode Review:

Pubg Night Mode Mobile

It has been several months since the dark mode of the game was launched out publicly. Most PUBG Players are extremely satisfied with the new feature that has been introduced in the game. The dark mode also has various new items like goggles which will help you in looking out during the night. Pubg mobile dark mode is one of the coolest updates so far by the developers. The entire scenery turns black and the visibility is very low. You will not be able to see the enemies at a distance if you are not wearing the goggles.

Goggles are a necessity during the night because you can hardly see without it. You can easily get the goggles just like you get the guns in different houses. Once you pick up the Goggle, you will get the option to enable it when the environment gets dark. The screen will turn green and the visibility will be better in the dark mode. You can easily locate the enemy in this way. Overall, the download is really exciting and you will love it at least for the first few months.

How to play in PUBG Night Mode?

Where Can You Play Night Mode In Pubg Map

The night mode in PUBG mobile is automatically activated in the updated version of the game. You will be able to play in the night mode by selecting a classic Erangel Game. However, the drawback is that you cannot select and play whenever you want. You will random automatically be selected for the night version and it is all on your luck. Hence, you will have to keep playing classic until you get the night version. You will be able to understand if the game has dark mode by looking at the lower right part of the screen. Hence, there is no option to select and play PUBG mobile night mode. It is all on your luck.

Here’s is the Detailed Video Guide on how to activate and play PUBG Night Mode in PUBG Mobile.

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