PUBG Gun has the Most Damage

As there are so many varieties in the Gun section, people mostly choose a well-balanced gun first, because they go for the overall stats.  Now in the case of the shot-guns, the guns are very aggressive and brute but they can only work at a small range, these guns do not work in medium and high ranges. Shotguns can also knock enemies in just one shot but they are not very dynamic, they take time to reload after one shot, which is not that good in close battles. Similarly, Snipers are also a good option to gain damage at an instant, but here we are talking about the overall stats that could be helpful and long, short, and medium-ranged fights. Snipers reloading time is very slow and the rate of fire is slow too. So in today’s topic, we are going to find out the most damaged weapon in the Pubg game in the Assault Rifle section.

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Most Damage causing PUBG Guns:



AKM is known for the highest single-shot damage of all the Assault rifles inside the game. This gun is the choice of many pros as the damage and rate of fire of this gun is OP. AKM two single bullet headshots can knock anyone down who is not using a level 3 helmet.  So it can be used as an alternative to Sniper guns in single-shot mode.

AKM is a very good choice for the pros but for the new players, it is not, as the damage and rate of fire are pretty decent, the recoil is very hard to control and it could only be controlled by a lot and a lot of practice. So it is good but not the perfect choice to rely on.

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M416 is another gun that is also preferred by the pros the most as it is overall well-balanced. It can be used in short and long-ranged fights, and with the help of proper attachments, this gun is a beast. It is also the best choice for the new players as its damage and rate of fire is average but its recoil is also controllable even if you have no experience in the game.

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M762 (Beryl):


Beryl is also the love of many pros and is admired by most of the players. It is also called a second alternative to the AKM. Its damage per shot is slightly less than the AKM but its rate of fire is faster than the AKM which makes the overall damage per second more than the AKM. It is the most deadly weapon in close range as it has a very high rate of fire and it can kills enemies in very less time if aimed well. But even the pro players fear its recoil as it has a faster rate of fire, the recoil of the gun is also higher than the other guns.

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Groza is another participant in the top AR Gun list. Groza has base damage similar to AKM and its fire rate is similar to M762, which makes the Damage per second of the Groza highest of all the Assault Rifles. So if the damage per second is higher than other guns in the category, it also takes less time to kill a person than the other weapons. Groza is a rare gun that could only be found in Normal Drops and Flare Drops. Its recoil is also pretty smooth and could be easily controllable when playing in suitable settings.

There are many other guns also preferred by the Pros like Uzi and Vector, but these do not fall under the category of AR’s that is why we have not included these SMG. Also, the one-shot damage of these guns is pretty low but they are a beast too when it comes to the rate of fire, as their rate of fire is too high. The only loss is that they do not have much ammo hold without extended magazine and their bullet spread is a lot.

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So, overall my favorite gun is Groza. I know it is a rare gun and you cannot always find it inside the game but it is overall a perfect gun in terms of one-shot damage, damage per second, rate of fire, and recoil. It is also easy to control the recoil for the new players with some recoil practice. So it is my preferred choice of gun. What is your preferred choice of Gun and why? Let us know.

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