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Pubg Mobile 0.17.0 update is all set to reach your mobile in the next few days. Sources have reported that the developers are already working on the next big update of Pubg mobile and they are almost through it. The Pubg Mobile 0.17.0 update is in its beta phase and the developers are testing different types of innovative features. So are you excited for the next big set of changes that are going to come on Pubg mobile? There have been multiple demands by the regular Pubg players and it seems that the developers have taken enough all the feedback and are working hard to get them on track.

Pubg Mobile 0.17.0 is Coming Soon:

Pubg Mobile 0.17.0

One of the biggest Pubg mobile updates is coming soon. The developers have completed testing and are about to roll out the update officially. This latest Pubg mobile update news has been leaked in the market by several streamers and developers who have a connection with the developers. We have also got the information about the type of features that are going to be added to Pubg mobile after the latest update. There has not been any official statement by the developers related to the next version of the mobile version of the game. However, we firmly believe that the sources have got it right.

The recent update of the game was released just a few days back and it did not have new features as such. You might have a question that there are regular updates on mobile but there are no major changes. Well, there are updates every month from the developers but that doesn’t include any major changes in the game. These mobile updates are just for increasing the stability and fix and some minor problems that are faced by the users. Hence, we are going to see the next Big update after a long time.

Pubg Mobile 0.17.0 Update New Features:

It has been leaked that a number of new features are going to come to Pubg mobile. Are you are excited to know about the new features that are going make to your device using the new update. Some of these features include death replay mode and extreme cold wave mode. If you are not aware of the features and what it means, we are going to explain it in detail. Read to complete the article in order to understand the new features which are going to come into your game.

These features will be there on your phone in less than 1 month and this is the reason why you should have a clear idea about it. The new features of the game have been added to the cause of the demand of the players which were made regularly to the developers by various means. The developers have taken the feedback seriously and are working continuously to enhance the experience of gaming for all the existing and new players. There is a dedicated portal where people and demand new features and these features might be considered and added.

Death Replay Mode:

Death Replay Mode PUBG

Pubg Mobile 0.17.0 update is going to bring an all-new feature that is most awaited by the players. It is not that the death replay mode is something new. It is already available in all major games which include action and racing. However, this feature has been missing on Pubg since its launch. The best player mode is a very important feature when it comes to games related to actions. This feature is not available on the PC version of the game. There are multiple benefits that the players will have after this feature is added to the game.

What is Death Replay Mode?

Death replay mode is the all-new feature that is going to be added to Pubg mobile after the latest update. It is a feature that will enable the players to replay the scene of their death. It means that you will be able to watch the reply of the period of the match when you died. This feature will help you in understanding the angle from which you were held by the enemy and the main reason for your death. This is going to benefit the existing players and the new ones as well. Below are some key benefits of the addition of the death replay mode in Pubg mobile.

Benefits of Death Replay Mode:

As mentioned earlier, Pubg Mobile 0.17.0 update will bring the death replay mode in the game and this is going to benefit all the players to a great extent. The best part about this update is that now you can understand the entire scene when you are killed. It happens quite often that you do not understand the exact scenario and you get killed. This is mostly when the enemy is hiding somewhere around and shoots you down in a single go. It is very irritating to end the game with a mysterious knockdown. This was probably one of the worst parts of Pubg mobile and many players have reported this lack of feature to the developers on various platforms. A replay mode is available in most games.

Following the feedback from the users, the developers of Pubg mobile have decided to come up with the death replay mode. It will give you a clear picture of how you were killed in the match. This is highly beneficial because it will help you in improvising your skills. We all learn from our mistakes and for this, we must know our mistakes. Hence, that replay mode will help us in understanding the mistakes that we did in the last match and will help us in rectifying them in the other matches. Hence, you can enhance and improve your skills after having watched your death scene.

