Pubg remains the number one RPG game in the world. The game has introduced a number of parameters in order to keep the users engage. It clocked a massive user base as soon as it was launched in the market. However, the uptrend of the users is always limited and it is necessary for the company to keep the number of users table and prevent them from falling. Hence, the developers introduce a number of gaming options that keeps the users engaged. One search measure taken by Pubg is the royal pass system.

What is a Royal Pass in PUBG Season 14?

Pubg mobile royal pass

You might have often come across the term Pubg mobile Season 14 Royale Pass. But what exactly is it? Last year, Pubg introduced the royal pass system in the game to keep the users engaged. It is a special part of the game which offers weekly and daily challenges. You can on a lot of rewards and credits for clearing and winning the missions. Pubg Mobile Season 14 Royale pass has been in discussion regarding census launch. We are going to completely explain how the Pubg mobile elite pass works and what are the uses of it.

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Pubg mobile Royale pass is a seasonal event that sets different daily missions and challenges. Upon completing the challenges, the players are given rewards. Being a completely new system, a lot of users are still not aware of it. The game has already conducted seven successful Royal seasons and you might know about it if you have taken part in any one of them. But is it free to play in the Pubg mobile Royale pass system? We have explained it in the next subtopic.

Is Pubg Royal Pass Mode in Season 14 Free?

Pubg mobile royal pass

It is completely free to enter the Pubg royal pass event. This means that any Pubg mobile player can easily get into the event and complete the daily challenges along with the other missions. However, there is an Elite pass as well. This Pubg Royale Elite pass is not free. The Pubg Royal Elite pass has its own benefit and you will have to pay in order to get it. Most users do not understand the difference between the free version and the Pass Version of the event. This is why we are going to explain the difference between the Pubg mobile Royale pass Season 14 free version and the Pubg mobile Royale pass Elite version. Basically, Pubg mobile events are both free and paid. Any user can get into the event but there will be some differences between the free and the paid version which are discussed below.

Difference between the Free version and Elite Pass:

Pubg mobile royal pass

As mentioned earlier, Pubg mobile Royale event is both free and paid. You can either enter the event in the free mode or by purchasing the Pubg royal Elite pass. Both members will get daily events and challenges. The daily events are the same for all the members and it is generally easy to clear them all. All you need to do is play a number of games for some activities as mentioned in the daily challenge. After completing a daily event, users will be awarded Royal credit points. These Royal credits are very useful and it is the only reason why players play the events.

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You can later purchase a lot of in-game items like clothes and other accessories using the royal credits. On the other hand, challenges are pretty tough and this is not similar for all the users. The challenges are roughly similar for all the players but there are some special events for the elite pass members. Hence, these events are accessible only if you have a Pubg mobile Season 14 Elite pass. The only difference between the daily activities and challenges is that the latter gives more Royal credits. Hence, the elite pass members have an opportunity to grab a number of credits.

How to buy Pubg Royal Elite Pass in Season 14?

Pubg mobile royal pass

It is pretty easy to buy the Season 14 Pubg Royal Elite Pass. The pass can be purchased using unknown cash. It is the game’s currency. You have to spend real money in order to buy the unknown cash. There is no alternative to this step. You can directly purchase Pubg unknown cash from the game and make a payment on the Google Play Store or the app store. The unknown cash will be added to your account immediately and this will help you in purchasing the royal Elite pass. The minimum purchase price is 600 unknown passes and you can upgrade them.

Are the Pubg Elite Passes Permanent in Season 14?

Pubg mobile royal pass

This is one of the most common questions that we often come across. people ask if Pubg mobile Elite passes are a one-time purchase or do they have to purchase them again and again. Well, the answer to the question is that you do not need to purchase the elite pass again and again. Pubg mobile Royale Pass even being season, doesn’t require the repeated purchase of the elite pass. It is a one-time purchase and then you can buy the next fast when the new season is out.

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Hence, the system says that Pubg mobile pass is sold according to the season. Hence, you will have to purchase the elite pass in every new season. For instance, Pubg Royal Elite Passes season 14, and Season 13 is sold separately. Therefore, you will have to buy the elite pass for every individual season. It is completely upon you if you want to play the free version of the game or spend some money and get the royal Elite pass. The only way to purchase the royal Elite pass is by spending a non-cash, which can be purchased from the Google Play Store or the app store.

Royale Pass Seasonal – Explained:

Pubg mobile royal pass

As mentioned earlier, the royal pass is not permanent, it is seasonal. This means that you have to buy the Pubg Royal Elite pass every season. For example, the royal pass for season 14 and the royal pass for Season 15 will be different and you will have to purchase them separately. The Elite pass will expire as soon as the season comes to an end. Hence, the concept of the caste system must be very clear among its uses. This is because most people think that it is a one-time purchase and it will help them to survive through all the seasons. However, this is a misconception.

Pubg Season 14 Royal Elite Pass Free:

Pubg mobile royal pass

There are many websites that regularly come up with different tips and tricks to get the Pubg Elite Royal to pass for free. Let hostel you that there is no way of getting the royal pass for free. You will have to spend the unknown cash in order to spend and purchase the elite pass. The only way to get a pass for free is by getting the unknown cash for free. There iron a number of tricks that can be used for purchase in the unknown cash at a discount or for free. However, did not recommend you to follow any trick blindly as they may lead to the ban of your account.

However, there are some genuine tricks that involve the VPN offered from different parts of the world. The Pubg VPN trick is basically something that uses different promotional offers by the game. This helps in getting the royal pass at a discounted rate or completely free of cost.

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Pubg Royal Elite Pass Hack:

Pubg mobile royal pass

Many users try to have the elite pass events in order to get the price and other credits. There are a number of tricks available on different blogs. However, these tricks are completely useless because your account will surely get banned after using them. Pubg developers are very strict about the game and they will not allow any kind of hacking to take place. We have already seen a number of actions taken against the hackers. The hacker’s account has been permanently locked by the developers and this is a sign that they are putting forward to the mass.

Is it worth buying the Pubg Mobile Elite Pass?

Many players have the question of that is it logical to buy the elite pass or play the free version of the event. The answer is very simple. It is yes if you are very passionate about the game. The elite pass is completely worth it because it offers a variety of events that are not available for free users. Additionally, the chances of getting bigger words in the game are higher for the elite pass owners. Hence, it is advised that people having an interest in the game must surely purchase the seasonal pass.

However, the Royal pass is of no use if you are a periodical player. There are many students who play the game just for fun. In such cases, it is not at all logical to spend money on a thing which you are not going to play for a few hours a day regularly. Therefore, the choice of buying the mobile Elite pass is upon you.

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