PUBG has become an obsession and you might be well versed with the game of reading all the articles on our website. However, there is some important information that you need to know about the game to become a great player. You might have heard your elders saying that no one in the world has 100% knowledge and this is the reason why you must spend time reading and improving your skills and knowledge. It doesn’t matter if the knowledge is related to gaming or something else. We are going to discuss PUBG level 3 loots and the effective ways of getting them without any trouble.


Pubg Loot

PUBG is not confined to a particular level of gameplay. There are a lot of things that you need to understand the game. One of the most basic thing that you must know is the PUBG levels. What exactly are PUBG levels? In this post, we will discuss different levels and how each level can help you in excelling in the game. PUBG Levels are basically something which defines the weapons and other accessories in the. You must be aware of all these things because it helps you in the server using till the end. It places a very important role in the game and is a very basic thing.

PUBG Levels – Basic Guide:

PUBG Levels

The weapons and accessories in the game are divided into three different levels. They are named as level 1, level 2 and level 3 respectively. But how does it really matter? Well, it matters a lot when you are playing PUBG in any mode. You might have often come across different kinds of helmets and vests in the. Next time consider stopping near a helmet and check it out. You will observe that the helmet will be highlighted with the name and it will be mentioned as level 1, level 2 or level 3. The level of the helmet and most other accessories are given in the bracket. We are you going to explain to you how is the level of a particular accessory or PUBG gear essential in the game.

How are PUBG Levels Significant?

PUBG Levels Significant

The level of PUBG weapon or hear that you use is of great significance in the game. It doesn’t matter if you are playing in the classic mode or in the arcade mode. Levels basically define the strength of the particular gear or accessory. For instance, PUBG helmet level 3 is always superior and will protect you from more bullets compared to level 1 and level 2 helmets. Similarly, level 3 vest will help you to survive through more Harsh conditions compared to level 1 and level to vests. Hence, it is always wise to select level 3 of gears and loots.

In any particular scenario, level 3 gears will help you survive through. There are a lot of discussions about this thing. The outcome is that you must where level 3 helmet and other items in order to stay alive for more time. PUBG level 3 helmet or any other necessary add more health to your character and it becomes difficult for the opponent to kill you. Similarly, you might need to fire more bullets if you want to kill an opponent who is wearing level 3 accessories. A person who is wearing level 1 accessories can die very easily. For example, kar98 is known for a headshot kill. But, there is an 80% probability that you will survive through a headshot if you are wearing a level 3 helmet.

PUBG Level 3 Loots and Gears:

PUBG Levels Significant

The PUBG level 3 items are limited and are quite rare to find in the game. You can easily locate level 1 and level 2 helmets and other items in the game. However, you will have to go through a lot of houses in order to find a level 3 helmet or vest. There is another method using which you can grab the level three items and we have mentioned the steps to get level three items easily below. Till then, understand that there is some limited number of level 3 loots and gears. Here are the most important level 3 items in PUBG mobile, PUBG pc, PUBG for Xbox and others.

  • Level 3 helmet
  • Level 3 Vest
  • Medical gears
  • Assault rifles
  • Snipers
  • Level 3 gears

How to Loot PUBG Level 3 Gears or Armors?

PUBG Level 3 Gears

The most basic way of getting the level three items is by going from one house to another. However, you will find the level 3 helmets and other items very rarely in this situation. This is because of the fact that level 3 items are very rare in the game. Hence, you will have to locate some unusual places where there is a high probability of getting these items. Another Amazing way to get these items is by following the drops. There is 100% probability that you will get level 3 helmet and other accessories in a particular drop.

You might be aware of the fact that a plane passes through to the map occasionally and drops a box on the island. It looks similar to what you will find in the picture. The box lines on the ground and throws out red fume. This is an indication that the box has arrived and the players can get the items. It is particularly the best place where you will find all the premium items of the game. However, you must understand that there is a high risk associated with looting the drop. Why so? This is because of the fact all the players around the particular region will see the red fume and come to get the rear items. Hence, you will have to professionally get the items.

Guide to Loot Drops Effectively:

Loot Drops Effectively

You will have to be a professional play if you want to get the level three items from the box without getting killed. There are a lot of people who are sitting around the drop and aiming for prey to come. Hence, you will have to ensure that you do not fall in the trap of the opponents. Therefore, you must properly exam and the areas surrounding the drop before directly reaching out there. You can throw a smoke grenade in front of the drop so that no one can aim you, particularly while you grab the items from it.

All the drops have level three items and this is definite. It is a short thing that you will find a level 3 helmet and vest there. Other items included in the box varies. There is a particular pen available in the box. However, it is not necessary that you will get the same item again and again from every drop. Mostly, you will find rare snipers like AWM or guns like Groza, Aug, and M249. Hence, it is always fruitful to get the items from the drop. It is just that you have to plan the entire journey with your teammates in order to minimize the risk of getting killed while looting.

What is the Meaning of Prone to Prone in PUBG?

Prone to Prone in PUBG

There are different positions in PUBG. Be it PUBG mobile or PUBG pc, you can either kill the opponents by standing, sitting or even by lying on the ground. Each position has a specific name and you might often find prone to prone term mentioned as a criteria for getting a particular item for fulfilling the daily missions. Prone to Prone simply means that you have to lie down on the ground and kill to opponents consecutively. All you need to do is click on the laydown option in the game, aim the enemies and killed them. Once you fulfill this criterion, you are a word or mission will be unlocked.

