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Loved PUBG? Still miss playing it with your squad?

Well, miss no more as PUBG is back with an exclusive game designed for India, Battlegrounds Mobile India!

After the withdrawal of the most loved PUBG from India, the parent company of PUBG, Krafton, has now come up with Battlegrounds Mobile India, which is set to hook youth to their phones again.

As per the Battleground Mobile India official site, they will start their pre-registration in India from 18th May 2021. There is a huge hype created with the announcement of the Battlegrounds Mobile India Pre-registration date and the youth is anticipating the thrill it will bring. The pre-registration for Battlegrounds Mobile India is set to happen on the Google Play Store and the company has declared there will be specific benefits and rewards awarded to the gamers who will pre-register for the game. These rewards will be launched specifically for the Indian players only. The Battlegrounds Mobile India Playstore Link is set to go live on 18th May, probably around midnight. While the official Battlegrounds Mobile India release date has not been declared yet, it is said to be set around around June 10. The game will also be available as Battleground Mobile India IOS. The game will be free to play and download, similar to PUBG Mobile with in-app purchases.

With the craze it created, PUBG also had faced a lot of controversies related to addiction, which Krafton has decided to try to address with the Battlegrounds Mobile India. It is said that the players below the age of 18 years will have new restrictions in their updated privacy terms, and they will have to register for the game from their guardian/parents’ cell phones. The teenagers will also have a time limit of three hours a day for the game and their in-app purchases will also be limited to INR 7,000 a day. While Krafton has tried to introduce new privacy terms and increased measures for the safety and well-being of the youth, the real impact will only be assessed post the release and the usage.

Battlegrounds Mobile India is said to have a similar Battle Royale Mode as PUBG, along with the tactics and the gameplay mechanics. The game is also set to feature the PUBG famous Sanhok map. Post the issues created with the said privacy breach and data sharing issues, there will be some apprehension expected towards the game which might affect the popularity of the game but one this is sure, everyone is eagerly waiting for the Battlegrounds India pre-registration and the game is set to experience major traffic definitely!

Battleground Mobile India iOS

PUBG has always been at the top of the show in the gaming industry in India. With millions of users, a passionate zeal has been running amongst the fans of PUBG after an announcement by this South Korea-based company. Krafton recently drew the curtains and is launching a new title, BATTLEGROUNDS MOBILE INDIA.


This article deals with all the specific details that you need to know about the launch.


The company has announced pre-registration of the gaming title, on the google playstore. According to the company Battlegrounds Mobile India Pre Registration will start from May 18, 2021. With only this limited information, exact details are yet to be released. Pre-registration might fetch you rewards.


Any user who wishes to pre-register the Battlegrounds Mobile India must pre-register by clicking on the Battlegrounds Mobile India Playstore Link which will be activated on May 18. A direct link to the google play store has been provided on the Battlegrounds Mobile India Official Site however, it does not work as of now because the release has not yet been live. Further, no information has been provided on Battleground Mobile India IOS.

3. Release Date:

Krafton is yet to announce the battlegrounds Mobile India Release Date. On being asked he termed the probability in June. He added that the game will be specific to Indian users.


Krafton announced that the Battlegrounds Mobile India will be a huge boost to the esports ecosystem. It promises battlegrounds in different parts of the country and prize pools to be set in these tournaments thus boosting the stagnant esports arena in India.


The official announcement talked of the world-class experience that the company promises to the fans. According to the company, the title comes with AAA multiplayer experience on mobiles. It also promises that the personal information retrieved from the users will be safe in India and Singapore only.


The title will have certain restrictions for Indian PubG Mobile Download for minors. It states that for players of less than 18 years, a time limit of 3 hours a day and investment of 7000INR has been set. It will send you notices if you cross 2 hours a day.


According to esports content creators, Battlegrounds Mobile India is a golden opportunity for Indian players and it can even give you opportunities to play at international levels. Battleground Mobile India IOS will be a great boost to the esports industry which was lying dormant for about the past 10 months. This might even be a game-changer in the Indian gaming industry. With much more to come, fans are eagerly waiting for Battlegrounds Mobile India to release dates.

Detailed Information:

Provider:KRAFTON Inc
Language:English, Hindi
Update:15th May 2021


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