AG Scar L Vs M416

When it comes to winning in PUBG, choosing weapons is important. You have to be rationale in choosing weapons.  Even a slight difference, maybe the speed of a few seconds can change the game. A major query amongst PUBG players is to decide between AG Scar L Vs M416, Which Assault Rifle Is Better In PUBG Mobile? While both of them have equal damage per hit, players are often confused between the two.

It is better to consider all the details before choosing between the two. We need to analyze all the pros and cons. This article deals with the same.  We will here, carefully look into all the different featuring categories to decide the winner between Scar L Vs M416.

Scar L Vs M416: How Are They Similar?

Let us walk through the similarities of the two. This will help you decide better:

  1. Equal Capacity: Both of them have the capacity of 30 bullets. Also, the extended capacity of the two is 40 bullets. To add to the equality, both of them have single as well as auto mode. It can be concluded that when it comes to capacity both of them have the same footing.
  2. Same Reload Timing: What exactly is reload time? Reload time is the time that is taken by a player to reload the gun and fire again. It is to be noted that both M416 and Scar L have the same reload time of 2.3 seconds.
  3. Equal Armor: When you look into the penetration, here too both of them stand on the same platform. Scar L and M416 have the same armor of 5.56 ammo.
  4. Have All Sights and Scopes: You will be delighted to know that here too both of them stand similar. Scar L and M416 both have all the sights and scopes. The one where they miss out is 8X scope. Both of them do not have it. Hence, they prove to be ineffective after 800m. This also clears the air that you can use both of them for any sort of combat. Be it a short, medium, or long-form of combat.
  5. Recoiling: Recoiling is an important feature. Every player wants to have the least recoil time. This makes them fire back faster again. Here too, both the guns have the same timing.
  6. Power Capacity: When it comes to power, it is easy to differentiate between two weapons. But, when tested, it was found that both the weapons have the same power capacity.

Scar L Vs M416: The Differences

Scar-L Vs M416 Damage

This is the part which will be your decider. After reading the differences, you can easily decide upon which one is better between Scar L Vs M416:

  1. The Firing Rate: This is a crucial feature for an assault weapon. A slight difference can decide between chicken dinner or nothing.  It is to be noted that here M416 wins over Scar L. M416 has a higher firing rate of 0.086. Whereas Sacr L has a firing rate of 0.096. Hence you can be 0.010 seconds faster. This small figure can make a large difference in the game.
  2. Damage Rate: Damage Rate is the damage per second you inflict upon the enemy. Here too, M416 wins. Therefore, while shooting with M416, you are tended to cause the enemy greater damage. Scar L lags here too.
  3. Appearance In Maps: When it comes to maps, it is important to note which gun appears where. This will strategize your gaming better. It is to be noted here that M416 appears on all four maps. Be it Erangle, Miramar, Sanhok, and Vikendi, M416 finds it everywhere. But Scar L does not appear in Sanhok and Vikendi.
  4. Iron Sighting: The clearer it is the better you’ll shoot. The iron sighting of M416 is better and more clear. But, for Scar L, it covers a part of it. Hence M416 is the winner here too.

Scar L Vs M416: The Decision

Considering the above points, it is clear that M416 is the clear winner. Where both of them stand similar in most of the areas, still M416 wins. The reason being the firing rate. This is the most crucial part of an assault weapon. It can decide between winning and losing in the game. Hence, in my opinion, M416 is the clear winner!

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