KEK3COM M416 Glacier Gun

Pubg gamers and fans are crazy over the unique outfits and skins in the game. These unique outfits and skins bring the new look of the character and other elements of the game and people do enjoy using these skins as they are so rare and unique. And the things which are rare are always more valuable in the market. Different outfits and skins have their different themes and are unique in themselves. Talking about the skins there are varieties of skins available for the different elements of the game like Pan, Grenades, Guns, Vehicles, and even backpacks. The major function of these skins is to give a completely new look to the element it is added to. Guns skins are even more unique as they show special kinds of effects in the game when an opponent is killed by the Rare Skinned Gun. It is a kind of special effect or we can say the special powers of the skin.

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M416 Glacier Gun

There are many types of different guns skins available in the game but some of them are very popular among others. The skin segment is divided into parts where the normal skins or not so rare skins could be easily purchased with silver fragments and there are also rare and time-limited skins which are very expensive to get plus you will need a bag full of luck to get your hands on one. Because most of the Pros has done the crate openings for Rare skins but only a small percentage of them are succeeded. Also opening these crates are so expensive that Pro players have to spend around 50k UC‘s for the crate opening but still go empty-handed without getting any rare or time-limited item.

Guns like AKM and M416 are choices for many players and most of the players want some unique skins on these guns so that they can show off their gaming skills with the dynamic style of beautiful skins.

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One of the most popular skins among the players is M416 Glacier skin. There are a lot of different ways to get your hands on some of the rarest skins inside the game. But most of the gamers of the Pubg community are mad about the M416 Glacier skin. The skins are given to players as a reward for playing the game, but due to so much user audience, it is very hard to get these kinds of rare items as rewards. There is also an option available for the gamers to buy these skins in the game. But the cost of directly buying the rare skin will cost you a lot more.

So to ease this out, we have discovered an easy method to steal the deal of the M416 Glacier skin using Let’s look at the process of how to get M416 Glacier skin in Pubg Mobile.

Free M416 Glacier Gun Skin by KEK3COM:

  1. For this process to work, you will be needed to have a lot of UC’s on your account. If you do not have enough UC, you can always buy it from the shop available inside the game.
  2. Then after getting enough UC’s, players can head towards the Shop section, where they can go towards the Crates Segment. After that player needs to choose a classic crate and then open it.
  3. It is now purely based on your luck, try for some attempts, if you are lucky enough you will be rewarded with M416 Glacier skin.
  4. And for getting this skin, this level of Risk is not a bad deal. Because this skin is highly demanded skin in the gaming community.

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As the name suggests M416 Glacier skin, is based on the glacier or ice theme. The gun skin is like Glacier Blue color with patches like white ice or snow. Its kill effect, elimination broadcast, on-hit effect, and final form are some of the Unique Characteristics of M416 Glacier skin.

Features of M416 Glacier skin:

These unique characteristics of the Skin are:

Kill effects:

This gun has one of the best kill effects in the game. When an opponent is killed with this gun, the normal killing effect Green Smoke is turned into White Smoke, which looks rather cooler when playing with the skin.

Beautiful and unique skin design:

The design of the skin is very much praised by the Gamers. It just gives a unique identity to the gun and gives the players the vibe of Pros.

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Treasure package:

To get the treasure package, you will be needed to upgrade the level of the Skin to 7. But it could be more painful to your pockets as it costs around 50,000 UC‘s to upgrade the gun skin to Level 7. The treasure package occurs when the opponent is turned into a Crate by killing the opponent with this skin. And the design of the M416 Glacier treasure box is superior to all of the other upgradable weapons.

Bullets hitting effect:

These skins also have a hitting effect of a bullet which is very unique as there is not so appealing feature present on the other upgradable weapons. When spraying an enemy with this Skin, it creates a white spark like fireworks on the enemy’s body.

This skin was launched a long time ago, but its popularity is still the same in the market. Those who have these skins are trying their best to upgrade them completely and those who do not have these skins are also testing and trying different methods to grab this rare piece of art.

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Always remember when trying out your luck while opening the crate, do not go all out in one shot, if you have tried enough times take a break, and then restart the process, then there could be higher chances of getting this skin permanently.

How to Get M416 Glacier Gun Skin by Kek3Com?

There is also a site available on the internet which claims to give away the M416 Glacier Skin, just by completing some simple steps. These steps asked by this site are:

  1. How did you find about the site?
  2. What is your Pubg version?
  3. Then you can click the button “Next Step”
  4. Then copy the message given by the site and share it on your Facebook, either in groups or in different pages.
  5. When all the requirements are fulfilled, You can click on “Click here to activate the M416 Glacier”.

After doing all the steps you will get your desired and very beautiful M416 Glacier Skin.
I have not personally tested it but it already had some previous user experiences submitted there and overall feedback of the site looks good and legit. So you can take a shot at it and try it.

Kek3Com Redeem Codes:

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The site ”” is attached so that you can directly jump into the site.

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