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When in a battle royale game is not all about skills but also about some other factors that a player needs to consider. Guns are one of the most important factors that lead to the difference in the game. It is quite obvious that anyone can be killed with any kind of gun but to win the game and survive till the end the player would need some of the best guns. Pubg all guns list is given below with a description of how each gun performs and how will it help you to enhance your performance in the game. Guns matter a lot in the game because an opponent having a better gun will always have an upper hand over the player having a lower variant gun. If you ask someone who wants to be the best and professional player in pubg then you need to know pubg all guns and what is the best feature of each. Every gun has its unique purpose and we are going to describe each gun so that you understand where to use which gun and what are some of the best guns in the game. There are more than 40 guns available in pubg and we are going to discuss them all over here so make sure you read till the end and apply the knowledge to become a professional player and beat all your friends to become the chicken dinner winner.

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Which is the Best Gun in Pubg?

Many people come to us asking that which is the best pubg gun. Do you think that there is one particular gun that is the best in the game? Not really. Pubg has more than 40 guns and they all have a unique way of use and purpose. No 1 gun can be a replacement to the other for a particular situation. Hence, there is no best gun overall but there are several guns that you can use in different situations to become a better player and defeat your enemies. For instance, you can use a gun for short-range to defeat the enemy and this will be better than a good long-range gun. It simply means that the best gun depends on the situation you are in then and there is the best gun for every situation. Therefore, we are not just going to describe the guns available in the pubg all gun list but also discuss the scenarios where they best serve the purpose. So let’s have a quick look at how the guns can help you to get an edge over the enemies and become the winner of chicken dinner in all pub games. Following are the top guns that you should consider and adopt while playing player underground battleground. So be patient and read through all the pubg guns list and their features to find out the best gun for a particular situation in the game.

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Pubg All Guns: Best Guns to Pick and Play:

1. G36C:


The first gun that we are going to discuss is the g36c pubg gun. This is a type of assault rifle that is exclusively available on the kendi map. Vikendi map was one of the recent maps that were launched in the game and it had some newer placements. The previous assault rifle with that Scar-L was replaced with g36c. It was a part of a test server update of pubg. The gun is useful for the enemy that is at a distance as well as for closer encounters. The heat damage count of the Ganesh 41 and the bullet speed is 870 metres per second. However, after testing the gun we found that g36c has a lower damage count than its replacement gun in pubg which is M416.

2. Kar98:


Kar98 is one of the best sniper rifles available in pubs. The gun helps to sneak peek and gave a headshot to people at a long distance along with the scope. The only downside of car 98 is that it is quite slow and you can miss the enemy if he or she is running. The gun is best combined with high-range scopes like 6 and 8X. This is particularly best in situations when you are hiding at a safe location and you can I am to a distant place and simply give a headshot to the enemy. Most of the enemies are dead with one headshot of Kar98 unless they are wearing a level 3 helmet. It is used with 7.62 mm ammo. The gun is also widely available in airdrops. One of my favorite experiences of using kar98 is when we see a drop. We can simply sit at a distance and use this gun to give a headshot to the enemy who has come to pick the items from the AirDrop.

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3. M416:


M416 is an assault rifle that is one of the leading guns in pubg. It is not only one of the first guns that were introduced with pubg, but also a favorite kind of most Pro players. There are many automatic rifles available in the game but M416 stands out of the crowd with one of the largest fan bases. It Scar-L. The gun uses 5.56 mm ammo. The gun is equally good for close and long-distance counters. The player has to keep in mind that good scope is required to encounter in a given scenario. The gun can be combined with any level of scope and even night vision and red dot. We highly recommend players to use this assault rifle because it has one of the highest fan bases and the automatic mode is great because of its low recoil and high fire rate.

4. Aug A3:

Aug A3

This is another type of assault rifle that is found in the game. It is a special assault rifle because it is found only in the airdrop of the game. Hence, it is a kind of rare pubg all gun. The hit damage rate of this gun is 41 and the initial bullet speed is somewhere around 940 metres per second. It is a great gun and it uses 5.56 mm ammo which is similar to its peers like M416. It is a universal drop weapon and one great thing about the gun is its exceptional handling and High muzzle velocity. It has a slightly more curved trajectory and an increased drag coefficient in comparison to other 5.6 mm guns. One of the major drawbacks of this particular gun is that it has a relatively slow time. It takes around 3 seconds to reload and this makes quick withdrawal magazine vital. The gun requires es compensator and foreign grip to add additional stability.

