Playing PUBG is fun but what if we tell you some ways to make it even better. The game has got a lot of features and it is much more than just playing PUBG on different servers. Most people think that the gameplay of PUBG mobile is limited to playing with a hundred other people on an island and that only for people can team up. However, this is not the case and you can play with a hundred people who are your friends. We are going to discuss the PUBG room, which is a very great feature of the game.

What is Pubg Room?

How To Join Room In Pubg Mobile

Pubg Room is a dedicated room where you can play with your friends only. This means that you will have a private space where only your friends will be present and there will be no other player from the online world. isn’t it exciting to know that you can make a custom space for you and your friends to start playing together? Are you planning to host a PUBG mobile game among your friends in the college? Well, the PUBG room will allow you to do so very easily.

A player can become the host and create a customized room in the game where we can add all his friends to play. The size of the room is a hundred and this means that you can add up to 100 friends of yours from the school or college to play with you. Moreover, you can also host an event of PUBG using this feature. So how to create a PUBG room? We are going to discuss this feature completely and the steps to make a customized room will also be given so that the users can start enjoying this great feature.

How does a Pubg Room Work?

How To Use 7 Day Room Card In Pubg

The concept of private space is very simple and it simply means that you will have a room or space where you will be able to play with a hundred different players of your choice. It is unlike the auto matchmaking server where you are connected to a hundred different players who are not your friends. This is done by creating a host custom room ID. It means that the host of the room can create an ID and password which can be shared with friends in order to join the room after entering the password that you have given.

Hence, no one without the password can enter the room and dress will maintain the quality of players in your room. The play will be able to host a tournament as well where he can share the group ID and password in a WhatsApp group or by manually texting each and every person. Once all the players have entered the room, they can either team up to play a solo match against the friends. It is a great experience to have a house full of friends in the match and you can do a lot of stuff which is amazing and competing at the same time.

Can anyone create a PUBG room?

How To Create Room In Pubg Lite

Pubg rooms cannot be created by each and every player. New players, particularly, cannot make any room. It is important to understand that you need a Royale battle pass in order to create a room in PUBG. Or else you will have to be a part of the clan, level 2 or higher. So if you are part of any one of these, you can easily host a match. However, it is not important to have any rank in order to join the room. All PUBG mobile players can join the room.

How to create a custom PUBG room?

Advanced Room Card Pubg Mobile

Creating a custom room in PUBG is no big deal. It is a very simple task and anyone can do so very easily. We are going to tell you the steps using which you can create a custom room ID and also set a password so that no one else can access your room. The ID and password of the Room can then be shared with friends in order to allow them to join. There are two different ways in which you can create a custom Room ID and we are going to explain both the method below.

1. Using Royal Pass

  • The player is given a one-day room card when he reaches level 14
  • Three days pass is given when the player reaches level 37
  • 7 days card is given to the player who reaches level 87
  • The players can create an unlimited number of rooms during this period of time until the card expires.

2. Using the Clan Shop

  • Click on the clan button on the left-hand side of the lobby
  • Now open the shop
  • Now we can purchase the custom room card by paying 300 coins.
  • This will be available for single use only
  • It means that you can create only one room and a discard will expire and like the previous one which expires after the time limit.

How to create a Room?

After you have got the card after reaching the specific level in Elite Royal pass or by paying the coins, you can proceed and create a room for your own use and your friends. The steps for doing so is quite simple and you can easily create the room. The room ID and password will be set by the host and has to be followed by all other participants. Follow the steps given below and create a custom PUBG room for your friends.

  • Launch PUBG mobile application on your smartphone
  • Click on the map available on the left-hand side top part of the
  • Now select the map in which you want to play
  • now you can see a room option written at the bottom part of the screen. It is below the solo, duo and other team options.
  • Click on create room
  • Enter a customized name for the room and also create a password
  • Select all the type of options according to your need
  • Click on create room and the room will be established successfully.

Here is the simplest video you would find online to create a PUBG Room in a step-by-step procedure:


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