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Pubg is the coolest game and it can be even more interesting if you can add your skills. There are millions of players who play the game daily. Hence, it is very difficult for a beginner to play very nicely. Therefore, every Pubg player must follow several Pubg mobile secrets. This will help the new Pubg players to instantly become a better player. It is very disappointing if all other friends are playing at an extreme level and you cannot kill many people in the game. Hence, follow our guide and Pubg mobile secrets to improve your gameplay.

Pubg Mobile Secrets

The game looks very simple and easy to play but it isn’t when you are playing in multiplayer mode. The reason is that all other players are already quite used to the game and this makes it difficult for the new players to cope up. Although, Pubg does have the algorithm to connect only the beginners with each other in a multiplayer game. But you can still improve your gameplay to increase your level faster than all other players.

Experience the thrill of online slot and casinos on the go with our cutting-edge mobile app. Dive into a world of captivating games, massive jackpots, and immersive gameplay right at your fingertips. Whether you’re a casual player or a seasoned gambler, our app offers a seamless and exciting gaming experience anytime, anywhere. Download now to embark on your casino journey from your mobile device!

We have found out a number of Pubg mobile secrets very effective to improve the gameplay of an individual and help him rank faster. We will use a lot of Pubg tips and tricks to improve the gameplay and get access to the latest features, which most of you aren’t aware of. It is also valid for the existing players who are looking to improve their gameplay and become competent with their friends. You can become a perfect and Pro Pubg gamer and even start your own Pubg YouTube channel. There a lot of people who will watch your gameplay if you play decently.

Pubg Mobile Tips & Tricks

Pubg mobile secrets are also known as tips and tricks in other terms. We have listed down a number of Pubg tips and tricks, which will help you to achieve the goals and level up faster than your friends. Just follow the secrets given below and get your gameplay improved significantly.

1. Play Pubg Mobile On Emulator

Pubg Mobile Secrets

Playing Pubg mobile on the emulator is one of the best tricks which can significantly improve your gameplay. We all are aware of the fact that playing a game on a PC is much easier than smartphones. The reason for this logic is that you can use the keyboard and mouse to control the character on the PC. However, it is not really possible for a new player to get used to all the features in the Pubg mobile game. Hence, he or she will require at least one month to get his handset on the smartphone.

This is why the player must install the game on an emulator and enjoy it. The Pubg emulator is completely free to download because it is the Pubg mobile game only which will run on the PC. Follow the steps to download Pubg emulator.

  • Launch the browser on your PC and download any famous emulator.
  • You can download emulators like BlueStacks or NOX.
  • once the file has been successfully downloaded on your PC, complete the setup.
  • launch the emulator and click on Google Play Store and download the Pubg mobile game for free.
  • the Pubg mobile game will be downloaded and installed automatically on the emulator and is now ready to be played.
  • All the features will be similar to Pubg mobile and you will easily understand it.

2. Hide & Peak

Pubg Mobile Secrets

One of the greatest mistake that a player does is openly firing. Yes, it is important to shoot the enemy when he is near you but it is always wise to find a stone or some other shelter to hide behind and then use the pic option to shoot at the enemy. This decreases the risk of dying because if you fire openly, anyone else from the background can kill you with the single shot. There is a special peek feature which has been added to the Pubg. Most people are not aware of this Pubg feature and it is mostly known as a Pubg mobile secret. Therefore, we have added to our list of Pubg tips and tricks.

Many people haven’t yet activated the feature on their account. Follow the procedure given below to activate the peak feature on your account.

  • Go to the Pubg game setting.
  • Click on controls.
  • Now tap on manage and edit control option.
  • Click on the peak feature and select activate.
  • You can also adjust the peak shortcut anywhere on the screen.
  • By default, it is added to the left-hand side of the screen.

3. Choose a landing location wisely

Pubg Mobile Secrets

Another addition to our list of Pubg mobile secrets is choosing the location wisely. It is very important to select the location in which you want to land. It completely depends on your gaming ability to land in a particular location. For instance, if you are playing Erangel and landing in Pochinki, you must have the capability of searching the weapons fast because there are a lot of players who land in this place. You can follow our detailed Pubg map guide to get more information.

We always advise the beginners to land in a place where there are very fewer players so that you can first get equipped with the weapons and then start fighting. This is a golden rule and you must follow it in order to stay alive for a longer time. Use the vehicle to reach out of the populated area after you have collected all the weapons and necessary items.

5. Pubg Mobile Graphics Setting

Pubg Mobile Secrets

This is one of the most important Pubg mobile secrets. The graphics of the game matters a lot, especially when you are playing Pubg mobile on emulator. It is very important to increase the graphics to the medium or extreme level while playing the game on an emulator because the screen is larger and the lower graphics will not help you in locating the enemies at a distance. Therefore, you can go to the settings of the game and select Pubg graphics setting. We also called a Pubg advanced Trick and tip as most other people do not identify this.

However, it is very important to know the specification of a device and the maximum graphics setting that it can support. The maximum settings of Pubg graphics require a high-end gaming specification. To select the options accordingly.

5. Use Vehicles More

Pubg Mobile Secrets

It is advised that the players must use the Pubg vehicles while the map is huge. It is a better way to reach out some other distance to get weapons of better quality. This also reduces the time frame of reaching out to a particular destination. Moreover, having a vehicle in the game will help you reach the zone quickly. The vehicles will also help you in escaping from a location where there are a lot of players.

6. Don’t use vehicles when the zone is small

Pubg Mobile Secrets

Using a vehicle when the zone is extremely small is foolish. There is a solid reason behind this statement. The most important Pubg mobile tips and secrets are that you must be hiding when the zone is small. You must find a particular location and sit quietly and wait for the other players to move around. If you will use the car in a small zone, everyone can easily locate you both on the map and visually. Therefore, they will easily kill you by shooting for throwing when you stop. So, keep on walking and hiding when the zone is small.

7. Do not loot the drop alone

Pubg Mobile Secrets

One of the most common mistakes that a person does is looting the drop alone. They think that if they go alone there will be able to get all the items in the box. However, this is completely false because you will be dead by the time you loot the drop. The reason behind this is the drop is a Centre of attraction and there are many players who are already sitting in the background and aiming at the drop. Hence, they will kill you better single shot. Therefore, you must accompany your entire squad to the drop so that the rays can get diversified and you can fight as a whole. Follow this golden Pubg secret to get the drop items efficiently without getting killed.

8. Pubg Mobile Secrets Explained

The Pubg mobile secrets or Pubg tips and tricks are very important to be followed in the game. We guarantee you that the gameplay will improve if you follow all the tips and tricks given above. Moreover, playing the game with your friends will give you an extra benefit because they will help you in getting revived, in case you are not knocked out. Therefore, you must follow all the Pubg secrets to become a pro player. Play the games with focus and build a squad for more entertainment. Other things will be taken care of if you are following our guides regularly. Don’t forget to check out the other guides that we have mentioned on our website.

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