GlobalShaderCache-PCD3D_SM4.bin Download

Pubg is available for many different systems like mobiles, tablets, iPads, and computers. We can enjoy the game in our preferred system. Pubg takes care of every category of gamers or the different types of system users. For the people using low-end smartphones, Pubg has introduced PUBG lite which is a light version o PUBG mobile. This change is done so that the passionate gamers with low-end phones can enjoy the best PUBG experience, without giving stress on their Budget. This helps both ways, Pubg is getting more users which is PUBG’s primary goal of User-Engagement and the users are now also able to enjoy the PUBG fun in their low-specs phone. So, Pubg lite mobile helped solve the issues faced by the low-end phone users, but the user category is very vast and some people are using low-end computers, wishing to play Pubg. Pubg also heard their wishes and gave them the solution as “Pubg Pc Lite”. The Pubg development team created a lower-end version of the game for computer users who do not have high-end computers or dedicated graphic cards. To install the PUBG Pc Lite on your system, you need to first download all the necessary software and when the downloading procedure is completed, you can launch the game on your system.

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After completing all the downloading and set up, still, some of the users are facing some issue as “globalshadercache-pc-d3d-sm4.bin missing file”. This is an issue that is faced by most of the users who are playing PUBG lite on their low-end systems and they are very confused that they have downloaded every guided software, still facing the “globalshadercache-pc-d3d-sm4.bin missing file” issue.  So why did this issue is popping up?

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Because there is a requirement of another software called  DirectX 11 version. This is not guided but still, there is the requirement of the Direct X 11 version software to run Pubg lite-on low-end systems.


In today’s world, most of the systems have auto installed version of Direct X but still, some series of computers and laptops are there in which it is not installed. So, we have to install it manually to run the game finally.

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So to fix the error of “globalshadercache-pc-d3d-sm4.bin Pubg lite”

We need to follow some steps:

  • First of all, check all the requirements of Software.
  • Then download the “DirectX Emulator”.
  • Now tap on the “Edit list”.
  • After the Edit list steps click on the three dots button “…”. Nearby the add button on the top corner.
  • Now select the “.exe” file called “Pubglite.exe app”. Go to the saved location of the Pubg lite app stored on PC. Also, select the Launcher.exe file for the same.
  • By this, you will be able to select the game launcher and the game extension and then click on Open.
  • Select the version and save the result now.
  • Now you are free from the “globalshadercache-pc-d3d-sm4.bin missing” error.

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But why does this happen?

There are many reasons that this error could happen in your system like:

  • The missing files or the corrupted files in the system.
  • The globalshadercache-pc-d3d-sm4.bin files get accidentally deleted by cleaning of the system or by third-party apps.
  • Downloading incomplete or corrupt version downloading/virus version downloading.
  • Virus infestation on the system or malware attack.
  • Corrupt window registration keys.

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These could be the possible solution for this error, also there might be some other reasons but these are the closest related scenarios.

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