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Shreeman Legend Pubg ID

India is a country with huge potential and skills. Firstly, it is a highly populated country which is somewhat concerning but with the high number of people, comes a high number of talents also. In India, people are highly skilled but directionless.

Most of the Pubg pros are from India, their content is doing great and they are getting very good responses from their audiences. Today we are going to talk about another pro player from India called “Shreeman Legend”

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Shreeman Legend Pubg ID and Other Details:


Shreeman Legend

Shreeman Legend is a Pubg Pro Player and a famous Content creator from India. Shreeman Legend Real name is Siddharth Praveen Joshi. By Profession, he is a Gamer and a YouTube Streamer.

Shreeman Legend was born in Mumbai, Maharashtra, and bought up in Mumbai only. His birthdate is 1 Aug 1993 and currently, he is 28 years old. He creates his content on Pubg related videos and he does Hindi commentary with a Marathi accent on his tone, which is natural as he belongs to Mumbai.

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The internet does not contain any family information about Shreeman Legend. He belongs to a proper Marathi family.


On-screen or off-screen, Shreeman does not disclose any information about his love life.

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PUBG Stats:

Shreeman Legend’s Pubg journey begins with the release of Pubg season 2 in India. In his first season of Pubg, he had a KD of 5.52, and that is certainly no joke when you are just entering a new field. The Pubg content he creates has a huge fan following because he plays the game so well.

Shraman Legend Pubg I’d is 510399433 and his username in Pubg is “I’mShreman”. Shreeman is also an Emulator player who plays Pubg mobile on his PC or Laptop. His clan name is ShreeManArmy. Shreeman enjoys playing cricket and traveling, but gaming is his favorite. Shreeman had lost one gaming channel in the past but he did not give up and worked for his second channel, and now he is one of the famous content creators of India.

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Shreeman is a legend in himself, so he added legend on his YouTube channel name too. His channel name is “Shreeman legend live”. His channel contains 1.64 k videos with a total of 1.51 million subscribers on his channel.

He shares Pubg gameplay videos but also shares real-life memes on his channel. But mostly he does live streams on his channel. He is also a very generous and kind man as he has done a lot of charity streams on his channel for different sections and aspects of society. He has raised funds through the streams and donated them to the victims of different calamities like the Assam Floods.

His channel daily gets a viewer traffic of 100k + on his channel. But this is not his first channel, his first channel was lost by Shreeman due to some mistakes in the past. There also he used to share gaming videos like this and the growth of the channel was average.


According to, the net worth of Shreeman Legend is $783000 which is around 5 crore 7 lakh rupees in INR.

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Shreeman legend is a popular gaming video creator and he requires a platform to share the ordinary moments of his day with his fans. A platform like Instagram would be perfect for sharing his lifestyle.

The Instagram account of Shreeman is “Shreemanlegend” and he has a following of 343k followers on his channel. Shreeman mostly shares his daily life routine and whatever he likes on Instagram. He also shares content related to gaming and PUBGM, which is a must for every pro player. Not because of their gaming but because of their love and trust for Pubg.

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