PUBG is currently the most trending game in the world and has broken all the past records. It is played by millions of players and has become an internet sensation. Since it was launched back in 2016, it has remained on the top. The game is quite easy to understand and if you have no idea of playing the game, you can refer to the homepage of a website to get the complete explanation of playing PUBG mobile as well as PUBG PC. After signing up on PUBG mobile or any other platform, the server assigns you are unique account ID. This PUBG character ID is very important and you must know how to access it.

PUBG Character ID:

PUBG Character ID

As mentioned earlier, every player who has a unique PUBG character ID signifies the account number assigned to him on the PUBG server. Many people think that it is of no use and it is irrelevant. However, let us tell you that the character id is very important. You must know how to access the character ID from time to time in order to get through various functionalities. It is very easy to access the correct ID of your PUBG account.

The Relevance of PUBG Character ID:

Relevance of PUBG Character ID

There is a reason why the developers give you a unique number. It is not only because you will be identified as a unique player to the server but also for multiple are the reasons. For instance, you can directly share your PUBG character number with your friends in order to get connected. Friends mostly connect to each other using the Facebook feature. However, following the character method is much easier when the friend or the person you want to play with is not connected with you on Facebook. Hence, we are going to explain give the steps to find out the character id which is assigned to you.

Add Friends using PUBG Character Number:

Add friends using PUBG Character Number

There instances when you find random friends and you want to play the game with them in the lobby. New players find it difficult to pair up with people who are not added with them on Facebook. Hence, it seems impossible to play with the person who is completely new. However, you can easily get connected to any PUBG ID around the globe. You just have to go to the PUBG add friend section and then click on the enter character ID option.

Steps to Check your PUBG Character ID:

Check your PUBG Character ID

So if your friend is asking for the correct number, you will have to follow the steps given below in order to get the PUBG account number. Once you share the character ID with your friend, he can easily are you as a friend in PUBG. You just have to do this once and you will automatically show up in the list of your friends. Follow the simple steps given below in order to note down your character ID and share it with your friends.

  • Launch PUBG mobile on your device and click on your profile picture available on the right-hand side top corner of the screen.
  • This is the same place where you see your rank and other important starts.
  • Once you click on the profile picture, you will see a character number written over there.
  • This is the actual PUBG character number with which you are assigned after signing up.
  • There is also a copy icon used in which you can copy the number and paste it later.
  • Moreover, you can also share your PUBG character number with your friends directly on WhatsApp or Facebook using the share icon available just decide the number.

Here is a Video Demonstration on how to Check your PUBG Character ID with the Solution of the Problem.


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