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BGMI is one of the most popular mobile games in India. BGMI was released in the year 2020 as India’s original Pubg version. After the ban of the original Pubg, this game collected the next huge success. Both of the games have some similarities but one thing is exactly common in these two games, and that is the in-game currency which is called Unknown Cash (UC). This currency is needed to purchase exclusive items like the Royal Pass, exclusive skins, lucky skin, and outfits.

UC is very expensive to buy from the in-game shop and it will definitely hurt someone’s pockets. But there are also some methods available to get BGMI Free UC. These methods could provide amazing results if you follow them correctly.

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1. Google Opinion Rewards

Google Opinion Rewards is one of the best apps out there which provides UC by just doing simple surveys. Also, the app is totally secured and built by one of the trusted companies in the world. For this to work out, the player needs to fill out his profile information. After that, the work is just to fill out the simple surveys, for every survey completed you will get some amount in the form of Google Play Credit. Then with the help of this Credit amount, we can purchase the UC in the BGMI.

2. Giveaways

Giveaways are the most popular method nowadays, that provides free UC to the players. YouTubers, streamers, and tournament organizers provide UCs in the form of a giveaway. But they do not give away UC to all the participants, the giveaway method is that many people participate in something, and then the organizers randomly choose people to give them rewards. These are mostly done by the pro players of Pubg and they give some tasks to complete after that they share the name of the winners. Though it is not guaranteed UC still there are some chances of getting it.

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3. Poll Pay

Poll Pay is an application available for users from all around the world. This application allows users to earn money by completing a few tasks. These tasks are very random, you could be asked for downloading an application or submit a survey, depending on the need. It is the safer option and could be used to get free UC for BGMI and PUBG Mobile.


bgmi uc redeem code

These are some of the options to earn some UC without doing much work or hardcore efforts. But there are BGMI UC hacks also present which provide an unlimited amount of UC to the users.

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There are many hacks available for the game like wallhack, aimbot, and faster movement. But BGMI UC hack is a generator that generates an unlimited amount of UC. This hack will provide you with an unlimited amount of UC without doing anything. Follow these steps to get free BGMI UC:

  1. You have to choose BattleGrounds Mobile India UC generator.
  2. This online generator is made for generating online resources.
  3. You can also download the hack to your device. Both the options will work perfectly fine.
  4. Now you have to choose the amount of UC you want to generate.
  5. After entering the amount, you can push the “Start” button and leave the rest to the server.
  6. The system will ask you to verify yourself, you have to fill out the reCaptcha to complete the human verification process.
  7. Once all the processing is complete, the resources will be transferred to your profile within minutes. Then you can repeat this process again.

Using the online version of Free UC Generator will save space from your device. You can use the Free BGMI UC hack as many times as you want.

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BGMI UC Redeem Code:

codashop bgmi

BGMI is an online battle royale game that is filled with excitement and thrill. Inside the game, there are various fancy outfits present, which everyone wants to capture. But these items are not easy to get, either you have to spend some money or you want good fortune or both. But there is one more method with which you can claim the exclusive items as well as UC in the game. In the battle royale game, BGMI provides one chance to take away the exclusive gifts with the help of Redeem Codes. These codes are generated every day and their expiry period is of 1 day. But these codes are not valid after a certain amount of Redemptions, because there could only be a limited number of items to give for free. First, come will be the first served is the scenario here.

There are Redeem Codes given each day for different elements of the game like Silver Fragments, Gun skin, vehicle skin, UC, and many more. A different set of numbers and alphabets make one Redeem Code and different redeem codes are made for different Free prizes.

To redeem these free prizes, you have to check the specific Redeem Code for the prize you want. Then you have to go to the Official Redemption Center of BGMI. Then paste the Redeem code of your choice. After that, the image will provide you with some information, check the information. If you are still eligible for the redemption, then you will certainly get the reward of your choice.

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Most of the exclusive items in the game can only be bought with the help of UC and still if you want to purchase UC and do not want to use other methods of getting free UC then you can purchase it from the online shops. There are many online shops available to buy UC but which one to choose? The solution is Codashop.

Codashop is an online shop where you can buy the BGMI UC from an external source. This is a legitimate site and trusted site by “Trustpilot”. Thousands of users daily make purchases from this shop.

Codashop also provides its users Cashback on certain conditions of Purchases. It is the easiest platform to purchase BGMI UC in seconds.

