Tencent Gaming Buddy Mouse Problem

There is no doubt that Tencent gaming buddy is a top-rated PUBG emulator and it comes from the official parent company. However, there have been a number of issues in the emulator which has not yet been fixed. There are multiple readers who frequently asked about the control problem in the PUBG emulator. Are you’re one of those people who are facing Mouse lock for keyboard lock problem in PUBG emulator? We are going to put down several steps that you can use in order to sex all the problems that you are facing with PUBG emulator controls.

PUBG Emulator Controller Problem

There are repeated complaints about Mouse lock-in PUBG emulator and keyboard not functioning while playing the game. It is a serious issue because if the mouse gets locked you will not be able to shoot your enemies and you will ultimately die. So is it a permanent problem or can you solve it? We tried different methods and it worked. The PUBG emulator controller problem gets solved easily after following some of the solutions. However, the problem will be fixed temporarily only. The permanent fix will only come when the official developers address and roll out the new update.

Tencent Gaming Buddy Can't Lock Mouse

Tencent Gaming Buddy Mouse Lock Problem

There might be instances when your mouse will stop functioning and the cursed will I start moving on its own or get stuck at a particular place on the screen. This is one of the most annoying things for a gamer. It is a nightmare for most people who frequently played the game and are into it professionally. Tencent gaming buddy is one of the most popular PUBG emulators and such a problem is not acceptable on such a big platform. Hence, we will temporally try to fix the issue.

PUBG Emulator is one of the most active platforms for PUBG. According to a report, more and more PUBG mobile players are gradually chef into PUBG emulator. We all know the reason for this change. PUBG mobile is quite difficult to play because of the miscellaneous controls on a small screen itself. Hence, the PUBG emulator is a better option because it offers you to enjoy the gameplay of PUBG PC with full-fledged PC controls without paying anything. Therefore, you must look for the possible solutions for fixing the PUBG emulator controls problem. Try following the steps that we have mentioned below in this post.

Pubg Emulator Mouse Lock Problem

How to fix PUBG Emulator Mouse Lock Problem?

There is no guarantee that after following the steps given below your game will normalize and your mouse will work smoothly again. However, the procedure worked most times. It is basically for those people who were having normal gameplay on the emulator but suddenly their Mouse got stuck on the screen and did not move. In such cases, try one of the following steps.


The most basic step that you can follow is to update your PUBG emulator to the latest version. All you need to do is go to the settings and check if any new emulator update is available on the server. Moreover, you must make sure that the PUBG game is also updated to the latest version. For this, go to the Google Play Store on the emulator and check if any update is available. Make sure that you update them. Re-start the emulator and the game may work again smoothly.


If the PUBG mouse lock problem doesn’t get fixed by following the update procedure, consider reinstalling the entire PUBG emulator again.


If the problem doesn’t get fixed even after reinstalling the emulator, consider using another PUBG emulator like BlueStacks or NOX player.

Here’s a Video Guide to accomplish the FIX:



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