5. Qbz 95:

Qbz 95

Qbz 95 is an exclusive shock map assault rifle. The gun uses 5.6 mm ammo and has a head damage rate of 41 which is quite similar to other assault rifles available in the game. However, the initial bullet damage speed is 870 metres per second and it can be used in both auto and single-mode. We recommend using the gun in auto mode because it takes lesser time to kill the enemy and there is no chance that you can kill an enemy better with a single-mode and tell you are a pro headshot player. Most people use the gun and auto mode to have the best shot. Quiz is an average assault rifle but it is great for a map because it comes as a replacement for Scar-L.

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6. M762:


M762 and akm are kind of similar guns. It is a tough choice to make between the two 7.62 mm guns in pubg. Most Pro players told us that m762 stands out as a winner because of the low recoil and high damage and high rate of 5 compared to arm. Also, hiring damage per second is better than the peer. However, Airtel is hard to handle the gun because of lower rail items and it requires more grip to fix that. It is a common gun and is available widely like any other gun and is not specific to airdrops. It is best for medium and long-distance 5 because the level of recoil is lower compared to other 7.62 guns.

7. DBS Shotgun:

DBS Shotgun

This is one of the double-barrel pump-action shotguns that can be found in the care package of the battleground game. The head damage rate of the shotgun is 26 and can be used only in a single mode. It uses 12 gauge ammo and the magazine size is 14. We do not recommend players to use a shotgun in regular games until and unless they are excellent in headshot and aiming. Shotguns usually have very high recoil and reload time that makes it extremely difficult for a beginner-level player to handle. It is suitable for only those people who have a good aim in the game and DBS so far is the best shotgun. It should only be used in close encounters where the fight can and quickly and with one shot.

8. Groza gun:

Groza gun

Groza is one of the top pubs All guns. This is one of the best assault rifles is available in the game and it has the second-highest damage and the second-highest rate of fire in the game. The gun can only be found in the address and you will be lucky if you find one in a particular game. It is better than other guns like AKM and m762. The reason is that it has a very high rate of damage. It can be used for both short and long-distance encounters. One of the only drawbacks of the gun is that you cannot use a foregrip. It has 3 seconds of recoil time. You can attach all kinds of scopes to this gun.

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9. P90:


p90 is a submachine gun that comes with a standard 50 round magazine, laser, and silencer. This submachine gun is dual optics and allows quick switching between close and mid-range encounters. It uses 5.7 mm ammo and is widely popular as an airdrop SMG gun. The small gun can be used in close encounters only and we do not recommend using the gun in long run. It should only be used where you did not find any other alternative. The reason is that SMG guns have lesser power compared to assault rifles and it has a low damage rate compared to any other assault.

10. Qbu:


This is another DMR type weapon that is available exclusively for the shock map and is a replacement of money 14 in the normal maps of pubg. Being all over the variant gun, it has low heat damage of 48 but a very high initial bullet speed of 945 ms. It has a semi-auto firing mode and it can be used for short distances. We recommend using this gun for short distances and it has a low recoil rate.

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11. MK14 Pubg:


This is similar to SKS. It has a high rate of damage compared to the other variant of guns and also has very high recoil. One of the major plus points of this gun is that it is fully automatic and you can switch between semi and fully automatic. You should note that this is a type of airdrop weapon and is only available in an airdrop. The gun uses a 7.62 mm bullet and we recommend using this gun only when you have a suspenser and grip. The reason is that the high recoil value of this gun makes it extremely difficult for the player to shoot enemies at a distance.

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12. M249 Pubg:


This is a type of rare machine gun that is available only in drops in pubg. It has one of the highest fire rates in the game in all segments. The garden has a magazine size of 100 bullets and can be fired in seconds because it has a high fire rate of 0.075s. This makes it a full-fledged machine gun that can be used to knock down any means both at close and medium distance. It is particularly great when you have to shoot animals from a car that is moving. The low recoil and high fire speed make it suitable to be used in situations when you are chasing the enemy from a car.

