Everyone probably knows about PUBG and how to play the game as it is the most famous game currently in the world. However, there are some terminologies in the game which might confuse you. Ping is one of them and in this post, we will explain everything that you need to know about Ping in PUBG. We will also let you know about how it affects your gameplay and what can be done to reduce it to the optimum mark and enjoy the game seamlessly. Read the complete post to develop the idea of how the ping system works in PUBG.

Ping in PUBG Information:

what is ping in pubg mobile

While playing player unknown battleground on your mobile or any other platform, you might have observed some sort of number on the left-hand side bottom part of the screen. It is followed by MS mark. The number keeps on fluctuating and you will not be able to control it. So are you confused about what this exactly means and how is it mother went to your gaming experience? Let us tell you that ping in PUBG really matters and it is one of the most important indicators in the game. So read below for more details.

What is Ping in PUBG?

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Ping is not a term which is limited to PUBG mobile or PUBG PC. It is a universal term which is significant and relevant to all the online multiplayer games. You might have heard about think for counter strike and other games as well. So what is the exact definition of thing for online multiplayer games? It is nothing but the time that is taken by the date to go from your smartphone touch to the server and then return back. M/S is the abbreviation of milliseconds. Hence, it is the timings which are displayed in milliseconds. But what is the significance of ping and how does it really matter in online multiplayer games?

What is the Significance of Ping in PUBG?

how to reduce ping in pubg mobile

As mentioned earlier, pink is the time taken by the response of your smartphone to reach out to the server which is located at a very distant place and return back. The concept is that all the games that you are playing are being abbreviated on a particular server. Hence, all the players in a particular match are connected to a particular server. Each click that you do in the game goes directly to the server and the action is taken.

The response from your screen travels to the server via the internet and the time is taken to do so is represented in the form of milliseconds. Hence, if you are having a very high paying, it means that your smartphone is take in a lot of time in sending a response to the server. This indicates that your game will not work smoothly as the server is not getting the response at a rapid rate. Hence, other players might have an upper hand compared to you. Hence, ping places a very important role in any multiplayer game.

How much should the Ping be?

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There are many people who ask about the range which is suitable. If we talk about PUBG, pink below 150 is considered as good and below 100 is excellent. In both, the conditions the game will run smoothly without any lag. Ping in the range of 250 to 300 is considered as okayish because you can still play the game. However, it will not be very smooth like the previous range. Ping beyond 500 is simply disastrous and you will not be able to play the game at such a high level.

Ping in PUBG Explained:

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So now you have the basic idea of what thing is and how it affects the online multiplayer games. If you still don’t have a clear picture, let us connect the dots by explaining it in terms of your favourite game. It is as simple as the following example. Once you tap on the fire icon in PUBG, the data of tapping travels to the server via the internet and then the response actually happens in the game. This time period of data travelling is called ping. If your ping is high, it will mean that it is taking a lot of time for your data to travel to the server and this is why the game will lag.

By the time you fire on your enemy and the data comes back to your device, you will find yourself killed. Hence, it is very important to have low ping in any online multiplayer game. You can always track your ping by following the data given at the bottom left-hand side of your screen. Hence, you must always ensure that your game has the lowest possible ping to have the smoothest experience. We have listed down some possible ways using which you can decrease your pink.

How to Decrease Ping in PUBG?

Decrease Ping in PUBG


Connect to High-Speed Internet:

Internet connection speed is the primary reason for the fluctuation of ping. The first your internet connection is, the first is the transmission of data to and from the server. Hence, the pink of your game will be really low if you are connected to a high-speed internet connection. It is also better to be connected to a broadband connection or a Wi-Fi in case of mobile. Using mobile data is often not recommended because it has a highly varying frequency. Therefore, you can select any of these techniques and improve your gameplay.

Adjust Graphics:

Graphics is not directly connected to the speed of data transmission but it still plays an important role in PUBG. Ping in PUBG can be decreased by adjusting the graphics to the optimum level which match is the hardware specification of your device. For instance, you must have low aur mid-level graphics setting If you are using any smartphone below 3GB ram. If you use a high graphic setting on a 2 GB ram smartphone, the thing will increase exponentially and the gameplay will become drastic. Therefore, you must have a look at all the aspects to improve your gameplay.

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