Player Unknown Battlegrounds Buildings Not Rendering Error Fix

Technology and glitches are just friends for eternity, whenever a new technology or technology advancement is shared with the world, Glitches come along with it.

What are Glitches?

Glitches could be like small problems or faults which avert the proper functioning of a system and prevents it from being successful.

There are numerous events when the glitches have impacted the systems in the world. And sometimes the results were bizarre and if a Glitch is not dealt with instantly, it can provide you harsh outcomes.

Pubg is a big name in the Gaming Industry now, but it became that much big because of its development team efforts.

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Glitches have also impacted PUBG, there are many glitches that previously appeared in PUBG and almost ruined the moment of playing PUBG. The glitches irritate people so much because they can give an advantage to your opponent or you can get stuck at a place only. So who will not be frustrated when this will happen in a competitive game like Pubg.

Previously there are glitches in the game that allowed people to go outside the arena in TDM mode and the glitch even allowed them to go inside the fake vehicles (Van) spawned in some random spots of the game and shoot opponents through it. The opponents cannot harm the player inside the vehicle (Van) because it is a non-functioning graphic and in PUBG non-functioning graphics cannot be destroyed.

Similarly, there were more glitches in the past which were very infuriating as they impact the whole game and the stats of a person. But the PUBG team has countered all the glitches which were creating hindrances while playing the game.

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But there are some glitches that have been bugging Pubg players for a while and it has not been resolved yet. Many players of PUBG have reported the issue related to the Rendering of buildings in PUBG.

What is Buildings Rendering Glitch?

Buildings Not Rendering

In this Glitch, many people have reported that whenever they land on the ground, buildings graphics look retro and hollow. The Glitch was preventing from loading texture of the building and the loot objects were completely missing for a time being. It just makes the graphics look terrible.

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Why are the Buildings not Render?

Pubg is a game in which Rank matches have a very large map like Erangel, Sanhok, Vikendi, and Miramar. These maps are actually massive and contain a lot of buildings inside them.

The Building rendering issue comes up when the person lands on the ground. Buildings are a very important part of the game as it contains the loot players need to grab the Chicken Dinner. But the Rendering Glitch prevents the loot and buildings to come back in normal graphics for a certain time.

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The Reasons for this Glitch could be numerous but there are some very common reasons which can’t be ignored.

  1. The game is not able to read the files from your Hard Drive.
  2. Having not sufficient RAM on your computer to run PUBG might be a problem as well.

How to solve this issue?

If the Rendering Glitch is bugging you for a while and you are not able to play the game properly then I will share some of the tips from the previous users who have tried out different methods and worked for them.

  1. The problem of Player Unknown Battlegrounds buildings not Rendering can be solved quickly just by lowering your graphics. You can lower it down from 1080p to 720p. Though the graphics will not be that much clear as they were before a Rendering issue might go away and it will not be a burden to your current GPU as well. But even this method does not work every time.
  2. If you have Nvidia Graphic Card then you should have Nvidia Shadowplay. Disable the Nvidia Shadowplay for better results in the game. Close all applications > Open Nvidia GeForce > General Tab > Save settings > Close Nvidia GeForce > Restart your PC.
  3. Having outdated Graphic Card drivers can cause many problems like frame drops, game stuttering, and many more. To solve this problem you will need to update the Graphic Card drivers from their respective official websites.
  4. Reinstalling can be very helpful in solving many of the glitches and the Rendering issue can occur while the previous installation of the game on your system. So it is recommended to try Reinstalling the game.
  5. Ram is a very powerful component of the system and has the ability to enhance your gaming performance by increasing the frame rates. It is recommended for gaming you should have 8 GB of Ram on your system, if not upgrade it. Check the RAM of your computer on the About section of your PC, it will tell you the RAM of your computer.
  6. SDD is a Solid State Drive which is a better version of HDD Hard disk drive. Some players recommend buying a new SSD and installing the game on it. As the technology is new, powerful, fast, and reliable. It will give you unexpected results and glitch-free gaming.

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So these are some of the methods which have been previously used by the players and these methods actually worked for them. So if you are facing Player Unknown Battlegrounds buildings not Rendering Glitch, then you can also try out these methods and enjoy playing.

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