What is Tencent Gaming Buddy

Tencent Gaming Buddy is the most popular PUBG emulator. It is the only Official PUBG Emulator and is being currently used by millions of people across the world. It was originally launched only for PUBG gamers in China for Playing PUBG mobile on PC. However, the idea of playing the game on PC for free with complete PC controls became popular and everyone started downloading it. Hence, Tencent officially started to allow Bank people from other countries to download the software and enjoy PUBG Mobile on PC without any problem. Tencent gaming buddy virus and malware is one of the buzzing topics and we are going to discuss it in this post.

Tencent Gaming Buddy Threat

Tencent Gaming Buddy Threat

There have been a number of discussions about the possible threats that are involved in this software. People think that this third party application might have some virus or malware which can affect the PC. It is quite logical because it is a gaming software and comes from a Chinese developer. You might be aware of the fact that viruses and malware can harm your PC and important than the normal functioning of other applications as well. Hence, we decided to test the Tencent gaming buddy virus and malware levels.

How can a virus in PUBG Emulator be Harmful?

You might be aware of the fact that viruses and malware in any software of the PC can be harmful to the entire PC as such. Hence, you might be extra careful while installing any third-party software or application on the PC. Gaming emulators and software have the highest potential of carrying some virus and malware along with them. The reason is that they are developed by third-party developers who will try to inject some harmful files in your PC to get some information.

virus in PUBG Emulator be Harmful

It is very harmful because the virus will ultimately slow down your PC and hamper the functioning of all the applications. The files can be harmful enough to steal some private information and data from your PC. Hence, it poses a very high risk to your privacy. So free decided to check out if pregnant gaming buddy is completely virus free and safe for your device or not. The stream means that if any trace of the virus is found we can shift to other alternatives like BlueStacks and NOX player. Let’s test the software and see whether it is safe for your device or not.

Malware Test

We tried scanning out this software used in quick heal, avast antivirus, AVG antivirus, Kaspersky and multiple others. The result was in a hundred percent favor of Tencent-gaming-buddy and there was no virus as such in any file. This certifies that there is completely no problem in the PUBG emulator and users can enjoy playing the game. It will not affect the computer in any manner. You can go through the conclusion given below and see what is this virus test means for your PC.

Here in this video, You can find that when you install the Tencent Gaming Buddy for the first time, there are few Scripts automatically Installed on your PC. Few of them are Coin Miners like “CoinHiveMiner” etc.

Conclusion of Tencent Gaming Buddy Virus Test

We tried out various scanners and Virus testing software and found that all the results were on the positive side. This means that you can install the application freely without thinking twice. We also know that Tencent-gaming-buddy is the Official PUBG Emulator and this is the reason why there is no such miscellaneous content. Therefore, now you can enjoy playing PUBG mobile on your PC without taking tension about the miscellaneous third-party PUBG emulator software. You will also enjoy all the remaining features. However, you must make sure that you are downloading the software from the official website only. The reason being that third party websites might offer different it software with virus same name.

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