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Pubg contains a variety of firearms and grenades. The firearms provide the firepower necessary to take down enemies in a frontal fight. The firearms are used in a very calculated manner by the pros, to save the bullets and kill the enemy with more efficiency. But the grenades are a very tactical approach towards enemies, there are many varieties in the grenades and bombs that are used for various purposes in the game. Some are used as camouflage, and some provide the necessary blast in the boring game. Let’s check the varieties in the grenades and have a look at their various functions in the game.

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Let’s look at how many grenades are available in the game:

  1. Frag Grenade
  2. Molotov
  3. Smoke Grenade
  4. Stun Grenade

Number 1, 2, and 3 are mostly used by the pro players and we could see the pros using these Grenades in almost every game, but the Stun Grenade is very less used Grenade in all of these explosives. Let’s go through the top three first and then we will talk about the Stun Grenade.

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Stun Grenades in PUBG Mobile

1. Frag Grenade

A frag Grenade is a bomb filled with explosives. Its work is to create “crates” of the enemies. It deals area damage that can kill a fully protected level 3 geared person if it is very near to the Grenade location. The Grenade damage works based on location. If it is near you, even level 3 could not help you out. And if you are not so near to the Grenade, even level 1 or no protective gear is needed. Grenade also has a launch time is of 6-7 seconds, in which you have to Aim and Throw. Most pro’s first cook (pulling the pin and keeping in hand) the grenade and then throw it in their desired location so enemies do not have much time to run. In the case of Frag Grenades, if cooked perfectly, enemies die instantly.

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2. Molotov

Molotov is another explosive whose damage stays for a longer time. The Molotov is a Glass bottle filled with some spirit or petrol which is used to burn down enemies and give more painful death. When Molotov is thrown it splashes the fire on the liquid and deals an area of damage. Any player under the area will receive severe burns and loss of health, but will not die immediately like the Frag Grenade. But the damage of Molotov is too high and it can knock you down in just a couple of seconds if you do not run far away from it instantly.

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3. Smoke Grenade

A smoke Grenade is a defensive grenade than an attacking grenade. Frag Grenade and Molotov are in the attacking category. Smoke Grenade working is to provide camouflage from the enemies, or for distraction. When a Smoke Grenade is used it works as a smokescreen in which nothing could be seen in the dark thick white clouds. Pro players use this for blocking opponents’ vision and moving towards their target. Many players use more Smoke Grenades as they come very handy in tough fights and help the pros in hiding for a better strategy.

Now we have talked about the most used Grenades and explosives now let’s look at how to utilize Stun Grenade.

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4. Stun Grenade

Stun Grenade needs the most of the techniques and efforts and a single mistake could cost you your life in the game. The basic function of Stun Grenade is to stun the enemies, which means the enemies lose their senses of seeing and hearing for a couple of seconds and then come back to the senses in the game.

Stun Grenades’ main purpose is to rush while the enemies are stunned and kill them. But you cannot always rely on the stun grenade, here are some tips on when to use Stun Grenades the most:

  • When rushing into a building, you might be able to locate the best possible hideout of the enemies, use Stun Grenade that time and Rush towards them, but don’t just rely on your instincts, rely on your skills too.
  • When the enemy squad is rushing you can also use Stun Grenade, to stun the enemies, next choice is yours to go all out and kill or to look for a better position and wait.
  • Some pros use Stun Grenade as mocking other players and stun their enemies and go behind their back. Due to the effect of the stun, enemies did not notice any movement or sound. Then pro players kill their enemies by humiliating them. You can try it for fun but the joke could go either way. Be careful, play responsibly.

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