Everyone plays the game, however, there is a very limited number of people who professionally adapt to the game and try to conquer it. PUBG is one game that is played by millions of people across the world. Moreover, more and more people want to play the game professionally and become top-rated players. But this will not happen if you only stick to the game and keep on playing it regularly. There are some other important steps that you must follow in order to become a Professional PUBG Player. PUBG Mobile Stats Tracker is one search important tool that will help you in becoming a professional player.

PUBG Mobile Stats Tracker

Pubg Stats Mobile

It is a very well-known fact that you must be aware of your skills and weakness as well. This is valid for both studies and gaming. You must track your performance in the recent games in order to know the areas of your strength and weakness. This will allow you to focus on your weaknesses and master them. If we are particular talk about PUBG mobile, it allows you to completely check your performance in recent games. Hence, you will be able to track your performance for each and every game.

PUBG Mobile has launched a dedicated zone where you can check your performance for PUBG mobile stats of the recent games. It gives you access to your PUBG Mobile stats for 1 year. There is a dedicated PUBG mobile stats tracker in the game itself which will help you’re understanding everything that you need to know about your gameplay. Hence, you must use this amazing feature to address your strengths and weakness in the game. It will help you in becoming a better player in every aspect. The steps to access the page are really easy and we will guide you through them.

How to Check PUBG Mobile Stats?

Pubg Mobile Tracker

Checking the stats of your recent games is really easy. The option is available in the game itself. All you need to do is open the game and go to the PUBG Mobile stats tracker. We have listed down all the steps to go to the tracker and see the things that you have done in the last games. Moreover, the game also wants you to share your stats with your friends publicly on Facebook. This is a great idea because you can share them if you are really good.

  • Open PUBG Mobile and go to the events section of the game present in the bottom part of the screen.
  • You will find the statistics and you will have to click on them in order to open the link.
  • Once the link is opened, you will find all your starts listed under one page itself. Now you will have access to all the data that you require to analyze your gaming pattern.
  • Moreover, you will also find the option to share the PUBG Mobile starts with your friends on Facebook directly.

Hence, you can easily compare them with your friends.

Sharing PUBG Stats

Pubg Mobile Player Stats

The procedure for sharing your PUBG mobile stats is also similar to the steps given number above. This is because the share option is available in the PUBG mobile stats tracker itself. It increases competition and helps you to match them with your friends in order to understand your position in the game. Therefore, you will be able to find your areas of strength and weakness in comparison to your daily gaming friend and then gradually improve and boost your gameplay. Sharing your starts publicly on Facebook is a great idea if you have been playing exceptionally well.

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