The Galwan Valley tussle between India and China came with many complications. The ties between the countries weakened and the relations worsened. This compelled India to ban certain Chinese apps. These applications were said to be a threat to the sovereignty and integrity of the nation. In this scenario when PUBG wasn’t banned it created questions on the origin country of PUBG. PUBG was largely seen to have been originated in China. With this step of the government majority of players were confused about the originating country of the game named PUBG.

Origin Country Of PUBG

The relations between the two countries made people boycott Chinese goods. A lot of people are still in doubt about the origin country of PUBG. This article intends to clear all the doubts. By the end of this article, you will be crystal clear about the origin country and also the cause of the confusion. Before getting into the area, let us first understand what exactly is PUBG. This is for people who are aloof of the gaming industry. This will help them understand better.

What Is PUBG?

What Is PUBG

PlayersUnknown BattleGround or popularly termed PUBG is a multiplayer mobile game. Launched basically for PCs, today it is a popular mobile game as well. Soon after its launch, the company came up with a mobile version as well. It is a real-life battle where you are given real-life situations. It is also a global game where you can compete with players from all around the world. This gives you a chance to interact with gamers from all across the world and gain international fame. It also, however, comes with regional versions which are designed especially for servers in a region.  This game is highly popular in Asia and especially in India.

The game starts with you and 99 other players on an aircraft. You land at your desired locations when in the aircraft. Now, this game is all about survival and killing. You need to survive anyhow and kill the others and be standing in the last to win the game. The battleground keeps shrinking with time. With a lesser area with time, it becomes more difficult to survive. There is also a blue circle in the game. When you are in the circle your health is fine but as you step out your battery starts to drain. If you get through everything of this and stand at the last. You win. You have the “chicken dinner“. This phrase is a household term now. “winner winner chicken dinner” is the message that pops up as you win.

Why is PUBG Mobile So Popular?

The game when started was anticipated to be just a regular basic game. However, to everyone’s surprise, and the hard work of the company, it stands today at the top. PUBG today is the reason for the growing esports industry in the nation. It has also groomed and polished to present a lot of gaming stars in India like soul Mortal and Dynamite. These players today are professional, soul mortal even had represented India internationally. PUBG has provided Indian gamers to compete with international players.

Today the quality of the PUBG game has set a quality bar in front of all the other gaming companies. Initially, for PCs, it came with versions that were feasible for the population of middle-income countries. PUBG knows that a lot of the population cannot afford professional gaming gears and PCs. It, therefore, came up with lighter versions even for mobile phones. These versions can easily run on your android and ios. These lighter versions have made PUBG easily available to a lot of people. Hence, a majority of the population can access it.

Another reason for the popularity of the game is its outstanding graphics. These graphics are high-quality and give you an unforgettable experience. This makes you an addict to the game.

Another reason for its popularity is the new updates being done from time to time. PUBG always comes up with new features and ideas with its updates. Like new maps, machines, vehicles, etc. In the latest update, it even collaborated with a blockbuster movie called “Godzilla Vs Kong” to grab the interest of its users and it succeeded.

One of the dominant factors can be the options of playing. You can either go solo or in a squad. In squads, you can invite your friends to form a team and win laurels. With invoice during the battle, you communicate with your friends and enjoy the experience. These little personalizations have made PUBG so popular today.

Origin Country Of PUBG?

Origin Of PUBG

Most people across the world have misunderstood that China is the creator of PUBG. However, to your surprise, this is not true. PUBG is not made by China. The actual country origin of PUBG is South Korea. Yes, you heard it right. PUBG is created by a South-Korea based company.  Headquartered in Seoul, which is the capital of South Korea a company came up with PUBG. This is the reason that in the game you find a strong to the core server  ‘KRJP’. This abbreviation of the server stands for Korea and Japan. Further in the article, I will reveal the name of the company and the reason for the confusion.

The Origin Country and Company of PUBG?

The South-Korea based PUBG corporation created PlayerUnknown’s BattleGrounds in 2018. The company behind the game is Krafton. This company is purely South-Korea based. Headquartered in Seoul, this company made PUBG. Earlier this company was called Bluehole Studio. It was the Bluehole Studio that worked and created PUBG. It even published the game. It was later renamed Krafton.

The Man Behind The Idea Of PUBG

Man Behind PUBG

It was when Brendan Green watched a Japanese Movie, Battle Royale he came with an idea. This little idea inspired him to create a game that today is called PUBG.  This game which has revolutionized the gaming industry across the world was created because of this little idea.

The Reason for Confusion: The Origin Country Of PUBG Mobile

It is well known about the concerns of China about its market. The country does not tolerate, foreign companies affecting its market by taking over it. Therefore, observing the growing popularity of PUBG, China decided to safeguard the right of its distributors. China decided to collaborate with the company Krafton. It together with Krafton came up with the mobile version of the game. China-based company Tencent was chosen for the act. Tencent created a version of PUBG that could be played on mobile to safeguard its people.

The collaboration with Tencent proved to be highly profitable to Krafton as well. With huge profits from China, the company decided that it should too come up with a mobile version. Hence, following the pattern, the company Krafton created a mobile version of PUBG. The game that we now install on our phones is made by Krafton. Hence, the origin country of PUBG Mobile is South Korea.

This collaboration of China with Krafton has created all the confusion that stands today. It is because of this collaboration that a majority of the population is wondering why PUBG wasn’t banned in India.

It is clear from the above article that the origin country of  PUBG is South Korea. The origin-country  PUBG Mobile is South Korea as well. It makes it clear that the confusion was caused by China-based Tencent creating a Mobile Version of the game. PUBG today is the most popular game in the world. Any news related to it hits millions of searches.

PUBG has millions of downloads on the google play store. The questions related to PUBG are a piece of big news. When India decided to ban Chinese apps and PUBG was spared, a lot of queries came up. These queries were about the origin country of PUBG. Therefore, via this article, I have tried my best to clear the confusion and also the reason for the confusion. I hope, you find this useful.

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