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Playing PUBG has become a routine for everybody. There are millions of active players across the world. The game is very simple to play but there are different kinds of metals and terms that are beyond the understanding of a new player. Therefore, all the new players in the game must be aware of the terms that are used in the game. It will not only help you to understand the functionality of the game but also improve you are gameplay. There are terms like nugget dinner which have been popular and many people do not know about it.

PUBG Mobile Terminologies:

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There are various terminologies in the game which are specific to PUBG mobile. It is only relevant for the players of the game and it is also very helpful. We are going to discuss the benefits of knowing the PUBG terminologies below. Moreover, you can also say to your friends that you are a professional player and you know everything about the game. It is a well-known fact that a professional player is always familiar with each and every detail of what he does and what he plays. Hence, it’s time for you to become a professional player in PUBG mobile.

All the PUBG words are not aware of Nugget dinner. They are only familiar with the time chicken dinner. Chicken dinner is one of the most famous times that is associated with PUBG mobile. This is the dinner which is awarded to the team which plays the game in the best way and is then the winners eventually. Hence, the winners of PUBG mobile are given chicken dinner. It is one of the best things and most players are after chicken dinner in the game. But have you ever come across the term nugget dinner in PUBG?

Why are the terms important in the game?

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Terminology in any game is very important because it tells you about the details which are not available in word form. It is also critical for players who play the game very well but are not aware of what are the game medal and stuff. Suppose, you are playing out playing with your friends and they ask you about a specific term from the game and tell you to win or achieve that. Usually, in such a situation most players are thinking about how to win the medal and challenge their friends to do the same and this is the way in which the game gets more exciting.

However, it will be of no use if you are not aware of the term itself. Hence, you will end up saying that you are not aware of the term and what exactly does it mean. This will be a bad moment because your friends will laugh at you and your challenge will also go into the vein. Therefore, it is a good idea to have knowledge about all the dinner and medals that are present in the game of PUBG. Hence, we are going to explain about a new term today.

PUBG Nugget Dinner:

The very first question that might come in your mind is that what exactly does PUBG nugget dinner main and how is it different from PUBG chicken dinner. Well, nugget dinner is a medal in PUBG which is given to the players who get less than 5 kills in the game and still win the game. It means that nugget dinner is given only after you have a chicken dinner. Therefore, a player can get both chicken and nugget dinner together. However, it is given only to those players who have achieved the when but have less than 5 kills.

So if your kills less than 5 and you have still won the PUBG chicken dinner, you will be given this medal. However, it is not possible for everyone to get it because the number of kills is very specific. You might have observed by those players who won the chicken dinner are having a very high number of cases. This means that these players will only get PUBG chicken dinner and not the PUBG nugget dinner. This is why we are going to tell you the ways in which you can increase the probability of getting both the medals at the same time. The tips for the same has been giving below.

Difference between PUBG Nugget Dinner and Chicken Dinner:

There are many people who get chicken dinner on a daily basis. However, there is a very limited number of people who are given PUBG nugget dinner. The difference between the two medals is that one measures your overall performance and check if you have won the game or not, while the other one is there only to evaluate your risk assessment and how you can win the entire match by just killing five any enemies or lower. So it’s very easy for you to win the game and get

Tips to get Nugget Dinner:

It is very easy to get the PUBG nugget dinner because the conditions are very simple. It is just that you have to win the game and have given less than 5 kills. However, it is very difficult to win a game without having more than 5. Hence, it is advised that the players must have a squad that will kill the enemies. Hence, you can defend yourself during the fight and prevent yourself and killing the enemy.

It is a better option to let your squad do the flight and you enter only when required. Moreover, the game is not only about killing but also about knowing the timing of when to engage and when not to. Therefore, you must not always keep fighting the enemies but rather height in a safe place and use your strategy in order to kill the name of the enemies. The only time when you should engage is when the situation goes out of control and you have to kill the enemy because he would kill you otherwise. So follow these simple tips and get the nugget dinner.

Here’s a Video Guide describing the easiest way to get a Nugget Dinner in PUBG Mobile:

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