Convert 3x Scope into 15x

There are many items available in PUBG which never fails to make people crazy. Converting a 3X scope into 15x scope is the latest trend that you will find on social media and different gaming community platforms. The scope available in PUBG mobile and is not a new thing. All the players of the game might know that there are different kinds of scopes available in the game which has different magnification power. If not, we are also going to tell you what is a scope and how to use different types of scope in this article. However, this post is mostly about converting 3x scope into a 15x scope.

15x Scope in PUBG:

15x Scope in PUBG

15x scope in PUBG mobile is a trending topic on social media and different platforms. You might also have heard from your friends about the 15x scope in PUBG mobile. However, we all know that it is officially and practically impossible to get a scope with magnification power above 8X. The developers of the game allow you to get 8X magnification power only. Therefore, you have only the 8X scope available in the game maximum. However, the 15x scope is also not a false thing and it is true that you can use a 15x scope in the game.

We are going to explain to you how to do so in this article. It will help you to zoom and use your rifle to kill any person who is standing at a distance. It is a very easy trick and let us tell you that it is not an official scope that is available in the game. It is not available normally like all other scopes that are scattered here and there and can be picked up for being used. Hence, 15x scope something new and we will discuss it in detail in this article and also tell you the trick in which you can use it. How, let us first explain what is a scope and what are the uses of it, to those who have no idea about it.

What is a Scope in PUBG?

Scope in PUBG

New players are not generally aware of different items available in PUBG mobile. However, if you already know what is a scope and what are the uses of it, you can directly escape to the trick given below in order to convert your 3x scope into 5x scope. The scope is a special item available in PUBG mobile which is attached to the gun in order to zoom. There are different types of scopes available in PUBG and they can be attached to the guns in order to increase the magnification power.

Therefore, it means that you will be able to locate any person at a distance and kill him directly using your gun. Usually, it is not possible to kill any enemy who is located at a distance, without a scope. Therefore, this item helps you to increase the magnification power of the gun, and 8X is the maximum magnification scope that is available officially in PUBG mobile and PUBG PC. The scopes available just like any other item in the game and you will have to pick it up and set it in your gun. However, high magnification sports live 8X scope can only be used in the rifles and not in ordinary weapons.

Is 15x scope really available?

15x Scope In Pubg Mobile

Yes, 15x scope news is not fake and you can actually use them in the game. It has a very high magnification power and it allows you to shoot any person who is located even at a very distant place. However, the latest tell you that it is not an official update and the 15x scope is not available officially like all other scopes. Moreover, the scope is also not available in different places like all other items of PUBG mobile. It is a glitch which has been found by some players.

There is an official glitch that has been found by different YouTubers and it will help you to convert 3x scope into a 15x scope. Hence, it is very easy for all the players to zoom across the map and shoot at the enemies even if they cannot see you. So are you excited to learn about the procedure of converting 3x scope into 15x scope in PUBG? We have given the step by step procedure to convert the 3x scope. However, you will require certain items to do so and we have mentioned them below.

Items required for 3x to 15x scope Trick:

There are some necessary items which you must have in your bag in order to get started with the trick. It is quite simple to get access to the new Scope. Hence, you must go around and collect the following items in your bag before starting with the trick.

  1. A rifle
  2. An AR gun
  3. 3x Scope
  4. 8x scopes
  5. Quickdraw mag for AR weapons

Steps to convert 5x Scope into 15x:

  • the very first step is to hide in a location when no one will locate you and you can follow the trick
  • Open the bag and remove the 3x scope and draw mag from the AR gun
  • You just have to remove the item from the gun and not drop it on the ground
  • Now take the AR weapon in your hand
  • you will have to be very quick in be very fast in order to ensure that the trick does not fail
  • Start running and add the draw mag and 3X scope to the AR weapon while running. There should be almost no gap between a place in both the items on the gum. At the same time, you have to drop the 8X fitted sniper
  • Now you can follow the steps at a regular speed
  • Pick up the 8X Sniper that you have dropped, in your hand
  • The Sniper will start reloading and once it is done you will have to aim at any particular place using the 8X scope.
  • Now switch to the AR gun and you will find that the 3x scope has become a 15x scope.

Here’s a Video Guide on how you can Convert a 3x Scope to 15x Scope in PUBG Mobile within just 10 Seconds.

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