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Pubg comes in seasons and all of them have been a hit. However, when a new season comes of it makes a stir of excitement run amongst the players and fans. The reason is simple with each new season of pubg comes new features and updates. Which season 14 coming up let’s talk about the season 14 pubg date. 

Every new season in PUBG (Player’s Unknown Battle Grounds) brings completely new things. There have been coming new themes, skins, outfits, weapons, supplies, new packages or rewards for players, and many more additional things in every new season. PUBG Season 14 will not be an exception from these new additions.

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Season 13 had been a great hit and came to an end on July 12. Any player or fan of pubg can tell us what does that means. It means that until the start of season 14 there will be no event no reward and the RP section will be locked.

The current Season 13 has evacuated from July 14 after the release of the new season PUBG Season 14. Tencent Game introduced a lot of updates and upgrades in Season 14 in respect of outfits, skins, weapons, maps, and other additional features.

Until when the players only can wait for the season 14 pubg release date. The article will tell you all about the season 14 pubg date and the new updates that come with that. Let us have a look.

Pubg Season 14:

Pubg Season 14 Update

Along with other new features and commencements of PUBG Season 14, Tencent Games announced that all players who update the game before 22 July will get a free Parachute Trail Skin and 1888 as battle points.

As usual, there will be two variants of the Royale Pass, with the same price tag as the previous seasons. There is two upgrade pass of 600UC and 1800UC. PUBG Mobile Developer Tencent Games just released Season 14 with Royal Pass on the 14th of July.

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Season 14 Pubg Release Date:

Tencent had recently announced that the release of season 14 has been set. The time of 7:30 AM IST of July 14 has been chosen as the season 14 pubg date. If you are a pubg fan or a player got the date down and do not miss the chance of viewing and enjoying the premier. Excited? So are we! Because both of us know that there will be tons of new updates.

Pubg season 14 Royal pass is decided to be named as “ Spark the flame”. It is said that a secret but spectacular theme has been chosen for the game which is inspired by ancient times. It will be really interesting to see what pubg brings with it in season 14.

Elite Upgrade VS Elite Upgrade Plus:

Pubg Season 14 Royal Pass

In this new Season 14, they have added a lot of new features along with Royal Pass. We will try to share all patch notes and updates in this new season on our site. The most prominent weapon introduced in this season is SMG PP-19 Bizon, this is the gun with the largest magazine yet in PUBG. Bizon is a deadly SMG weapon with 9mm shots.

The scenes of oceans and beaches are added in Season 14 that you never have seen in the previous seasons of this game. PUBG has been promising with its gamers for a year to add an HDR Mode. In this new Season 14, they just added a new HDR Mode that offers better visual details and a smoother gameplay experience.

Pubg Season 14: Power of Ocean:

Another most exciting new feature of this game is the “Rating Protection Card”. This protection prevents the shield players from deductions and the players can avoid pushing down ranks. In fact, with the activation of the Rating Protection Card, players can manage their rating at the highest level.

The new PUBG Season 14 has come with new fashion items and gun decals based on various pop culture references associated with oceans and beaches. There are several new outfits introduced in this season like bright colored clownfish suit with a little tail. Next in the gun skins, like Shark Bite is a DP28 finish painted with shark teeth and the tail of a shark.

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DP-28 New Season Skin:

This season has also come with a good feature for newcomers and starters. The developers have amended Tier Transfer Rules. In Season 14, Tiers below gold are transferred as is to the next season while the Silver and Bronze Tiers will remain in the same season.

In Season 14, PUBG conducts many crossover events and summer events. PUBG brings back some crowd favorites, introducing the new PMCO (PUBG MOBILE CLUB OPEN) songs by Alan Walker for the second time in PUBG. Players can participate in the song unlocking event through the event center in the game. BAPE x PUBG collaboration will be rolled out this August.

1. What’s new in Season 14?

Pubg Season 14 Release Date

Regularly changing seasons and RP are also the prominent features of PUBG. These two features allow an increase in the competitiveness of games among friends and rivals. PUBG Corporation is a very dedicated and responsible working unit. They have approached a constant updating manner which helps them resolve many issues of the games and develops a factor of continuous improvement.

Changing seasons helps allow even newcomers to surpass the old players and reach a better tier or rank. The game and skill to play PUBG is judged by the rank and the tier of the person rather than the old conventional levels. Hence, seasons and Royal Pass play a critical role for the PUBG players.

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Royal Pass is a feature with updates as the new season arrives. Royal Pass allows PUBG users to do several missions with their battle Royale games and by completing the mission players receive some points.

