Vending Machine In PUBG

In Season 13 of PUBG, Tencent introduced a new map Miramar 2.0. In the same season as the map, a new feature was introduced. It was Vending Machine In PUBG. PUBG’s update of 0.18.0 got this interesting feature into play which is considered one of the best. This article gives you an insight into what exactly is a vending machine in PUBG. This also will the probable locations where you can find these machines easily.

This feature has an eye from a lot of players. Hence, it is always better if you know where to find them beforehand. This saves your time and improves your gameplay tactics.

The Basic Meaning and Use of Vending Machine In PUBG:

Now, to understand this, let us take real-life examples. What do vending machines do in real life? They are a store of drinks, basically, energy drinks. These drinks furnish you with energy when you are tired or weak. This is exactly what a Vending Machine in PUBG does.

Vending Machine In PUBG provides the player with energy drinks when in need. In the gameplay, a player might lose energy and is lacking health kits. In this situation, a vending machine in PUBG becomes your best friend. You cannot expect these drinks to give you any other special power or something but they will definitely recharge your dying battery.

How Does A Vending Machine In PUBG Works?

Vending Machine In PUBG Works

You might be wondering how to purchase these drinks. Well, to your surprise there is no special method or payment to be done in order to get these drinks. All you need to do is to go to the machine and press the purchase button. It is at this point that the machine rolls out drinks for you. You can get a maximum of 8 drinks or sometimes nothing. There is no way to manipulate the working of this machine. It gives you drinks of its own choice and out of luck.

When you get the maximum number of drinks, i.e., 8 it is termed as ‘Jackpot’. While when the vending machine in PUBG notifies you ‘Sold Out’ it means the drinks are all purchased and you get nothing.

It is worth noting that when this feature was introduced, it was called meaningless.  The majority of the sporting community thought of it to be a useless addition to the game. However, to everyone’s surprise, these machines today are a player’s savior. In the game a player often loses energy, in this dire need of energy, a drink often saves him and boosts him up.

Where To Find A Vending Machine In PUBG?

Find A Vending Machine In PUBG

Before we jump into the probable locations, you need to note down a point. These Vending Machines do not have any specific locations. You can get a machine at a spot once or twice but you might find it missing the third time. However, there are certain locations on Miramar where there is a probability that these appear. Hence, when on the map do look out at these locations and you might get lucky:

  • Offices of Los Leones
  • El Pozo
  • Chimacera
  • In the arenas of Pecado and the L building near it.

Also, it is to be considered that while looking at these locations, You need to press your mind a little more. Lookout at the buildings and scan through them. Go for most sought for locations. In the gallery, behind doors, etc.  If you keep a track of these hotspots your chances of stumbling on these machines increases.

Vending Machines In PUBG have also being inflicted upon with violence. In the heat of the game and temper, many players often break them. This caused huge damage to these machines. So much so that Tencent issued an advisory to the players. It asked them not to damage vending machines in PUBG. Hence, beware of such moments and try to avoid such situations.

This article was intended to furnish you with the details of Vending Machine In PUBG. It also gives you the hotspot locations where you can find these machines and boost your energy. I hope, this article helped you and everything you needed to know about the vending machines in PUBG is cleared.

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