Pubg EMT Gear

The Player underground battleground keeps coming up with new elements and gears in the game to keep the players engaged and excited. The recent update has brought Pubg Emt Gear. There are many items that are added and removed from the game regularly in order to keep the gameplay exciting and new. The latest addition to the pubg game has been celebrated by many players since this is a unique gear and the benefits of this are for everyone and not just the team member who has got the gear. We are going to discuss this new pubg Emt Gear in this article and understand how it is going to be used and what are the benefits of using this tool. It is now available for all the maps across the devices and it is exciting news for players who want to remain updated with the new addition and subtraction from the pubg game. To stay updated about the use of this year and what are the benefits of it, read the complete article.

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What are the benefits of Pubg Emt Gear?

Emt Bag

The latest item that has been added to the game now protects not only you but also your team members. It is a first-of-its-kind tool that is not only effective for the team member who has received it but for the entire team. This is similar to a medical kit and can be picked up by any player in the game subjected to availability. This medical kit turns the player into a soldier and the player can use the kit to kill himself within 3 seconds. Similarly, the EMT Gear also helps you to heal any team member who is in close proximity to you and also revive a team member completely within 3 seconds without being near him. This is a complete game-changer because it can be very fruitful for a team that is in close combat situations. Sometimes the zone is so close and there is no place to hide and everyone is lying in the grass, it might be so that your team member gets hit by someone in the grass and you cannot go and heal the member because you might also get ahead.

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The pubg Emt Gear plays the perfect role in this situation and helps you to heal the team member without getting closer to him. You can either revive the team member completely or even boost his health if they are not having any medical or health kit. Hence, any team member having anyone kit will help increase the chances of winning the game. The only limitation of using this new tool is that it is too heavy. It means that it will take a lot of space in your bag and you have to sacrifice some equipment in your bag in order to accommodate this heavy item. However, it is totally worth the space because, in the final moments of the game, the EMT Gear is one of the most useful pieces of equipment after the gun. One more limitation of this equipment is that it is used only when you are within the safe zone.

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How to use EMT Gear in Pubg?

This is a simple piece of equipment and you can understand the way of using it just by tapping on the icon in the game. However, we have attached the controls that you can use as shortcuts for enabling this gear.

It is easy to use the new equipment in pubg and once you have activated the gear, it will transform you into a medical Soldier. You will now have the power of choosing any of the benefits of this weapon. You can either boost your help with three seconds or revive a team member who is close proximity to you and within the safe zone. Overall, we found the new edition of the game extremely helpful in the player underground battleground. It is better than a medical kit and the injection that is currently available in the game. The equipment will be a game-changer for the final count of in the game when the zone is very close and you are not able to go in front of your team members to heal them.

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