Royale Pass Points

The release of Royale Pass Season 14 version 0.13.5 on 16th July came with several new Outfits, Weapon Finishes, Emotes, and much more. Every season brings a notable change to the PUBG. Each season is based on a different theme hence the comings are often a surprise for the users. The changes made by the PUBG Corporation are often well remarked hence, a new season brings a lot of excitement for the PUBG players. The PUBG Mobile beta 0.13.5 has been updated with a number of new additions, including weapons and UI.

1.1. New ammunition

With the novel beta update, Tencent Games, the developer of the game, have presented a novel weapon named PP-19 Bizon. This ammunition uses 9mm bullets, similar to the UMP-9, UZI, but has 53-rounds in a magazine.

New Weapon: PP-19 Bizon

Nevertheless, it supports small muzzles and sights. Unlike the previous guns like MK47 Mutant, MK47, and Sawed-Off, PP-19 is expected to rock the expectations of the users. It is a great inclusion for every player who loves the burst-firing guns. M249, being the elite submachine had a magazine to support 100 bullets and DP-28 had the capacity to hold 48 bullets.

M249 was only available at supplies and DP-28 had poor bullet power and control. This new gun can be the perfect companion of a sniper rifle. This gun is being dropped in Erangel and Vikendi.

Erangel is the most selected map by users so this can be considered good news for the players. This new PP-19 gun will have much more space for bullets but will have similar power as UMP9.

Erangel is the most selected map by users so this can be considered good news for the players. This new PP-19 gun will have much more space for bullets but will have similar power as UMP9.

1.2. Enhanced UI and Graphics

The developer has also introduced a novel HDR option that would render the game with a higher contrast ratio and better colors. To use this feature, players can go to Graphics in the Settings and choose HDR. The new model is appropriate for smartphones sporting high-end performance specifications.

Enhanced UI and Graphics

Also, the user interface in Season 14 is about to get a renovation. The season interface has been reshaped to make it look more natural. The Classic mode results screen has been attuned wherein the Tier changes and Ratings can be more noticeable to the screen.

1.3. New themes and outfits

Every new season brings a new theme at the table for the PUBG players. The new Season is ocean-themed, meaning a lot of nautical outfits and skin. The players will be like they are out at sea, broadening their horizons in the beautiful underwater world. They could even discover some long-lost treasures in the ocean.

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New Theme & Outfits

Other events are also being planned for Season 14, counting collaboration with Alan Walker that includes players using an Alan Walker-themed outfit that looks like his hoodie and mask, while unraveling novel musical content. There also appears to be a shrimp outfit, complete with hood and shorts, as well as Ocean Mariner mask and Swamp Horror skin

1.4. Changes in Tier

For every Tier, Season 14 rewards have also been shown. Players will be rewarded with whole Season 14 clothing at Gold Tier, special weapon finishes at Diamond Tier. Players who get to the Crown Tier would attain distinctive name tags and team-joining effect, while Ace players would get an everlasting season title.

Season 14 : NEW Outfit & UI

Other changes comprise slight algorithm tuning that would have more scores for more number of kills. Users under the Gold Tier would be shifted to the next season, as is, with no changes in Tier.

Title visual effects have been tuned, whereas the update has also fixed a bug that would not let avatars move in Team DeathMatch. The new update also displays certain mythological outfits in the weapons drawn.

1.5. Specification Requirements

As per Tencent, there is a need for 181 MB of free storage capacity on iOS devices and 158 MB on Android devices in any case.

Friends playing on various game versions cannot invite each other, so it is a must to update the game version. Version Update Rewards Update the game between July 16 and July 22 to get Parachute Trail I and 1 888 BP.

When it comes to downloading the new version of PUBG Mobile, the developer has revealed that an iOS background update feature and download has been added.

2. PUBG Mobile Patch Notes

Pubg Season 14 Rewards

2.1. Season system improvements

  • At the start of the season, players can learn about more comprehensive changes from the preceding season.
  • In Season 14, rewards will now be automatically dispatched to players at the season end.
  • Tier rewards have been adjusted. Reach Crown or higher to attain distinctive name tags and a team-joining effect. Get to the Ace or higher to acquire an everlasting season title.
  • The algorithm of the ranking system has been tuned to marginally enhance the weight of kill points; consequently, kills will have a more effect on Tier.
  • Tier transfer rules have been reviewed. Beginning from Season 14, Tiers under Gold are shifted as-is to the subsequent season.
  • Tier icon visuals have been enhanced.
  • Tier promotions will get a more excessive recap. Division promotions within a tier will not be displayed in the lobby.
  • Tier Transfer messages have been refined. Rating reset info for all servers will be displayed in one message, and tier transfer rules will be explained on the website.

