AKM Vs M762 Pubg

Weaponry contributes a significant amount to the popularity of PUBG Mobile. PUBG has been growing since its launch in 2018. It survived the ban and is still the most beloved game in India. PUBG offers you a whole lot of weapons. These weapons come in all sorts of types. They are known for their specializations. There are many weapons that clash in skills. People are often confused about which one to take amongst the two. One from this confusion batch is the clash between AKM Vs M762. This article will help you wipe out the confusion.

This article will compare their performance in different areas. This will give you a holistic and rational comparison of the two. Hence it will become easier for you to solve the AKM Vs M762 query.

AKM Vs M762: Comparing Features

AKM Vs M762

We will now compare AKM Vs M762 in various categories to find the better between the two:

1. Damage Rate

Damage Rate is an important aspect to judge a weapon. The purpose of a weapon is to inflict damage in layman language. Hence, it is important to filter AKM Vs M762 on the ground of damage rate.  AKM wins over M762 in this category. AKM has a damage rate of 49 while M762 lags behind at 47. Though the difference between them is slight this little has a far-reaching effect on the game.

2. Number Of Attachments

Now to improve the efficiency of guns, PUBG has a lot of attachments. The number of attachments a gun can have is limited. Hence, we need to compare which gun can hold more attachments. This will let us understand which gun can be used in more areas while in the game. In this category, M762 takes over AKM. While AKM can get you three attachments, M762 offers you four. It is also to be noted that if you have an AKM, you must be carrying a compensator. This is because AKM will not be stable without a compensator. This too is a drawback of AKM. On the other hand, M762 does not require a compensator hence lowering your load.

3. Rate of Recoil

A player in-game will want a weapon with the least recoil rate. This will save his/her time while in a fight. It is to be noted that both AKM and M762 have a significantly high recoil rate. This makes both of them unsuitable for long battles. However, coming back to the AKM Vs M762 fight in this category AKM  wins. M762 has a higher rate of recoil in comparison to AKM. It should be kept in mind that the recoil rate of M762 can be reduced with an attachment which might not be possible in AKM.

4. Rate Of Firing

Both AKM and M762 are known for their firing rate. In this category AKM Vs M762 both perform significantly high. However, M762 wins here too. With a firing rate of 600 AKM lags behind M762  which has a firing rate of 698 bullets/min.

5. Firing Modes

It is obvious that players will want to have as many firing modes as they can. The more firing modes the more you have chances of dealing with situations in the game. It is applaudable that M762 is a winner in this category as well. It comes with 3 modes namely, single, fully automatic, and burst. On the other hand, AKM has only two modes called single and fully automatic.

6. Ammo

In this category, we shall witness a tie. With ammo of 7.62 both stand on the same platform. To add to the similarity in ammo, the speed is too the same. Both AKM and M762 have an ammo speed of 715m/sec. hence here both of them perform the same.

Wrapping up AKM Vs M762 Discussion:

It is clear from the above analysis that both AKM and M762 are close combat guns. They will not be very helpful in the long battles. Coming to the winner between AKM Vs M762, it is quite evident that M762 is the winner. It performs better than AKM in nearly all the categories. Hence if you need to choose between AKM and M762, you know now what should be your clear choice. Happy Gaming!

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