Pubg Mobile Lite Payment Centre

Pubg is the most famous battle royale game among gamers. It also has United many pro players from different regions. Pubg occasionally releases new updates which are more advanced updates of the Game. But with the advancement of the Updates there is also an advancement of the storage Pubg takes in your device and it captures more storage of your RAM. To play Pubg Mobile smoothly and efficiently, you need a high-end phone so that you can enjoy the game in its best possible settings. But there are many users of Pubg who are not able to buy these high-end phones, especially in India Pubg market is huge, but the user audience does not have enough money to Purchase specs-loaded phones.

So Pubg came up with an Idea and launched Pubg lite which is a light version of the Pubg game. Now you can enjoy the light version of Pubg with less space and it is very much suitable for the low-end users of the Pubg game. Pubg lite is the lowest version of Pubg which is specially made for users with a low-end device.

How can you get BC Coins on PUBG Mobile Lite for Free?

Now in Pubg lite there are many benefits Pubg provides to the player such as free skins, characters, and items but these are not free, you need Pubg Battle Coins to purchase these different items from the in-built store in the application. And these built-in stores are called Pubg Lite Payment Centre. This Centre is used for Buying a Gun Skin, a Vehicle skin, or any Clothing skin. Pubg Lite Payment Centre is a store from where you can purchase in-game currency “Battle Coins”. These battle coins are also known as Pubg Lite Coins.

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A large number of Battle coins in the account can be used to claim unlimited benefits. The users are accessible to participate in different royal missions. It could be used to buy different characters and can change their in-game name through this currency. Customers can buy anything available in the store for the exchange of battle coins. Pubg Lite players can also use this currency to buy Battle Winner Pass.

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Well there are many claimed to be Pubg Lite Payment Centres but only two of them are legal. The first is Pubg Mobile Lite in-game store and the second one is Midasbuy Pubg Lite.

There are a variety of unique and special cosmetics, skins, and outfits available on Pubg Mobile Lite. To unlock these lineups, you will need BC currency, which can be purchased from the Pubg Lite Payment Centre.

BC Puchase for Free

Following these steps will allow you to purchase BC through Pubg Lite Payment Centre:

  1. Open your Pubg Lite Account.
  2. Click on the Battle Coin icon on your screen.
  3. Choose the amount of BC you want to buy.
  4. Then you will be redirected to a payment section in Google Play Store.
  5. Choose your preferred method and confirm the payment.
  6. When the whole process is completed, then the in-game purchased currency will be added to your account.

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Now, this method could be quite heavy in terms of the payment but there is one other method which is Midasbuy, which lets to buy BC at a cheaper price.

Midasbuy is an alternative to the Pubg Mobile Lite Payment Centre. It is a cheaper and trustable alternative we can say that.

To buy BC from Midas Buy, there will be a form to be filled out which will ask:

  1. Your Player Id.
  2. Your Payment Method.
  3. The amount of BC you want to buy.
  4. Then proceed to Pay Now and you will be redirected to the Midasbuy payment gateway.
  5. Once the payment process is done, your chosen BC amount will be credited to your account.

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There are many different payment gateways from which you can complete your purchase like Coda-Paytm (site that supports Paytm and UPI), UPI, Net Banking, and Razor Gold (Site used to purchase in-game currency).

Make your purchases wisely because once the amount is deducted, there is very little to no chance to get it back.

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