Find Crossbow in PUBG

There are different types of weapons available inside the Pubg game. Some fires continuously, other fires per shot. There is more difference based on damage also, some of the weapons deal more damage than the others. But the thing is that every weapon makes a loud noise in the game when firing. Be it AKM, AWM, or VSS. Every weapon inside the game makes noise except one. The noise is by the way is not a big issue in the game because it can be reduced with the use of silencers. But the major concern about the noise is that it can help opponents to detect your location inside the game. When a player is firing from a certain direction, his position is revealed on the map and he will no longer be able to hide or he needs to change his location.

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So the majority of the weapons are very loud and noisy, even with the use of silencers. But there is one weapon available inside the game, who is a ninja in terms of sound and makes absolutely No Sound. This weapon is called ” Crossbow”.

What is a Crossbow?

Crossbow is a very deadly weapon and we can call it the ” Silent Killer”. Crossbow is an advanced version of Bow and Arrow, which is quite stable and can be used easily. It is a short to medium ranged weapon that deals very high damage to the enemies. An unarmoured enemy could be killed by a Crossbow in just one Headshot.

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The Crossbows are randomly spread on a map and it is not so difficult to find an X-bow on a Map. It could be mostly found on the containers and south buildings of Georgopol and places like The Villa, which is safer than the others.

Crossbow in PUBG

Crossbow is a very great topic in terms of Pubg as most of the gamers usually ignore it and do not even talk about it. It might be the most unused weapon inside the game. There are many reasons for players not choosing the crossbow as their life-saving weapon but let’s start the journey with some positive notes.

Benefits of using a Crossbow:

The crossbow is the most silent weapon inside the game. It does not make any noise that could be heard Or located. Even on the Map, the location of the Crossbow fire cannot be located as it is completely silent as a Flying Owl.

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Crossbow has huge potential damage, it can instantly kill a person with just a single arrow only if the person is not protected by any armor or shield and is head-shotted. Its hot damage is 105. It can even knock down players using level 2 Helmets if the position is correct and also it can painfully damage a person using a level 2 Helmet too.

Even in difficult situations when enemies are nearby you can use a Crossbow to bend them on their knees and they won’t be able to find out, the location of the shot coming from. And the best part is that the missed shot cannot be heard at all.

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So these were some of the coolest things about Crossbow which makes it a unique weapon in itself. But it is the most neglected weapon as well, let’s look at that part too.

  1. Crossbows are slower than the turtle. Its reloading time is way too much, you cannot rely on a Crossbow, even in one vs one single fight.
  2. The stability of the Crossbow is very hard to master as the target will be always moving, so it will be very difficult to target the Crossbow in a Particular direction.
  3. The best distance it can cover is up to 400 meters only and also the Arrow drop is significantly very much. If an enemy is beyond 50 meters, you will need to aim a little higher to get the headshot of your target.
  4. Crossbows are mostly used in starting or ending fights as his damage and silencing ability will help you pierce some heads without even revealing your location on the map.

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Crossbow has a very good potential of killing and it is a very deadly weapon also, but it needs a perfect aim and perfect player who can handle its drawbacks and can use it for his benefit.

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