How do you Loot Fast in PUBG Mobile?

Loot Fast in PUBG Mobile

The secret of becoming a professional player is to loot all the items very quickly in the game. There a lot of items scattered here and there in the house and you will have to be very quick if you are landing in a very densely populated place like Pochinki. If you do not hurry up and get the items fast, your opponent will kill you in a fraction of a second. There is no trick in this. It is just that you have to understand that you have to take a call very fast. Most beginners keep on wasting time thinking if they should pick up this gun or that gun. Hence, you will have to take a decision very quickly and order to grab the item. Additionally, you must always have space in your bag. This will ensure that you quickly get the items from the crate of the opponent and run away before any other opponent can shoot you. Therefore, do not keep any item which is unnecessary.

Discard all the items and bullets of a gun after you have dropped a particular gun. Similarly, there are a lot of other accessories and scopes which you might not require in the game and picking them up unnecessarily can land you up in trouble. Moreover, keep moving while picking up items. Do not stop near a busy place while changing the scope for fitting additional items in the gun. Hide at a suitable place while doing such activities and this will minimize the risk of getting killed.

What is the Best Weapon in PUBG?

Best Weapon in PUBG

There is nothing called the best weapon in the game. PUBG Mobile and PUBG PC have a wide range of guns and pistols available. The best gun completely depends on the player. Each play has his own unique requirement and there are different categories of weapons available in the game. For example, some players are addicted to rifles and they cannot play the game without Kar98 or AWM. On the other hand, there are players who are not at all accustomed to rifles like Kar98. Similarly, some people like using AKM, Scar-L, M762, M249, and others. There are even people who prefer using UMP9 over AKM. Hence, it completely depends on you. You will find a particular gun suitable for yourself once you get accustomed to it. The player can also adjust the firing mode between single and auto. Auto simply means that you just have to tap and hold the fire button in order to continuously shoot.

Which is the Most Silent Weapon in PUBG?

Most Silent Weapon in PUBG

All the weapons in PUBG have their own unique sound. No weapon is completely silent. Be it a gun or a rifle, nice and sound is there. But there is a typical way using which you can cancel the noise of the guns and prevent your opponents from understanding for hearing the noise of the gun. It is a very professional trick to use silent weapons. This is because of the fact that the opponents were not able to understand that you are somewhere near. Each gun has a typical silencer which is available just like any other item. The character will automatically pick up the silencer if available around you. Hence, the only way to cancel the sound is by applying silencer to your gun.

Which Bullet is Best in PUBG?

Again, the choice of bullet completely depends upon the type of gun or weapon that a particular player prefers in PUBG. Mostly, the choice of best bullet lies Between 5.56 mm and 7.62mm. Most good guns use this bullet only. Hence, either of these two bullets can be the best one.

Win PUBG Battle Level 3 Loots, Guns, Gears, Circle And Chicken Dinner:

We have typically covered all you need to know about PUBG levels. Hence, a firm conclusion can be drawn that level 3 items are the best ones in the game. It is one necessary steps that bring you closer to the inner chicken dinner. The guns, gears and another level 3 items a very important in the game and there will always increase the probability of you surviving through the game.

How do you Get more Chicken Dinner in PUBG?

Get more Chicken Dinner in PUBG

The most effective way of getting more chicken dinners in the game is by following all the PUBG tips and tricks. The very first thing that you require is a continuous practice. A person who plays the game for a longer period of time is always more professional than a player who has just started. Besides, you will have to understand each and every feature of the game. You must understand how a particular gun is different from another and how different guns can be used in different situations. You can find all the essentials of PUBG on our website. We how a dedicated post which will explain to you all the features and the other post will explain to you all the professional ideas and tips. Summing them up will make you a professional player. This will result in chicken dinners for sure.

What does Nugget Dinner mean in PUBG?

Nugget Dinner in PUBG

PUBG nugget is nothing but a metal that you get after getting many chicken dinners. You will often find this medal after playing an arcade game. However, there are certain criteria that you will have to fulfill before getting this medal. You can read the details of a particular medal in the game itself.

What is the Red Zone in PUBG?

Red Zone in PUBG

Zone plays a very important role in PUBG. The red zone is something very you must not be. You will often find circular red zones in typical spots while playing the classic game. It randomly appears at any place on the map. There is no need to be afraid of a red zone. All you need to do is get out of that particular area or simply hide in a house or anywhere. Just don’t be in the open area because bombs will be dropped randomly. You can get killed if the bomb is dropped on you. Similarly, it is advisable not to drive a car or scooter through the red zone. You will die even if the bomb drops on the car. Hence, all you need to do is hide in a particular place and wait for a minute before the zone is gone.

What is a Safe Zone in PUBG?

Safe Zone in PUBG

The safe zone is particularly the play zone of PUBG mobile or PUBG PC. It is the area of the map which is within the white circle. This area inside the white circle is regarded as the play zone or safe zone of the game. Your health will not decrease if you are anywhere in this region. You must also note that the red zone appears inside the white zone itself. The health of the player will keep on decreasing if he or she is outside the white zone and inside the blue zone.

The zone keeps on getting smaller as the game continues. It is always wiser to remain inside the white circle. Many plays think that the blue zone will take time to come and they keep on standing at the same place outside the white zone. However, this is a wrong concept and you must always go inside the white zone if it gets away from your place. Simply, take a vehicle and drive into the white zone to remain safe.

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