PUBG Emulator Not Working

PUBG is most enjoyed when played on PUBG emulators. There are millions of people who are playing the game on emulators and it is essential for them to know all the features so that they can avoid any minor problems in the game. We have come up with this post to help you fix some PUBG emulator problems. There are multiple instances when people find errors like PUBG emulator not working and so on. We have discussed a particular problem that is happening with the mouse while playing the game in a certain mode. Read the complete article to understand and fix the problem.

PUBG Emulator Not Working:

There are many people who face various kinds of problems while playing the game in the emulator. It is best if you are using the official emulator which is Tencent gaming buddy. This time we have come up with the problem that people are facing with the scrolling of the optical mouse. This problem is being faced not only on Tencent gaming buddy but also on other PUBG emulators like BlueStacks and NOX player. However, the problem has been resolved after the recent update of the game by the developer. Make sure that you have installed the latest version of the emulator and the game.

PUBG Mouse Scrolling Not Working In LD player:

PUBG Mouse Scrolling Not Working In LD player

LD player is one of the most famous PUBG emulators and it comes just after Tencent gaming buddy in the list. There are millions of active PUBG players on this emulator and they have been facing a common issue. We tried to find the solution to the issue of mouse scrolling which was reported by several players. We had found out a possible solution for the problem with the LD player. Go through the steps to resolve the issue and get back to the normal gameplay. It is always a pleasure to play the game without any problem. You can also refer to our other posts to get the best settings and other technical things in the game.

PUBG Mouse Issue Explained:

PUBG Mouse Issue Explained

We all know that the bag has to be opened for adding for replacing certain items. All the items don’t fit on the screen if there are many items. Hence, players have to scroll down in order to select the desired item in the bag. The scrolling feature is activated on Tencent gaming buddy and other PUBG emulators and you can simply use the scroll button in on the mouse to go up or down. However, this feature is lacking in the PUBG emulator named LD player. Hence, players are having difficulty in removing for replacing certain items which are located below the screen. Below is the step-by-step guide to resolve this problem and starts scrolling using Mouse.

PUBG Mouse Scrolling Issue Solution – LD Player:

We have found out a possible way using which you can solve the problem of mouse scrolling in the LD player. You just have to follow the simple steps given below. The simple steps ensure that the problem will be fixed on your PUBG emulator and you will no longer have to compromise on the smooth gameplay.

PUBG Mouse Scrolling Issue Solution

  1.  Launch the PUBG Emulator.
  2. Now go to the settings from the menu bar.
  3. Now go to the advanced tab where you will find a lot of customization options.
  4. Here you will basically how to customize and edit the screen resolution for getting rid of the mouse scrolling problem in PUBG.
  5. In the resolution, section enters X 1080 and Y 1920.
  6. Now click on save and restart the emulator.
  7. now launch the game and you will find that the mouse scrolling problem has been successfully resolved.

Here’s is the Detailed Video Guide on Solving this Scrolling Issue in PUBG Mobile Gaming. Watch it carefully till the end.

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