Find a Ghillie Suit in PUBG

Pubg is a combination of intense battle and strategic gameplay. To grab the chicken dinner, you need to plan a strategy at the moment and act accordingly. For the action part, you have loads of weapons, grenades, and Molotov, to feed your killing desire, but sometimes the tides are against you and you need to make a strategy before going in Action mode. The strategy part also has many components like Ice walls, shields, web shooter(in new update), smoke grenades, stun grenades, and for the ultimate camouflage, Ghillie suit. With the help of all these components, a player can set up a good strategy and can play passively too.

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Ghilli suit is one of the rare items in the game which is only available in the airdrops. There are many more advantages of the Ghillie suit in the game and many pro players use this suit when they are out of options or when they do not want to disclose their position and to keep an eye on enemies’ movements. Let’s explore further the use and advantages of the Ghillie suit.

Ghillie Suit:

Ghillie Suit

A Ghillie suit is a special type of costume designed specifically for camouflage. The quality of the material used in the making of the Ghillie Suit is top-notch, it allows the user to conceal his character from the outer world almost perfectly in the game. In the real world, there are thermal detectors available to find the Ghillie users but to our luck, there is no such thing as a thermal detector so we do not have to worry about it. It is one of the rare items too as it is only available in the airdrops.

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The Ghillie suits are specially designed to match with the background environment such as Grass, Snow, and Sand. It helps the player to blend in with the background completely.

There is also a drawback of using a Ghillie suit is that it does not help you hide properly with a gun in your back, as it stays out of the suit or deforms the shape of the suit. So it is recommended to drop all the items which are carried on the back portion of the character. Some pros even recommend dropping their backpacks through the Ghillie Suit covers it properly.

There are 3 different variants of the Ghillie Suit set up according to the difference in terrain. There are three maps different varieties of maps which include Arctic, Woodland, and Sand regions, so the variants are also made accordingly to conceal the identity in these three specific terrains.

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Arctic region:

The Arctic region is mostly covered with snow and it features a white color scheme to match the theme of the region. The setup is made to replicate the sub-zero temperature and to give a sense of snowy regions. This particular theme is available only in Vikendi Map. So the Ghillie Suit found in this region is White Snowy colored.

Woodland region:

As the name suggests Woodland region is set up to give a wild sense of the jungle or the forest area. The color scheme used in this terrain is green for the feel of a jungle. This kind of region is mostly seen in Sanhok Map but the Erangel Map also has some of the greener portion leaving the larger buildings part aside. So the Ghillie Suit found in these regions is Green colored.

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Desert region:

In the desert region, the elements of sand and sandstorms are particularly used to match the vibe of heating Deserts. The color scheme used in this kind of terrain is Brown/khaki colored matching with the color of the background. This kind of region is depicted only in Miramar. So the Ghillie Suit found in this region is a combination of  Brown and Khakhi colors.

Ghillie suits are only available in Airdrops and nowhere else. If you find it spawning anywhere else rather than the drops, then you can try scratching lotteries that day. The chances of Ghillie suits are more in Red Air Drops or Normal Air Drops rather than the Yellow Air Drops or Flare Drops.

The main function of the Ghillie suit is that it can provide you with an additional stealth mode on the game. This is mainly used to go invisible in the game or at least unnoticeable.

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The Ghillie suit does not provide any armor or protection from the damage dealt. It is the best outfit for snipers to mix themselves with the background and to start Snipe Hunting the enemies. The Pubg game also provides training on using the Ghillie suit in the Cheer Park. You can visit Cheer Park and can find the Ghillie Suit location and try playing with these outfits. These are the most Special and key components of the game which makes the game even more unique and realistic like a battlefield.

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