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PUBG comes with a lot of special features. One of them that is the most known is the diversity of characters. PUBG Characters are enticing. They are built with so many effects and details that you cannot resist them. Every character is individual and comes with special powers. PUBG comes up with special characters from time to time. These have an individual specialty.

PUBG Characters are not free to get. Every player dreams to unlock their favorite character. With their special abilities, these PUBG Characters can add to your powers. They can help you get near the chicken dinner. Since PUBG comes with special characters from time to time, let me get you acquainted with them. These are the top rankers in 2022. I will also inform you of the requirements to unlock them.

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Best PUBG Characters 2022

We will provide you with a list of characters that we find the best. We will also give you the ways with which you can unlock them and their features.

1. Character Andy:

Character Andy

The most recent addition to the PUBG Character list is Andy. It is a special category of the PUBG Category. If you need a speedy gun use speed. If you upgrade to the maximum level, the speed can be increased up to 16%. If you need to get Andy at first you need to take part in the character launch. If you want Free Andy you need 60 character vouchers. Otherwise, you will need to pay 1200UC.

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2. Character Victor

Character Victor

Victor is the most famous PUBG Character. The very first special character that PUBG launched was Victor. This special character comes with a whole lot of abilities. They can enhance your skills to the next level. If you need to use the submachine gun then this PUBG Character can help  If you need to use the submachine gun then this PUBG Character can help you.

What it does is that it significantly lessens the time consumed during reloading the gun. The time can be reduced by 4% and as you move up to level 2 you can further reduce it by 5.5%. The best it can do is at level 9 where the time is reduced to even 10%. What adds to the attraction of this character is the outfits. Who doesn’t want their character to look stylish? Victor has three outfits that are legendary. Hence it gives you a bunch of options. It comes with Legendary Conquest, Scorching Armor, and Alloy Armor, what more do you want?

As stated above, this PUBG Character is absolutely free. You simply need to go to the ‘highlighting Workshop’ and select this character. You are done, Victor is unlocked.

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3. Character Sara

Character Victor

If you think that only males rule here you are wrong! Sara is there for you! She is the only PUBG Character that is female. Yes, one amongst all. This makes her super unique. The only female standing. Now the question is how can she help you. If you want your vehicle to be able to stand more damage, Sara will help you. Sara increases the stability and durability of your vehicle. If you upgrade her to the fullest, she will help you the best. At the full upgrade level, she can increase the durability to 10%.

If you want to unlock Sara, you have two options. Either you get 600 character vouchers or pay 600UC. With any of the two ways, you can unlock Sara.

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4. Character Carlo

Character Carlo

Now, if you are looking for the most charming character of PUBG you are at the right place. Carlo is the one for you. He has the most amazing outfit and a hairstyle that are at focus. Carlo is known for his unique and stylish appearance. Apart from the looks, it can help you too. If you are looking for a character that can reduce the damage out of fall, Carlo is the one. At level 9 when it is at the full upgrade level the damage can be reduced by 24%. It is huge and can be a life savior.

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It too has two ways to be unlocked. One is via character vouchers and the other is by 1200UC. With either of them, you will be able to unlock him.

These were the top special PUBG characters. These characters can help you in ways of their own. This guide was to get you acquainted with them. It also gave you ways to unlock them. I hope you find it useful!

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