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The Pubg players are spread worldwide. And many players are globally recognized and praised by their audiences. And in this fame race, we Indians are also participating and scoring the top positions as much as we can. In this article, we will let you know all the details about Kaztro Gaming like his Pubg Id, K/D Ratio, Gaming Setup, Youtube Stats, and a lot more.

There are many pro players from India who are globally recognized by the audience and appreciated for their hard work and success. There are many names on the list but today we are gonna talk about Kerala‘s superstar player Kaztro Gaming.

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Kaztro Gaming PUBG ID and other details:

Muhammed Ramees


Kaztro Gaming is the name of a youtube channel owned by the Gamer named Muhammed Ramees. Ramees belongs to Kerela and he is quite popular among the gaming community and in Kerela as well.

With a number of 1.26M subscribers, Kaztro Gaming is the most subscribed Gaming channel from Kerela. The nationality of this Gamer is Indian and the state to which he belongs is Kerela.


The YouTube journey of this Gamer is not so long but he did achieve his goals and working on his next goals. Muhammed Ramees started his YouTube journey on 19 March 2020 and now he has created 1,047 videos of Pubg content and not just any content he plays really great and his clutching and close combat skills are just marvelous.

There are many other YouTube reaction channels that have made content on Kaztro Gaming and these reaction channels are widely known and have a huge audience base. Like Panda, Rolex and many more have made a video based on Kaztro Gameplay and liked it straight away. As the video contains the OP skills displayed by Kaztro and wiping squads on his own completely. Their reactions are too much hilarious and very fun to watch.

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He just not only uploads videos from Pubg but he also does live streams of one or two hours depending on the mood and he shares    Pc gaming videos as well on his channels. His content is in the English language or in his native language and with the help of the English language he gets a wider reach of audience.

As kaztro picks up the current trends and follows them properly, he gets a good amount of reach and his videos get viral in a short period of time.  His per video viewership is around 60k to 65k.

He also has 2 other YouTube channels named as

  1. Kaztro Highlights in which he shares the BTS of the gaming time and lives highlights.
  2. Kaztro vlogs in which he shares videos about traveling, fun entertainment, and of course games.

These two channels are new and have around 50 videos but the reach is pretty impressive in these two channels also.

Kaztro aka Muhammed Ramees age is 22 years old and he is doing well at his age. Right?

Well, he holds a net worth of $1 million guys which is pretty impressive.

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Kaztro gaming likes to live his life privately and he did not share any information about his family and relatives on any platform whether social media or youtube. The pro-gaming community did not like to share their private information about family and relatives, which might be security issues. We should understand and support their feelings.

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PUBG Stats:

In Pubg the skills are insane of this player. His reaction time and clutching are top-notch.  His playing style is 4 fingers + gyro and the control over the gyro is very stable. Thou a lot of player finds it hard to control the gyro as it shakes with the screen, but pros like Kaztro it’s child play.

His Pubg mobile id is 591984617 and his in-game name is IGNT | KaztroYT.

His killing machine is iPhone, as it is the most preferred choice of the pros.

His Instagram account is: ig.kaztrogaming

He is such a good player with great consistency towards his work that he just works daily for his YouTube channel and tries to post content literally every day. That is the mantra behind Kaztro’s success. What is your success mantra?

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