Bolt Action Rifle in BGMI

In Battle royal games, there are many different types of weapons that are used to eliminate the enemy teams. Some are auto guns which are hard to control the recoils which makes it harder to aim while firing. Bolt action weapons are mostly used because it is more accurate and has lesser recoils in comparison to other types of guns. Sniper rifles are mostly used to finish the long-distance enemy.

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In BGMI/PUBG there are Two types of Rifles:

  • Bolt Action Rifles
  • DMR (Designated Marksman Rifle which is mostly known as DMR in short.)

Many weapons are used in the battle royal game to play and finish the enemy team, There are around 9 categories of weapons available in PUBG but today we will cover the bolt action rifle which is mostly used to finish the long-range enemy team.

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What do you mean by Bolt Action Rifle?

A bolt action rifle is a manual type of weapon which mostly fires a single bullet at a time which usually contains a bolt to load the ammo in the chamber, we have to load the ammunition manually in the chamber by using a bolt. The Bolt action rifle contains fewer parts which makes the weapon more accurate and faster.

Bolt Action Rifle in BGMI:

There are currently in total five bolt action rifles in the game Battlegrounds Mobile India right now in which some of the weapons are rare and some can be easily found in the ground.

1. AWM:

AWM gives the highest damage in a single fire in the game but it is only available in the airdrop loot and the ammunition is also limited which is not available in the ground loot. AWM makes the player a bit overpowered.

  • Damage rate: 105
  • Ammo type: .300 Magnum
  • Fire rate: 1.85 sec
  • Range: 100-1000

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2. M24:

M24 is the second-best rifle in the game as it is available in the ground loot as well as in airdrop loot but the airdrop M24 rifle has less Fire rate which helps the player to finish the enemy player faster.

  • Damage rate – 75
  • Ammo type – 7.62 mm
  • Fire rate – 0.09 s
  • Range – 100-1000

3. Kar98:

Kar98 is one of the most liked rifles in the game, whenever you find the gun on the ground once you always suggest to your teammate if they want the gun or not. It is only available in the ground loot and all the maps.

  • Damage rate- 75
  • Ammo type- 7.62 mm
  • Fire rate- 1.85 sec
  • Range- 100-1000

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4. Mosin Nagant:

Mosin Nagant is recently added to the game and becoming popular day by day. This gun is used in real-life war, which makes the weapon more popular. Indian player’s usually call the gun by the name Moose.

  • Damage rate – 75
  • Ammo type – 7.62 mm
  • Fire rate – 1.86
  • Range – 100-1000

5. Win94:

Win94 is one of the oldest bolt rifles which was available in the game but recently developer added the inbuilt scope in it which is not available in the older version of win94 and win94 is the only weapon that contains the inbuilt scope. Win98 is not available on all the maps and is usually played in the early game.

  • Damage rate – 66
  • Ammo type – .45 ACP
  • Fire rate – 0.6s
  • Range – 100-1000

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Scopes and Attachments used in Bolt Action Rifles:

  • You can add any scope in Bolt action rifle except in Win94 as it contains the inbuilt scope, but most players prefer using 4x,6x and 8x scope.
  • There are many attachments available in the ground loot which you can add in the rifle like sight, Muzzle, Magazine, Stock to make the gun more accurate and powerful according to your preference.

In PUBG you can carry in total four weapons at a time in which two weapons are the main one which is usually carried and one is for pistol and one is for melee weapons. To get used to any weapons you have to practice and in BGMI also there is a training ground in which you can try out all the weapons you want.

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