how to unlock outfits in pubg

Pubg is one of the best games in the world and the game has attracted a lot of players. You might have heard about PUBG mobile and the different kinds of features that the game has. The game is not only about playing but also has a lot of different items that can increase your interest in the game. Did you know that you can purchase different kinds of outfits from the PUBG store? Yes, many people do not know that there are different kinds of outfits available in the store and they can be bought for free or a particular sum.

Pubg Trick

There are different kinds of PUBG tricks that are available in order to get items for free. There are a lot of items in the game that are not available for free and most players do not want to pay for those items. In these cases, PUBG tricks come to the rescue and allow them to make any purchase from the application for free. It a great way to get different kinds of guns and outfits for free in the game. We have come up with the latest PUBG trick that will allow you to get some free items.

You might have often come across different kinds of dresses that people wear in the game. many people have a common misconception that these items will get unlocked automatically once they reach a specific PUBG rank or level. However, this is not true I told them because you will have to pay for the item in order to get it or follow a PUBG trick in order to get the item for free. It is very easy to do so and you will have to follow some simple steps and get the item for free.

Outfits in Pubg:

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There are thousands of different outfits available on PUBG mobile. You mighty Morphin come across people who are wearing different kinds of clothes in the game and that seems strange to most new players. The reason is that they are either not wearing anything or they have only two options in their wardrobe. So how do the other players have access to a greater number of clothes in the wardrobe? Is this because of the rank or level in PUBG? No, this is because they have purchased the item or have used a PUBG trick.

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So if you want an all-new dress for yourself in the game, go through this complete article and understand the PUBG trick that we are discussing. It is a very easy procedure and is available for all the players. You will get a very attractive PUBG outfit by following the new PUBG that we have come up with. We regularly income of the latest PUBG tips and tricks and you must follow our website regularly in order to remain updated about all the free items that you can get in the game. We have also posted many articles related to free PUBG UC.

PUBG Trick: Get a Cat Cloth Set For Free

The latest PUBG tricks that we have come up with you will give you a free cat cloth set. This means that you will get an all-new outfit and that to a unique one with this trick. It is an official suit available for new users and you can follow the easy steps and get the item. The trick to getting cat clothes for PUBG mobile is free and very easy and does not involve any illegal. Hence, just follow the easy steps given below and get started with the game and a new outfit altogether.

It is a great option for all those people who have got bored with the contemporary look that they carry in PUBG mobile. If you are one of those people who like different kinds of cloth but do not want to spend money on PUBG, you can get an all-new PUBG cat out product in this article. It is extremely easy to follow the steps and get the item for free from the application itself. The tick will hardly take five minutes to get completed and you will have a new item added to the wardrobe.

  • Download the Pubg mobile app on your smartphone
  • Launch the application
  • No, sign up for the game using a new Facebook or Google account
  • Enter the Pubg character ID and the username of your choice and then head to the lobby
  • Select the redeem option in the lobby and you will be taken to a page where different items will be displayed
  • Select the Pubg cat cloth from the list and click on redeem the item
  • The item will be successfully added to the wardrobe for free and you do not have to pay any for it.

How To Change Clothes In Pubg?

pubg lite free dress

Once You Click On The Redeem Button After Following The Steps Given Above, You Will Get A Message Saying That You Have Successfully Redeemed The Item And It Is Added To The Wardrobe. So How To Change The Clothes In Pubg? You will See That You Are Still In The Same Clothes That You Were In The For. The Steps To Do So Is Very Simple And You Will Have To Go To The Wardrobe In Order To Change The Cloth. Select The Wardrobe Section Of The Game Present In The Lobby And You Will Find All The Clothes That Are Available. Simply Tap On The Cloth Of Your Choice And Then Click On Use. The Outfit Will Change Automatically And That Will Remain The Output Until And Unless You Change.

Is This Pubg Trick Safe?

This Is A Hundred percent Safe Trick That Will Give You Access To An All-New Cloth. It Is Not Illegal Because It Does Not Involve Any Third-Party Website Or Application. It Is There A Registration Of That Is Valid For The New Users? Hence, You Can Follow This Entire Track And Get The Free Item In Pubg Without The Need To Paying Anything.

Here’s the Detailed Guide on this Trick to get Free Cat Clothes in PUBG Mobile:

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