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As Pubg is in high demand, the demand for exclusive items like UC has been increased so much in the past years. Taking this seriously, many YouTubers played their aces of free UC to random gamers and the amount of UC they offer is quite heavy. This is the best form of honey for gamer bees. Like this many websites have started using this concept of giving away free UC’s for some small tasks, surveys, or sign-ups. UC is known as Unknown Cash, the Cash of Players Unknown Battlegrounds world.

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There are many websites available on the internet today, that work on this concept and lure more and more customers. Some of the websites are genuine websites others are not. Mostly those websites that ask for money are not genuine most of the time. And those who do not demand money and provide service, well we could believe them, at least we are not losing our real-life currency. Some helpful sites help in the conversion of PUBG Battle Points into UC. There is one site that helps gamers convert their Battle Points into UC. That site is Pubg Coins

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What is Pubg.Coins


Pubg Coins is a website that is famous for the conversion of BP into UC. It is an online UC generator for PUBG. By providing this service, the website become an instant hit as many players were looking for a way to convert their not-so-used BP into more valuable UC. Pubg Coins is available on the internet, in the form of a website.

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What are the benefits of using Pubg.Coins

To use the benefits of the website, you need to first open your browser and search for the term ” Pubg Coins”. Then after opening the website it will ask your PUBG User ID to connect with your PUBG account so that transactions could take place. After this, Pubg Coins will ask you the exact amount of BP you want to convert to UC. After entering the amount, hit on generate button and the UC generation process will start. When the process is finished, Pubg Coins will transfer the generated UC to your PUBG account. Now, log in to your account and check the UC amount, it will surely be increased. With the help of UC, you can purchase Rare skins and Outfits for your character.

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This website is a kind of hack website and not official or partnered. Pubg does not allow these types of transactions as per the norms of PUBG. You can search for this website as “Pubg Coins 2021” on the internet and there is also apk version of this website available on the internet.

Many platforms provide this APK, choose the most trusted one by researching well and enjoying your free UC’s in the game. You will have to search a lot to get to this website for now as it is not easily searchable on the internet because Google hides this kind of site that provides these kinds of offers. Though it is not fully extinct, it will be still there if your Googling skills are good.

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There are many other websites, similar to the Pubg Coins that claims to provide free UC or UC conversions. Sites like or are some sites that claim to generate Pubg UC. These are the most searched websites of 2021 and 2022, as they appear on top of the google page without any advertisement.

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