Bolt Action Rifles

Battle Ground mobile India has now become one of the most played battle royal games in India that give players a chance to compete with each other and show their skills at a level of competition. This has raised the interest of the players and has become one of the most popular esports. In BGMI the most honoring art is sniping and sniping is one of the most difficult skills to Master.

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The player who is a true bolt action rifle player can only understand how difficult it actually is to knock down the enemy player during the game when the person is constantly running and other enemy players are even trying to knock them down and get them out of the game. But it is total satisfaction for the gamer who shoots an enemy player from distance and just by a single bullet and knocks them down as the enemy will be wondering from where they got shot. Sometimes players find difficulty in finding the perfect bolt action rifles that are available in the game.

Especially the newbies and even the players who played the game for a long time sometimes face this problem as there is a whole range of bolt action rifles available. To master the sniping skill players need to practice sniping because every sniper rifle does not deliver the same impact but has a different impact so it becomes important for them to choose the right weapon and practice with them. As we know sniping is a hard act to master it requires the players to have proper knowledge about the sniping rifles here are some of the bolt action rifles which will help them grow a sniper.

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The Top 5 Bolt Action Sniper Rifles in BGMI:

1) AWM- Arctic Warfare Magnum


This is one of the most popular bolt action rifles and hands-down is one of the best rifles. This is the only weapon in the BGMI that has a long-range rifle that delivers more than a hundred damages and by only one single shot making this weapon of more importance as by it makes one single shot kill.

Although it is quite difficult to get an AWM as it is only available in the AirDrop in the classic mode. This is an exclusive AirDrop weapon and it even holds the power to knock down an enemy even if he is wearing a level three helmet only with a single headshot. They must even remember that every shot is important as this weapon only gives 25 bullets. The sniper comes with a lot of attachments like a compressor, muzzle, and more.

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2) KAR98K

This is one of the most powerful bolt action rifles in BGMI as this sniper has high damage and it can even eliminate an enemy who is wearing a level two helmet with just a single shot. The sniper rifle can be effectively used with a 2x 4c and an 8x scope. It is one of the older sniper rifles in the game and it has even won the trust of the player and is actually the best possible sniper rifle to start out with for those newbies specially or even in general.



This is the latest edition of the bolt action sniper rifles in the BGMI and this rifle can be found on all the six classic mode maps it can even be equipped with different scopes like red dot to 8X however among 7.62 MM snipers this is the most bullet trap.

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4) M24

M24 in PUBG

Previously this rifle was found only in the AirDrop but now it can even be found around on the classic map. This is highly effective in the long-distance fight and a single shot sniper can kill with an 8 x scope.

5) WIN94


This is the only bolt actions sniper rifle in BGMI that comes up with an in-built three X scope and it is usually easily found around in Miramar, Sanhok, and Karakin. This might not be potential for a long-distance shot but it is very good and efficient for mid-range or close-range shots not only this it even does a fast reload speed.

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These are the few top bolt action sniper rifles.

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