Extreme Cold Mode:

Extreme Cold Mode PUBG

The extreme cold mode is another amazing addition that will be coming up with the next update in Pubg mobile. We do not know about this feature officially but most gamers believe that this will be added as an event mode in the game. In this mode, players will have to go through extremely cold weather and will have to survive through it. This feature will soon be added and you will enjoy it. Pubg has a history of adding new events in a periodic manner to keep the players engaged with new stuff. So are you excited about the all-new extreme cold Mode that is going to be added to Pubg mobile in the next update? Read more about this mode in the following passage and get a clear picture of what it would be.

What is Extreme Cold Mode?

The extreme cold mode will be particular in the game in which the players will lose health because of the exceedingly cold weather. The players will have together words from the surroundings in order to burn them and remain hot to prevent the loss of health. It seems to be very interesting and we all are surely going to love it. Moreover, there will be some additional features in this game and mode where people will suffer from cold waves. This is similar to the zombie wave which is seen in the zombie mode in Pubg mobile.

Woods to Survive:

The players will have together words from the surrounding and burn them in order to remain warm. All the players of the team can go in different directions in order to find Woods. There will also be a temperature recorder on the screen. If the surrounding temperature falls below a particular temperature, players will feel extremely cold and will lose health. Hence, it will be necessary to have the woods burning in order to keep the surrounding temperature high and prevent the loss of health. This is why we firmly believe that it is going to be a great addition to the game.

There will be a time in the mini-map. It will be similar to the timer that we find on the normal gaming mode which counts down for the zone. Similarly, this time off will give you the approximate time and of the cold wave. Hence, you and your teammates will have to arrange the words in the appropriate time in order to survive through the cold wave. At the same time, you will have to fight with enemies and you can also pick up the woods that lay behind in the crate.

Colour Blind Mode:

What is PUBG Colour Blind Mode

Pubg developers have been working on the Colorblind mode for a long time and this has been confirmed officially you by the developers. It seems that the developers will finally push the Colorblind mode in Pubg mobile through Pubg Mobile 0.17.0 update. What exactly is the Pubg Colorblind mode and how will it benefit the players? Well, this mode is not for the normal exist in players but for those who suffer from the problem of Colorblindness. In short, this gaming mode will enable the Colorblind people to play Pubg.

You might be aware of the fact that the game has high resolution and graphics with multiple Colors used for different objects. This makes it very difficult for the Colorblind people to observe different objects in the game. Hence, the new model will help the players adjust and the graphical settings and making them flexible according to their choice. The players will be allowed to select the colors which they cannot see and the game will automatically eliminate all such colors and replace them with another color. In this way, it will become convenient for a colorblind person to play the game.

Colour Blind Mode PUBG

This shows that the developers do not want to restrict the game to the healthy players only but also to those who suffer from some kind of problem or another. Their motive is to make the game available for almost all people around the globe and let them enjoy the Amazing RPG Game. Hence, this is great news if you are a Colorblind person. You might have heard about this game from multiple people and now you will be able to play the game as well. Moreover, the best part is that you can merge with the normal players and form a team. The Color changes and graphical settings will be applied to your screen only. Therefore, you will not be restricted to play solo or with people suffering from the same problem.

Pubg Mobile 0.17.0 Update Summary:

Pubg 0.17.0 Latest Update

Pubg mobile has been one of the best games of the last decade and it seems to remain in its position in this new decade as well. This new Pubg mobile update is going to be a promising one and is going to add all the features that we have mentioned above in this post. We how summarised the points below. You can go through them if you do not want to spend much time reading the entire description of the features that are being added to the game with the all-new update.

  • The first feature is going to be related to the death replay. You will be allowed to replay the last few seconds of the game in which you died. This will help you in understanding the mistake that you did and how exactly you got killed in the last round. Using this feature of Pubg mobile, you can improve your gaming skills and become a pro.
  • Secondary, there will be a new event mode in the game where the players will have to survive extreme weather conditions. The cold mode well reduce the health of the players and you will have to survive through it by gathering words from the surrounding. It seems to be an amazing addition.
  • Lastly, the developers have come up with the concept of color-blind mode in which the players who are suffering from this problem will be benefited. Hence, this new update will bring some major changes which will be highly beneficial for the colorblind community. They can adjust the graphics settings according to their needs.

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