13. P1911:


This is a type still available in the game and can be used as a sidearm during pubg. It is not a great choice as a gun because you cannot compete with someone who is having a full-fledged sniper or assault rifle and you have a pistol in your hand. Rather, the pistol should be typically used as a sidearm and should be used when you are switching between guns when the ammo is over in an encounter. Pistols are very useful for headshots when you are running low on ammo for the guns. This gan was originally designed by John Moses Browning and was used by many special forces around the world. Its design was later incorporated as a pub all-game collection.

14. R1895:


This is another type of seven-shot revolver that is used in the game as a pistol. It has or had a damaged rate of 64 and an initial bullet speed of 330 ms. It is typically good as any other bullet gun but has a high recoil rate. It should also be used only in situations when you are running low on ham offer other guns because its firing mode is single and does not have a very high damage rate.

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15. Mini 14 pubg:

Mini 14

The first impression of mini 14 is that it is a gun that is weak with a slow fire rate and low damage. However, it is a combination of a rifle and a Sniper because it is typically used for longer distances is because of its low recoil. The weapon is used only in n single-mode and does not come with automatic mode. The weapon can be extremely helpful in long-distance firing when you have good scope and right aiming skills. It uses 5.56 mm ammo and is suitable for people who have not found a Sniper in the game. Therefore, if you have already found the Sniper like the ones we have previously discussed in this post then you should probably go for those. This can be an option because of its bigger magazine size and long-distance firing.

16. M24 Pubg:


M24 is one of the finest snipers available in the pubg all gun list. The Sniper is typically used with 7.62 mm and is used for long-range firing. It is available on most maps. An upgraded version of this weapon is available specifically on the live map. It has a high damage forehead rate than other assault rifles it has a base damage rate of 79 points which is enough to knock down a player with a level 2 helmet. It is best combined with a 6x and 8X scope to knock players at a distance. However, one drawback of this weapon is that it cannot be pierced through a level 3 helmet.

17. S12K:


This is yet another shotgun in the pubg all gun list but it comes with slightly low power. It has of bigger magazine size than any other shotgun but has very high recoil. This is one of the best shotguns given its magazine size and faster reload time. However, one should use this gun only when he has good aim. The reason is single mode. It uses 12 gauge ammo. Use this gun only when you do not have any other alternative in rifles and snipers because it has a low acceptance ratio among top players.

18. Awm pubg:


This is considered one of the best weapons in the game and is considered as a sniping monster that can even Pierce through a level 3 helmet. This is a favorite gun of all the top-tier pub players in the country. It has the highest damage rate of 100 and it doesn’t have a very long recoil time like other snippers. This gun can be found exclusively in airdrops. It is difficult to get this gun in the game but taking the risk to get one is completely worth it because it is one of the best and best guns. You can simply hide in a safe place and knockdown enemies with one headshot. Most of the pro pubg players keep hunting and do not settle until they find this gun for Sniper in the game.

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19. S686:


This is yet another double-barrel shotgun that leaves the very little scope of Survival when fired from a short range. It is a typical shortcut that can be used from close range to knock down enemies since it has an option to fire two bullets before you need to reload the gun. It is a good gun but has a very low magazine size. The slow rate of load time makes it unsuitable for beginners. The gun is only good when you do not have any other option and you have great aiming skills.

20. P18c:


This is particularly one pistol that is used only when there is no other option left in the game. It is widely available and has an auto-firing mode and decent magazine size but it has a very low damage per hit and nobody likes it. We do not recommend using this pistol even as a sidearm because there are other options widely available in the game as a sidearm. We do not find it suitable for even beginners and mid-level players.

21. S1897:


This is yet another shotgun available in pubg and is widely popular because of its initial bullet speed. Like any other shotgun, this is also good for short-range encounters.

