4 Finger Claw Setup For PUBG

PUBG Mobile comes with a lot of skills and techniques. With the growing popularity of the game, competition has grown significantly. Gamers are working hard day and night to perform their bests. In the process, a control setup is to add to your performance. The control setup must be personalized to bring the best out of an individual player. One of these sets is the 4 Finger Claw set up for PUBG. This will make your movements smooth. This article will walk you through the meaning and the best setup of  4 Finger Claw Setup For PUBG.

4 Finger Claw Setup For PUBG:

4 Finger Claw Setup For PUBG

The Meaning:

While playing PUBG Mobile, players have their mobile phones in their hands. A majority of players use two fingers to play. This sometimes might not be able to give you swift and simultaneous movements. The two-finger setup is a basic thing. If you need to gear up and improve your rank, 4 Finger Claw Setup is the new technique.

In this setup instead of two fingers, players are supposed to hold the phone with six of their fingers. Two are for support with a 4 finger claw to help you perform the activities.  This enables a player to perform actions like moving, shooting, etc., simultaneously. Hence complementing speed with simultaneous action. The grip on the phone in this setup looks like a claw and hence it is called a 4 finger Claw setup. This will boost your gaming to another level. However, this can be achieved with practice. The setup will work the best in close combats and will also lessen the recoiling time. Many players have given positive comments about this claw. A majority of them find it useful and recommend you to adopt 4 Finger Claw Setup For PUBG.  Gamers suggest that their game has improved a lot since the adoption of this claw. Many of them turned into PRO PUBG players only after they started using PUBG 4 Finger Claw Setup instead of two fingers. Hence read the article to the very end to make use of the full of it and give a boost to your game.

Which Finger For What?

The Thumb: This enables you to aim. Thumb will be the best to perform the task.

Index Finger: It is recommended to use the index finger for shooting as well as peeking.

Others:  Movements and recoiling are to be controlled by other fingers. You to rub your fingers on the screen for this process.

In order to make use of this setup to the fullest, you need to customize the framework of your settings.   The customization should be the best match for your skills. For example, enable two settings at a time. Like peeking and shooting. You can perform simultaneous actions via PUBG 4 Finger Claw Setup. Now, all you need is a sensitivity setup that should be perfect. You need a perfect setup that will enhance your skills and will aid you to perform a 4 Finger Claw set up for PUBG. Given below, you will find a sensitivity setting that will be the best.

Best Sensitivity Settings for PUBG 4 Finger Claw Setup:

Follow these sensitivity settings and see the difference in your game.  Carefully note the following down:

Non-Gyro ADS Settings:

Non-Gyro ADS Settings

  • 3rd Person No Scope: 120%
  • 1st Person No Scope: 104%
  • Red DotHolographicAim Assist: 60%
  • 2x: 36%
  • 3x: 27%
  • 4x ACOG Scope, VSS: 17%
  • 6x: 14%
  • 8x: 12%

This will definitely give you a better recoil grip. This will improve your control on recoil and reduce the time significantly.

Gyroscope Sensitivity:

Gyroscope Sensitivity

  • Red Dot, Holographic, Aim Assist: 300%
  • 2x Scope: 300%
  • 3x: 240%
  • 4x: 235%
  • 6x: 210%
  • 8x: 80%

This will aid your 4 Finger Claw Setup for PUBG while using a Gyroscope. You can imagine how much will this improve your game.

The above sensitivity settings for 4 Finger Claw Setup will help you the best. A majority of players found them useful. This Claw Setup For PUBG will give a boost to your gaming skills like never before. Do try it and give us your feedback!

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