SMG In PUBG Mobile

PUBG is famous for its weaponry. It offers a whole lot of weapons to its players. Using these weapons technically and rationally you can win the game. Guns are one of the most beloved weapons of PUBG players. Guns beings handy and effective tend to be more convenient for gamers. One of the categories of guns in PUBG is SMG. In this article, we will take a look into the best SMGs in PUBG.

PUBG offers you about 7 SMGs. Players are often confused to choose the best SMG. Hence, we decided to help you with it. Here you will find an in-depth analysis of the SMGs and dig the best out of them.

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PUBG Mobile: Top 5 SMGs

1. Vector


If you are looking for stability you are at the right place. Vector gives you the stability of 68 making it one of the best SMGs in PUBG. Another plus point of this gun is that it has the highest attachment of all the SMGs. With 5 attachments, this gun has a lot to offer. The ACP ammunition is 45 and the damage is 31. Taking a collective look at all these figures you now know why is this the best SMG in PUBG mobile.

2. Micro UZI

Micro UZI in Pubg


If you are looking for the best SMG in close range UZI is your answer. Why? Because of its firing rate. The firing rate of this SMG can knock out the enemy in seconds. The ammunition is 9mm and the firing rate is 71. This gun in PUBG  can be your best friend because it is so much easy to carry. Its small damage range is its only limitation.

3. UMP 45

UMP 45

Universal Machine Pistol 45 is known for its stability and damage. The damage inflicted by this SMG is only second in the SMG in PUBG Mobile. The only way to make use of the best of this SMG is to use it as a Bullet machine. If you are planning to utilize this SMG as a Snipper you might fail. Hence, be cautious.

4. Tommy Gun

Tommy Gun Pubg


If you are a classic lover this SMG in PUBG mobile is made for you.  With a damage rate just like UMP 45, this gun is very handy when it comes to close combats. its large magazine size will help you in situations where enemies surround you. The drawback being a less firing rate this SMG in PUBG Mobile is not comparable to UMP 45 or Micro UZI.

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5. PP-19 Bizon

PP-19 Bizon Pubg


A recent addition to the game, not much is known of the potential of this SMG in PUBG mobile. The point to be noted is that it can be found only in Erangle and Vikendi maps.  The plus point of this gun is that it doesn’t create noise while shooting. It is also famous for its wide range.

6. MP5K

MP5K pubg


This gun is only available on the Vikendi map. It is very close to Kriss Vector in capabilities.  This gun has quite a little firing capacity. The magazine size is not applaudable. However, the per bullet damage is quite high. This gun has said to have taken the place of a vector in the Vikendi map.

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These were the top 6 SMG in PUBG mobile according to our calculations.

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