22. VSS Pubg:


This is a sniper weapon that has rare spawning. The gun comes with an inbuilt scope which helps you to look and shoot enemies at a distance. However, it is not at all-powerful and cannot even Pierce through a level 1 helmet. It is better for low and mid-range. The gun is not recommended because it does not have high power and is not a good option as a sniper and also as an assault rifle. The maximum effective range is 400 m with the most efficient performance at 200 m. The gun uses subsonic I always have very low velocity and Hai drops and therefore cannot be used for distance marking both standing and crouching targets. Therefore, we recommend you to not use this gun until and unless you do not have any other option.

23. SMG:


This is a category of a gun in pubg that has several options. Uzi, Bizon, UMP45 are top SMGs in pubg. These are great weapons for short-distance firing and are widely available in the game. It can be a great alternative to assault rifles if they are not available and you are running low on ammo. They also have a very high fire rate which makes them extremely easy to use in automatic mode and conveniently kill the enemies. Uzi has the fastest rate of fire in this pub all gun list. Different types of SMG use different types of ammo. It is highly recommended to use this alongside an assault rifle in the game for the long run to become a pro player.

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24. Deagle:


This is a semi-automatic handgun that can be used as a sidearm in pubg. It is a good pistol because it can crush the enemy wherein a level 3 helmet in just two or three shots. It has a height damage rate of 62. This can be a great pistol for short-distance firing and is typically one of the best in the pub. we recommend using this gun over other pistols available in the player underground battleground because of its high rate of damage to the enemies. It is a great weapon for the 100 m range. The gun can help you when your ammo is running low for the main gun or when you have to reload your gun amidst a fight.

25. Tommy Gun:

Tommy Gun

This is a submachine gun available in pubg. This is one of the best guns in pubg for low and mid-range wiring because it has a high damage rate of 40 and an initial bullet speed of 280 ms. One good thing about the gun is that it can be a good weapon when used in an automatic mode and cause a lot of damage to the enemy when at the right angle. This is one of the best side guns that you can use alongside a powerful Sniper or assault rifle. This can be a better option than SMGs. However, the only limitation of this weapon is that there is a limitation to the use of scopes. The load time is also on the lower side and this makes it suitable for being used as a vintage submachine gun that deals with most out of the SMGs. The gun has high recoil and this is another downside that you might note. Overall, it is a great gun and can be easily used in place of smgs. It uses 0.45 cp ammo.

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26. UMP45:


This is another universal machine pistol and submachine gun available in pubs. It is a great alternative to other submachine guns and has a high initial bullet speed of 360 MS. The damage is also slightly higher compared to Tommy. It stands at 41. Many pubs players are confused between ump45 and Tommy. If we go by the specifications, ump45 stands out on paper because of its high specification. The gun has lower recoil than Tommy. It can be great and lethal equipment for side use and short-range combat. This also uses 0.45 cp ammo. You can use both foregrip and compensator with this gun to lower the recoil which is already on the lower side.

27. Bizon:


Bizon is a submachine gun that is one of the oldest available in the game and is available in two maps namely, orange and vikendi. It uses 9mm ammo and comes with full automatic mode and accurate sparing in close range. The gun has a lower hit rate compared to other submachine guns that are mentioned above in the pubg All guns list. This gun is widely available in the game and you should use it only when you do not have other submachine guns available. In the entire submachine gun range, we recommend Tom in the most followed by ump45. These guns are typically used for low-range combat and can be useful when enemies are located close and you have a good aim. The fully automatic mode helps the beginners to learn how to aim since in close combat faster firing can help you survive.

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28. SKS:


SKS is a marksman rifle that which is somewhere between a typical assault rifle and a sniper rifle. It is typically used for medium-range combat. It can also be a great close counter combat weapon if the player is able to handle the devastating stopping power of the weapon. Not effective for long-distance combat because it lacks the precision of a typical sniper rifle. You can add a lot of attachments to the sniper rifle to make it more convenient for your combat. There are little to no downside to this weapon however the standard capacity is only 10 rounds. Therefore, it should be used by players with high precision. One key benefit of a player who has an opponent having this sniper rifle is that you can count 10 shots and advance on the enemy because he or she will need to reload the gun and the loud sound makes it quite evident for a player to recognize when the reload time arrives.

