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Player underground battleground has come of which season 9 a few months ago and it has also introduced a new map to the game. The new map is known as Taego and has come along with a lot of new features that will thrill you. Pubg has come up with the concept of the secret home which has a lot of writers and items that can be collected by the players to enhance their chances of winning. The idea of a secret room is not new in the royal battle world and has been taken from other games. The pubg Taego secret house is not new and is an extended version of the treasure house that we have seen in the Vikendi Map. The secret room location and the secret key pubg is mysterious and many players have been looking for it constantly and you might be reading this blog for the same reason. In this article, we are going to discuss about the new pubg secret room that has been introduced in season 9 with the new map and where can you find the secret room as well as the secret key.

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Where are Pubg Secret Rooms Located?

The pubg secret rooms are scattered over 12 locations in the new map. It is quite easy to locate a pubg secret room because it looks like a normal building. Many players get confused between the normal building and a secret room because they look alike but there is one prominent difference between the two. You can find the difference between a normal house and a Pubg secret room by looking at the lock. There is a secret lock on the building and you cannot enter into it until and unless you get access to the secret key in the game. The location of the secret room is displayed in the image below and you can find them accordingly.

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Pubg Secret Rooms Located

How to find Secret Key Pubg?

The secret rooms of season 9 give you access to some of the best items in the game. There are a lot of items available and it is a true treasure for the players as it gives you an edge over others to win the game since you will be fully equipped with items. There is no secret sauce for getting the secret key pubg. The only way that you can find the secret key to the secret room in the game is by exploring as much as possible. The player has to go to all the buildings and try to find the key along with other items. It is quite difficult to locate a key since it is very rare. Hence, you will have to do a lot of work in order to find the secret key in the game. However, there is one trick using which you can find the secret key pubg easily.

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If you have already located a secret room on the map, it would be a great idea to guard the house and hide somewhere around. It simply means that you will be there camping on the location. Any player who gets the key and the game would come to the house and unlock it. Once you see a player coming into the room, you can easily shoot him down and get the key from him and access the secret room. This is perhaps one of the best strategies that you can follow if you do not want to do the tedious task of finding the keys manually. We recommend this strategy to find the secret key in the game rather than looking around for it.

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Smart gaming is better than hard gaming and this is what we have recommended use in our strategy of finding the secret key in pubg. Player’s underground Battle game is a lot of fun when you know how to access different items and what is the use of each piece of equipment. The developers of the game keep coming up with something new and this is the reason why we also keep updating our articles regarding the latest equipment is added to the game and also the maps. Hence, you can stay updated with the latest tricks and strategies about the royal Battle game by reading our articles.

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