PMCO Registration 2021

PUBG has taken over the hearts of the world. This game today is the most popular one amongst gamers.PUBG has taken over the esports market too. It is because of PUBG that the esports market is still breathing. Esports is soon to boost as well with PUBG Godzilla and Kong update. It is because of this popularity that PUBG decided to organize PUBG Mobile Club Open. The PMCO Registration has started and this article helps you with every detail that you need.

PUBG started PMCO Registration in 2018. The tremendous success of PMCO in 2020 made PUBG obliged to conduct it this year as well. There were over ten thousand teams that completed registration in PMCO. Hence PUBG decided to continue with PMCO as it is a booster and healthy component of their esports arena.

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PMCO Registration Date

PMCO is a semi-pro esports tournament conducted every year. It invites teams from all around the world. PUBG players and fans eagerly wait for PMCO registration to start. PMCO is a much-awaited tournament conducted each year and loved by fans. PMCO registration is set to begin from 15 June and will continue till 30th June. Players need to register their teams on the official website of PUB.

PMCO Registration Regional Tournament

PMCO registration fees

There are about 27 regions that are set to compete in their own PMCOs. From Jul 1st to July 7th qualification stage will take place. Next, the regional group stage will take place from July 16th to July 21. After completing and surviving both the stages, the finals will be set between July 24 to July 28. Hence, make sure to complete the PMCO registration if you wish to compete in PMCO.

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Note: before we walk further into the qualifications and other information, you need to take note of this. These are the two things you need to keep in mind before PMCO Registration:

  1. PUBG is banned in India hence registration for Indian teams isn’t available.
  2. The tournaments will be conducted on the four maps of PUBG in TPP format only.

Regions For PMCO Registration

  • PMCO France
  • PMCO Germany
  • PMCO Turkey
  • PMCO United Kingdom
  • PMCO Africa
  • PMCO Egypt
  • PMCO Iraq
  • PMCO Latin America Wildcard
  • PMCO North America
  • PMCO Brazil
  • PMCO Mexico
  • PMCO Europe Wildcard
  • PMCO South Asia Wildcard
  • PMCO Southeast Asia WIldcard
  • PMCO Indonesia
  • PMCO Thailand
  • PMCO Vietnam
  • PMCO HMT (Chinese Taipei, Hong Kong, Macau)
  • PMCO Wildcard (Australia, Fiji, Mongolia, New Zealand, Northern Mariana Islands, Papua New Guinea)
  • PMCO Middle East & North Africa WIldcard
  • PMCO Saudi Arabia
  • PMCO United Arab Emirates
  • PMCO Bangladesh
  • PMCO Nepal
  • PMCO Pakistan

Minimum Eligibility For PMCO  Registration:

For registering in PMCO, you need to have the following requirements:

  1. To register in a region, a minimum of 3 players must be from that particular region.
  2. The minimum age of registration in PMCO is 16.
  3. The team should consist of four players. The maximum number of players is 5. One is kept extra as a substitute.
  4. The rank of each player in the team must at least be Platinum. Anything above it will do.
  5. You are ought to participate in the tournament via tablets. You can also use a PC emulator. However, you are not allowed to use Mobile phones. If found using one you will be disqualified.

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How To Register For PMCO 2022?

This is a step-by-step guide to register in the PMCO 2022. Follow this guide to complete the registration in seconds:

  1. Go to the official website of PUBG and click on PMCO registration.
  2. Now, before starting the registration process, you need to read the requirements and terms and conditions.
  3. Now, you will be asked to fill in the name of your team and your region.
  4. Next, you need to fill in the information about each player. This information is name, email, nationality, etc.
  5. After filling up before clicking on submit, make sure you agree to the terms and conditions.

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You have successfully completed the PMCO registration if you complete the above steps.

This was about PMCO registration. Mark the date and register yourself to participate in the tournament.

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