29. AKM:


This is typically one of the best assault rifles that you can find in player underground battleground mobile. It is one of the top guns in our pubg all guns list. It uses a 7.62 mm bullet and has a high damage rate of 49 and a decent rate of fire that stands at 68. The standard magazine size of the gun is 30 bullets but it can be increased. One potential downside to this amazing assault rifle is that it has very high recoil. It is almost impossible to use the gun for long-distance combat along with the scope due to low precision and high recoil. The user must use a grip alongside the gun to make it handier. If you are someone who loves automatic guns in the game, AKM can be a full-pack powerhouse for you. The gum is used by most professional players in pubg. It is a great addition to your arms alongside a gun which is of 5.56 mm. Also, professional players love the combination of an assault rifle and sniper. Therefore, if you get the opportunity to own this gun as well as AWM, you almost won the game because of the best combo that you have.

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30. Win94:


This is a medium-range Sniper rifle in the game and can also be used because of its high damage rate and automatic 2.7 X scope. The gun comes with an added advantage of fastest to reach am bring time among other action sniper rifles. It was considered as one of the worst weapons because of the inbuilt score. It is now more viable as a weapon because of the recent updates. The damage rate is 66. It is still one of the weakest guns and we do not suggest using this gun at all because it is on the list of thrash weapons in most professional players. However, if you do not have any other option you can use this gun and kill an enemy with 1 headshot on a level 1 helmet. The rate of fire is also enough to give a second round of short every enemy does not die in one headshot.

31. R45:


This is a pistol in pubg that is typically available for the Miramar map. It is a replacement for R1895. It is a six-shooter pistol which is recommended as a side-arm like any other pistol. This pistol has similar specifications to any other one. It has a hit damage rate of 65 and an initial bullet speed of 330 m per second. It is a powerful revolver for the Miramar map. You can use a suppressor or a red dot instead which gives you a clear sight of the enemy. The gun can be only used in short-range combat.

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32. Dp28:


This is another amazing light machine gun that is used in the player underground battleground. It is typically one of the best machine guns in the game and all the professional players love it because of the head damage rate of 52 and initial bullet speed of 840 metre per second. It is one of the most stable guns even without a suppressor and grip. It is a tough choice between AKM and DP28. The gun is a little slow because of the high reload time as it has a disc kind of a read load structure which takes time. However, if we skip the slow part, it has a very high rate of damage and is typically good for medium to long-range damage. If you are someone who loves a low recoil gun and want to hit long-range with the use of scope with an assault rifle, then this is the perfect choice for you. The gun has precise shots against distant targets and it makes it very comfortable for professional players to fall in love with it.

33. Mk47 pubg:


This is another assault rifle in our list of pubg all guns. The gun has a hit damage rate of 49 which is similar to AKM. But the initial bullet speed is higher compared to the previous one and stands at 780 metre per second. It has higher base damage and great velocity compared to all other assault rifles using 7.62 mm ammo. It is typically suitable for long-distance combat and has a medium recoil range. The only downside is that it lacks a fully automatic mode and it is difficult for close-quarter engagements. We highly recommend players to use this gun in combat and it is a great assault rifle. One major downside of this weapon is that it is really available in the game and mostly found in air-drops. So if you want another gun on your list from the top pubg players, Mk47 will obviously be a part of it. It bridges the gap between a typical assault rifle and DMR. However, the lack of fully automatic mode makes it less convenient for professional players to use at in low-range combat and this is the reason why they prefer using this gun with a close-range gun.

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Conclusion on Choosing the best Pubg Gun:

We hope that you loved this article where we have discussed all pubg All guns. We have almost covered all the guns that are available in the game and it can be very helpful for players who are willing to understand everything written in detail above. You can become a professional pubg player if you understand all about the weapons available in the game and what weapon to use in what situation. So if you are willing to learn and become a professional player, we are a one-stop solution and you must read all articles in order to understand all about pubg. We will keep you updated with all types of new weapons that are added to the game and also tell you how to use them and when to use. These are typically some of the small and at the same time big things that matter when you play a game. So make sure that you save this article and come back to our blog to read more about pubg. We regularly share all the details and updates related to the game. This article was very well researched and written for you to understand about what each gun can do for you. Should be updated with the latest pubg news and hacks with us.

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