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Chatting with friends in the game is a very great way to interact. It maps the game even better. Pubg mobile is one of the best games because it doesn’t only have the best gameplay that it also allows the players to interact in the chat room. all the players across the world can interact using the world chat option available in the lobby of PUBG mobile. There are various benefits of joining the world chat option of PUBG mobile and you are going to explain everything about the will chat room of PUBG mobile. So are you excited to get to know something new?

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What is a Chat Room?

A chat room is a place in PUBG mobile where the players can have a chat with a friend and even with others who are not known to you. It is a great way of making new friends and you can even interact with people and make them your teammates. Therefore, it is one of the best places for networking in PUBG mobile and it is very useful for the new players who do not have many friends. The procedure to join the chat room is very easy and we are going to explain the entire procedure to you.

Moreover, there are many people who have a chat on the world chat option in PUBG and then they make a room of a hundred players and play along with the voice chat. It is a great way of interacting with friends and even making new friends. so are you willing to join the world chat option on making a chat room for your own group? The steps to create a new chat room for your own personal use are very easy and we will guide you through the steps of making a new chat room as well as joining the world chat option in PUBG.

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What are the types of Chat Rooms?

There are two types of chatrooms in PUBG mobile and you can join either of them. one is the world chat option which will connect you randomly to the chat option of PUBG where the entire list of players is chatting. This is one of the best ways in which you can chat randomly with any person across the world. Moreover, you will have to type very fast because there are thousands of people chatting at the same time. You can also send them a friend request if you really like the way they chat and if you guys are ready to become friends and play the game together.

The second type of room is a private chat room that is created by individuals. As the name suggests, this is a private room where only invited players can chat and text. It is especially for friends who are willing to chat in PUBG mobile and make a discussion about the upcoming game or tournament. Any individual can create a new private room and then ask his friends to join that private room by giving them the name of the room. It is a very easy thing and we are going to explain to you the ways in which you can create a new chat room and ask your friends to join.

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How to join world chat in PUBG mobile?

We have already discussed the word chat option in the passage given above. Hence, it’s time to get started with the discussion of how to join the world chat option in PUBG. everyone should know how to do so because you will have to chat with some players and get your network established if you are a new player. Hence, you must follow the steps given below and join the world chat option and start texting right away. Make sure that you do not use any vulgar language because people can report you for doing that on a public chat option.

  • the very first option to download and install the PUBG mobile application on your smartphone
  • Ignore if you have already downloaded the game and have already started playing
  • Now launch the application and wait until the home screen appears
  • On the home screen, you will find a chat option at the left-hand side bottom part of the screen
  • Tap on the flashing messages and a chat option will open on the left side of the square
  • You can read all the messages that are publicly written
  • The roseate box is at the bottom of the screen and you can start typing your message and send it publicly to everyone.
  • Usually, the first message should be an introduction to you and that you want to make new friends
  • If you get a reply from any person, you can reply to his message as well
  • Therefore, joining the world chat option is quite easy.

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How to create a private chat room in PUBG?

A private chat room is very important if you have to make a discussion with your friends about an upcoming tournament or PUBG match. It is quite easy to create a chatroom where only you are known people can join. However, it is up to you if you want to make the chat room public or keep it private so that only friends can join. Follow the steps given below and create a new chat room and then you can send it to your friends in order to join.

  • Launch the PUBG Application on your device.
  • Now click on the left-hand side bottom part of the screen where the chats are being displayed. It is similar to the option and procedure have given above.
  • The public chat option will be displayed on the left-hand side of the screen.
  • You will find a private chat room option on the right side of the screen.
  • Click on create a new private chat room.
  • Enter the name of the chat room and select the options of your choice.
  • Your private room will be successfully made and you can give the name to your friends in order to join.

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