Game For Peace Vs PUBG

The growing popularity of PUBG was an alarm for China. China cannot stand a foreign company taking over its market. China always had the policy of holding the market. Hence as it sensed the growing popularity of PUBG it had to do something. It came up with a similar Chinese version of PUBG, Game For Peace.

Continuing its policy of marketing China has always been a step ahead of Krafton. All the new features that Tencent wishes to bring in its global version are already in the market. This is because the updates that Tencent wants to bring are mostly from Game For Peace. Now the question that must be bothering me is how are they different. In this article, we will try to find the basic overall differences and the differences in features.

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A Peaceful Game For Peace Vs Battle Of PUBG:

The name itself must be suggesting a lot of things. We will tell you how valid is the name. We will also highlight the major fundamental differences between the two.

  • Proclaiming itself a peace-loving nation China was not happy with PUBG. It found PUBG a game of violence. Hence it came up with Game for Peace. The name itself suggests that it promotes peace, unlike war and battles.
  • The Game For Peace is no battle. You do not kill your opponents. Here you join a training program. The program is set to train you to kill terrorists. The game considers it to be your national duty to protect your country from terrorists.
  • You do not die in this game. When you are knocked out, you leave the training ground. Unlike PUBG where you leave the loot back for others and die, here you take your stuff with you.
  • Since it is a non-violent game, it is not comfortable with showing blood. Since Game For peace is a training ground, you don’t die. When you are hurt it shows green bubbles rather than blood.
  • And most of all you do not get the Winner Winner Chicken Dinner. Instead, you get the Winner Cake and notification of the top 5.

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Game For Peace Vs PUBG:  Difference In Features

Apart from the fundamental changes, you get some differences in features as well. Some of them are listed below:

Button Transparency:

Button Transparency

It is quite annoying to have all the buttons on the screen. PUBG players have always been looking for solutions to it. You have the option of reducing the opacity of the button. However, the PUBG global version allows you to reduce it to only 10%. This is not the case in Game For Peace. It allows you to have 0% Opacity or button is totally transparent.

Difference In Frames Per Second:

Difference In Frames Per Second

Everyone wants a smoothly running gameplay. The smoothness is decided by FPS or Frames Per Second. In this feature PUBG lags behind Game For Peace by a large number. PUBG has the capacity of 60 FPS whereas Game For Peace has a capacity of 120 FPS.

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Bracing Gamepad:

Bracing Gamepad

A gamer is very comfortable with gamepads and prefers to use them instead of a console controller. It is not possible to add this input device to PUBG. However, Game For Peace allows you to insert a gamepad and use it easily.

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Windshield Support:

Windshield support

While playing PUBG, you do not get a windshield on your car. PUBG leaves you unprotected from enemy attack and damage. This is not the case in Game For Peace. You get a windshield on your vehicle. It will also save you from an enemy attack. However, this protection is only for the first bullet. After that, you have to find a way to save yourself. This little gesture gives you time to get ready for an attack and plan accordingly.

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From the above arguments, it is clear that Game For Peace has an edge over PUBG. Despite these facts, PUBG is more popular. This is because logging in to the game for peace isn’t easy. Since it is a Chinese Version you need a Chinese number and ID. Also, PUBG is famous for its graphics. Game For Peace and PUBG though alike, stand poles apart.

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