All you need to do is:

  1. Enter your User ID
  2. Select the amount of UC you want to buy.
  3. Select payment method
  4. If you want a receipt, you can provide your email id otherwise you can directly click on “BUY NOW”.
  5. After some time the UC will automatically add up to your account.

This way you can add up your UC to your original account.

There are many websites on the internet that claims that they will provide free UC to their users but most of them are failures. There is another UC generator site called Milford Now which claims to generate the UC’s for Free. Milford Now also has shared the steps to use the generator properly to take away the UC from the site.

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BGMI Mod APK Unlimited UC

free uc for bgmi

Do many players always ask How to get free UC in BGMI? Mods are their solution. Mods are the modified versions of some apps or games, made for some easiness or cheating into the game. BGMI Mod APK Unlimited UC is the modified version of the BGMI game in which the resources are unlimited. Not only that there are many features of the Modded version of BGMI, but these are also:

1. Different modes

There are different modes available in the game to choose from, you can either play 1 v/s 1 or with the team. The mod will provide you with every facility.

2. Wall Hack

Wall Hack is also included in this mod. Wall Hacks are generally those in which the bullet can shoot through walls and knock down enemies hiding behind the wall.

3. Unlimited UC and Silver Fragments

In this MOD you will get an unlimited number of UCs, so you can fulfill your desire to purchase those extremely expensive items.

To even upgrade your character clothes, you will be needed a certain amount of UC and with the help of this Mod, there is no limit to your purchase, players can buy whatever they want. Mods are the way to get free UC in BGMI.

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How to Download BGMI Mod?

bgmi mod apk unlimited uc

  1. Click on the link:
  2. This will redirect you to some other pages.
  3. The file will be shown as harmful, click on proceed and proceed with the downloading.
  4. Your system might not allow you to download from this site, then go to your settings and press on “allow from Unknown sources”.
  5. Once the installation is complete, you are good to go and enjoy the unlimited UCs of BGMI.

The mod will provide you extreme level of easiness into the game but this will also increase the chances of your account getting banned. If you are ok with it then you can continue with the same Modded application and if not, then there will always be doors of BGMI opened for you.

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There are many types of cheats and hacks available in the market, but there are also toolkits available in the market that not only can handle one game, but it can also handle many more games without the fear of getting Ban. Pubg xTool is a cheating online application that provides a full toolkit without the fear of getting Ban. Players can use this tool kit with their main account too. These XTools have been working and serving various different purposes in the game.

1. X- GFX

X-GFX is used to cheat in-game with the use of aimbots, config files, magic bullets, Headshots, No-Recoil, and high graphics.


X-LUALAB helps you write cheating scripts with or without the knowledge of coding. Daily cheating values are updated like Headshots, High Jump, Magic Bullet, aimbot and etc

3. X-Shell

You can make a new shell file and execute it in this place. With all codes of cheating in the game, you can create a shell file in the X-tool.

4. X- Generator and Downloader

With the help of X- Generator and Downloader, we can generate corrupted files of cheating s in just one push of a button. The Modded data of the game could be generated and we can download the Alp and CPP files in the X-tool app.

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X-tool app is very useful for cheating Pubg mobile or BGMI or any other game. It is a very powerful tool.

There are many benefits of taking RP like you will earn more points and you will have more rewards plus the season rewards are open for you. But most of the players do not want to spend on buying RP as well. Yes most of us don’t, because people do not want to waste their money on the game for just virtual rewards. Still, they all want these rewards for free and are always lookout for some way to get the RP for free in the game.

Free Royal pass is claimed to be given by many websites but Zust2help offers a free Royal Pass of BGMI and steps to follow it. It is a complete guide on how to get a free royal pass zust2help.

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  1. Open Chrome or any browser
  2. Then search “Decide Net”.
  3. Then you have to select the website of Decide Net.
  4. Then after the website opening, you’ll have to scroll down till you reach a link saying ” 600 UC totally free” in Hindi.
  5. Click on PUBG help on the next page.
  6. After clicking PUBG help then the new page will open and it will ask you to fill in your PUBG accounts information like PUBG ID and PUBG Name.
  7. After filling in the information click on submit.
  8. Then after clicking on submit button, you will see a congratulations page telling you your account has been credited with 600 UC, and now you can check this amount by logging into your account.

If for some reason you did not get the result, then it might be due to technical difficulty, do not worry, try again the same process and then check the wonders this website can do. Enjoy your next Free UC and Free BGMI Royal Pass.

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