Find A Level 3 Helmet In Pubg

Pubg is an action-packed game. The main motive of Pubg is to kill other players to secure your victory and that is why different arms and ammunitions are present inside the game. And to balance the offense there is a need for defense too, for that Pubg have many components to reduce the damage caused by the weapons and grenades.

For the defense of the characters, there are Helmets, Vests, and shields available according to their levels. There are different levels of Helmets and Vests which determines how much damage they can reduce and act as a protective layer for the player.

The most important defense in the Pubg is Helmet because a player gets knocked very fast when taking a headshot. And the damage of AWM in the game is pretty high, it could knock you off when head-shotted. So that is why picking up a Helmet is necessary.

Here we will get to know how to find a Level 3 Helmet In Pubg?

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Helmets are created in three levels:

  1. Level 1 Helmet
  2. Level 2 Helmet
  3. Level 3 Helmet

Each level has its damage resistance capabilities. Helmets are just made to protect the head, they do not serve any other function.

Different Levels of Pubg Helmets:

Spetsnaz helmet level 3 in pubg

Level 1 Helmet:

Level 1 Helmet is also called “Motorcycle Helmet”. It provides an Armor of 80 and its damage reduction value is 30%. It is a green-colored helmet that looks like a normal scooter or bike helmet.

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Level 2 Helmet:

Level 2 Helmet is also called “Military Helmet”.

It provides an Armor of 150 and its damage reduction value is 40%. It is a light-skin colored helmet with spots on it, giving it a look of military personnel helmets.

Both of these Helmets do not provide face protection, getting shot on the face will give pure damage of 250% giving a ticket for the next lobby.

Level 3 Helmet:

Level 3 Helmet is also called “Spetsnaz Helmet”. It provides an Armor of 230 and its damage reduction value is 55%. It is a dark-colored helmet that covers the whole head from face to back. It is also the most stylish and protective helmet among all the 3 levels. It is also the rarest of all the helmets.

Only level 3 Helmet can provide face protection. If a level 3 helmet is useful, where can we find it then?

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Well, a Pubg gamer could find level 3 Helmet in these places:

1. Drops:

a. Regular Drop:

Pubg randomly rains regular drops in different parts of the map. This drop contains a lot of normal guns and armor. Sometimes, it provides a level 3 helmet.

b. Flare Drop:

Flare Drops are special as it is specially provided at your location when a flare gun is fired on the sky. It contains Premium Guns which are not easily available in the game like AWM and Groza and it also provides premium protective gear like a level 3 Vest and Helmet.

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2. Random Locations on Different Maps:

Level 3 helmet could be found in Bootcamp and Paradise resort in Sanhok map. In Erangle, it could be found on Novo and Georgopol containers as well as on Military Base. In Miramar, places like Areel Pozo, Pecado, and Hacienda were the places it could be found.

Previously in all these places level 3 Helmet could be found but now as per Update #12, it can only be found in Air Drops.

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Is a Damaged Level 3 Helmet better than a Full Level 2 Helmet?

Yes, a damaged level 3 helmet is way better than a level 2 Helmet. First, its durability is very high and a half-damaged level 3 helmet can withstand damage similar to two Level 2 Helmets. You can change when you have 10 to 15% durability left of the level 3 Helmet and a chance of changing it with a full level 2 Helmet.

Most Pubg players also prefer damaged level 3 over full level 2 Helmet. They even say if Level 3 is 90% damaged do not exchange it with level 2. There might be many different opinions according to different pros, but it is the most trusted equipment of the Pros of Pubg.

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