How To Unlock New Emotes In Pubg Mobile

Pubg the best Battle Royale game in the world. Most players are playing this game ever since it was launched back of years ago. The game developers frequently add new features to the game in order to make the players stick to the game. Hence, most people are not bored by playing the game continuously. However, the game has become boring for many people. But there are many small features that can still entertain you in the game. Pubg emotes is one of the best features of the game which is very entertaining. We are going to discuss PUBG emotes trick in this article.

What is Pubg Emotes?

Pubg Mobile Emotes Download

Pubg Emotes is a great future of PUBG mobile using which you can do various actions. You can wave hands and even dance while you are in the game or in the lobby. It is a great way of interacting with friends and even enemies. Their PUBG emotes available in the game. However, the beginners guide only three of them unlocked and this is the reason why there search for the tricks to unlock emotes. Hence, we have come up with the PUBG emotes trick using which you can unlock all the emotes.

There are so many emotes related videos on YouTube as well as on different gaming communities. All the friends gather together in the game and dance and use these emotes to make special videos. Moreover, you will find players dancing after killing their enemies and this looks very fascinating. So do you want to unlock all these features in PUBG mobile as well? We will guide you through the steps to unlock all these features and enjoy the game just like other players do. So read the complete article and get started.

How to Get Pubg Emotes?

How To Add Emotes In Pubg Mobile

By default, some emotions are already present in the game. The player can tap on the small smiley icon at the top right-hand corner of the screen in order to open the emotes option. Moreover, users can also use the shortcuts on the keyboard in order to do various actions. Moreover, you can go to the settings and then set any particular key to carry out a particular action. Now the question is how to get PUBG Emotes? The ones which are already available can be used easily but what about those which are not available and has to be unlocked?

Most of them are not available for all the players and required certain criteria to get unlocked. However, if you cannot wait till you level up by playing the game regularly, you will have to purchase them by paying. Hence, we are going to explain to you some pung emotes trick which will help you in getting them unlocked absolutely free of cost. There is no need to spend money in order to get the features in the game. All you need to do is follow the tricks given below and get your items unlocked.

Unlock Pubg Emotes For Free

How To Get Emotes In Pubg Mobile For Free 2020

The trick to unlocking these features will be discussed in the article. The tricks 100% working and available for all the users. Hence, you will have to follow them accordingly and get the features unlocked. So are you ready to dance on the floor of PUBG mobile? The trick will help you in unlocking all the actions including dancing and dab. Players can also use these actions while they are in the lobby with their friends. So surprise your friends with all the features that they do not have. Go through the process given below and enjoy playing the game even more.

Pubg Emotes Trick

There are 3 tricks in total. Two out of the three ways are for the free Battle Royale pass users. One is for the paid Battle Royale pass owner. Hence, you can use either of the tricks to get your items unlocked. The tricks are 100% working for season 7 and above. Moreover, it is very easy to execute all these base and this is the reason why you must try it today itself. So follow the steps given below and unlock all the items.

Pubg Mobile Emotes Free Trick

Pubg Mobile Emotes Hack

1. Complete Missions:

One of the best ways of getting the trick unlocked is to play the RP missions. You might have observed that a box is given to the user after completing the RP mission. The treasure box is unlocked once the player has completed 10 missions. Hence, the player has a good chance of getting emotes in the second and 6th week of the mission. Earlier, the box used to give Royal battle points only. However, it has been observed that season 8 onwards the game is providing 200 RP And emotes and skins as well. So if you are lucky enough, you can unlock some great emotes by just playing the RP missions.

2. Silver Fragments:

The game allows you to purchase the emotes from the store by using silver fragments. Hence, the user can directly go to the store and purchase using the silver fragments. However, if you do not have sufficient silver fragments in order to purchase, follow the way to get some silver fragments for free. Go to the inventory and remove some items in order to get battle points. Now go to the shop and click on the silver fragment and you will see that you can purchase silver fragment using the battle points. Hence, you can easily get silver fragments if you have sufficient battle points in your account. You can also on battle coins by following The Other post on our website.

3. Royal Pass:

This PUBG emotes trick is available only for paid Royale pass users. Just open the royal pass section in your game and go to the store. Here, the user can select any PUBG emotes and purchase them using battle points. Hence, this is one of the best ways to convert battle points into emotes. However, if you are not a paid Royale pass user, you can use the other two tricks. Enjoy the game.


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