2.2. Royale Pass

  • Novel ocean-themed items and outfits wait for players in this Season Royale Pass!
  • Display effects on the EZ Mission License screen, Mission screen, Rewards screen, and Ranking screen have been attuned.
  • To rejoice in the first anniversary of the Royale Pass, certain items from the previous Season 2 and 3 are coming back.
  • Players can attain these rare items in Redemption Crates and Rank Rewards.
  • The new feature of friend request: Players can ask their friends for the Elite Pass Plus or Elite Pass on the Elite Pass purchase page.

2.3. Fixing of Bugs

  • During the Team Deathmatch Mode, Season 14 comes with fixing the issue of players incapable to move the avatars of their partners.
  • During the season change, Season 14 fixed the issue of players being erroneously ranked with inappropriate tiers and ratings.
  • Season 14 also fixed the issue of Crate Names defined in EZ Mission License Perks 3 not matching the real crate.
    Lastly, Season 14 also fixed the problem of reward notices not showing when there are Daily Missions in the reward for RP Missions.


  • Bonus Challenge results are currently calculated in actuality. Europe, Southeast Asia, the Middle East, and the US regions will be starting very soon.
  • The UC Purchase Bonus screen has been reorganized. Rewards have also been enhanced.
  • Fine-tuned the navigation bar visual effect on the right-hand side and united the Crate names.
  • Items have been included in BP Shop for Prime subscribers, counting Season 14 mission cards, passes, and more.

2.5. Content changes

  • To the Room Mode, TPP-Team Deathmatch has been added.
  • When downloading a novel patch, iOS players can currently send the application to the background.
  • When ratings change, novel Rating Protection Cards, including Rating Protection Card (Uses) and Rating Protection Card (Duration), will take effect. No rating will be removed during the Card remains active. It only relates to the Crown tier or lower than that.
  • For certain high-end devices, the High Frame Rate option has been added to HDR mode. The users can enable it for even enhanced graphics at the cost of battery duration.

Season 14 Pubg Updates:

When is pubg season 14 coming is answered? You must be wondering about questions like what will be pubg season 14  tier rewards, pubg season 14 Avatar, pubg season 14 outfits, etc. We know the excitement and hence we decided to spill the tea for you. Let’s have a look at what all comes out with pubg season 14 dates:

  • It will come with new pubg outfits, some extra and new themes, and you may also get better rewards on winning. 
  • If you are unaware of the flag and let us tell you that it will also be the royal pass second anniversary. In order to dedicate something and do something special Fauji has decided to come with themes called Dragon Hunter and roaring Dragon. 
  • The aero plane ranking display and various similar things that we see in the game have been improved to a greater level. 
  • New subscriptions had been added to Google with Prime and Prime Plus. These are happy subscriptions that you can have alternatively or combined. 
  • A new award has been added to the existing list it is called the RP Crate Luck event. 
  • A dedicated page for our bi analysis has been created. Did it the players will have a clear display of all the RP perks that will be available. You can check the existing list review your RPs and check for any update that may be available
  • A new feature has also been added. Where you can view the RBS even when you have returned back to the lobby. 
  • It will offer two versions one Elite Royal pass and the other Elite Plus. You will need around 1800 uses to get them. It will be totally your choice which pass do you want to choose from.

PUBG Season 14 Royal Pass

Overall, it can be assumed that season eight of PUBG will bring new display effects and other features. The ocean-based theme will display similar effects and will catalog and renounce upon the new theme. Pubg Season 14 will also bring a new feature for mobile users. The company is trying its best to reduce the graphic gap for phones and console users; hence for people with good smartphones, a feature of HDR can be achieved. Though increasing the quality can affect the speed of the game but if you have a good internet connection and an HDR-supportive device then you can enjoy the thrill of gaming at the finest of quality.  In addition, new missions and events will be embarked on according to the theme. There are a number of changes and new additions that are yet to be revealed in season eight. As the season passes new updates will pop up which may bring some new features.

Wrapping up:

The season 14 pubg update has created a stir among the players and the fans. We are all excited about all the updates that it will bring for us and the new features that have been added. Pubg is known for its features and upgrades in graphics. It always finds a way to get a new exciting feature to the already existing ones.

In this article, we have tried to list everything that we knew about the season 14 pubg release date. Hope you found it useful.


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