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There are some games which are always in discussions. PUBG is surely one of those games with more than 50 million players. There is no doubt that it is one of the most famous games in the world and is currently ranked as number 1. However, there are a lot of common problems that are faced by the users during the gameplay. Hence, we are here to help you skip or resolve all the issues that you are facing in the game. We also regularly post various tips and tricks to help you excel in the game and destroy your friends and enemy.

Problem – PUBG Emulator Detected

Today, we are going to discuss one common problem faced by most PUBG emulator players. It is often found that while launching the game on an emulator, a notification comes that an emulator is detected and the players will be matched only to those who are playing using the emulator. Hence, it is a big disadvantage for those people who are trying to play PUBG mobile on PC to have an upper hand over the other players who are playing the game on the mobile. However, this problem can be resolved using some simple steps that we have mentioned below in detail.

The disadvantage of “PUBG Emulator Detected” Problem

How To Bypass Emulator Detection

There is a significant disadvantage if you are not allowed to play the game with those people who are playing PUBG on their mobile. It directly means that you will be able to play with only those people who are using their PC to play the game. Hence, an emulator player will be matched with an emulator player only. This is a big disadvantage because most players play the game on the emulator to have an upper hand overdose playing the game on their mobile. The keyboard and mouse help to play the game better and this is why you can beat the other players easily. However, this PUBG emulator detected problem doesn’t allow you to do so.

How to solve the emulator detection problem?

It is very easy to resolve the problem of detection. However, you will have to stick to LDplayer as the default PUBG emulator. We value some special tools to tweak the settings of the emulator and get the work done. All you need to do is change some settings by replacing the files in the backlog. This will prevent the game from detecting that it is being played on the emulator. Hence, you can also connect with that player who is playing using their smartphone.

Steps to Resolve “PUBG Emulator Detected Problem”

Pubg Mobile Emulator Detected Nox

As mentioned earlier, we just need to make small changes in the emulator and get the settings done right to avoid this problem of detection. Below are the easy steps that you have to follow in order to bypass the problem and get connected to all other players. It will make your gameplay much easier and you will always have an upper hand over those playing the game from their mobile.

  1. Download the LDplayer PUBG emulator from the official website.
  2. Complete the installation procedure and launch the software on the PC
  3. Now download PUBG mobile on the PUBG emulator using the Google Play Store or the default app store.
  4. Now you will have to download the bypass tool. Download the PUBG emulator bypass tool on the PC.
  5. Right-click on the LD player icon and select an open file location to go to the installation page
  6. Now open the folder named VMS.
  7. Open the folder named ledian0. Now open The file named system.vmdk. Replace it with the file that you have downloaded.

This is all you need to do. Open the emulator and play the game without facing the detection error.

Watch out this video in order to get the Bypass Method to Solve the “PUBG Emulator Detected” Problem on PC:


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