There are many pro players of Pubg in India. And to use their potential at their best, different clans were made to manage those players and bring out the best in them.

There are different roles of individual players to make a strong team. These roles are:

  1. Scout: Scout is the person that enters first, it is the most important role in the team.
  2. In-Game Lead or IGL: IGL is the brain of the group, he is the decision taker in most cases.
  3. Carry: Carry is the role of the person who can outperform most of the opponents and kill an enemy in an instant. The player full filling the role must be loaded with weapons and equipment.
  4. Lurker: This role is an off laner role. When fighting in group battles, laner should find a way to kill an enemy and watch teammates back from blind spots. This role also needs aiming accuracy like the  Carry.
  5. Support: This role is used for enemy detection or looking out for zones or enemies’ hideouts. This is a hybrid role and is not always required. This role needs a near to perfect sniping skills or eagle eyesight. Support just covers up the lack of roles and also an expert using Grenades.

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Using this kind of strategy, the team chooses their players for their upcoming matches. So that they could have a balance in their team and they can minimize each other’s mistakes and increase the team coordination in the game. Today our topic of discussion is ZGod.

ZGOD PUBG Pubg ID and Other Gaming Details:



Zgod is a Pubg mobile player and a Popular eSports player. He plays for the famous eSports clan TSM Entity.

ZGod’s real name is Abhishek Chaudhary. He was born in Jaipur, Rajasthan. He is a Pro Pubg player and a Youtuber of India. His birth date is January 1, 2001, and currently, he is 19 years old. He has completed his 12 standard education from Jaipur and currently, he is Pursuing B.Com in some college.

He was added to clan TSM Entity alongside Clutch god after seeing his extraordinary gameplay in PMCO 2019 – Fall Split. He performed well and stole the position of Asia #1 Fragger in PMCO Fall Split.

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Family information of ZGod is not available on the internet. He also has not shared anything about his family.


ZGod love life is also hidden. There is nothing informational about his love life on the Internet.


ZGod is one of the top eSports players in India. He plays as a support in the game and also full fills the need for arms and ammunition for the team. His team was the top Clan of Pubg for the past one or two years. He was joined in TSM Entity for the position of support and he deserved the place there. TSM Entity is also the team that stays on top according to stats and is the Number 1 BGMI eSports team of India.

ZGod has the best bonding with the active squad of TSM Entity,  Clutch God, Johnathan, Neyoo, and Ghatak. They are all close to each other and ZGod treats Ghatak as his older brother.

Now he has left the clan TSM entity and joined another top eSports Clan called Godlike. Only the name of the clan has been changed but ZGod is playing Pubg with his older teammates only.

The team now is more functional and has separate roles for each individual of the clan.

Ghatak is the assaulter and coach of the team, Jonathan full fills the position of assaulter and flanker, Neyoo and ZGod work the same as entry Fragger and assaulter and Clutch God is the brain of the game IGL and assaulter too. So everyone is an assaulter in the team because they all have better control over the guns plus they all have their different roles too.

Before joining his most favorite team TSM Entity, ZGod was in Zero Degree eSports. He is well known for his Fragging and his Sniping skills and he is the perfect example of a Support Role in PUBGM.

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ZGod has a YouTube channel called ZGod Gaming. On his channel, he creates content related to Pubg and uploads the created content on YouTube. ZGod created his channel on Nov 13, 2019. People really love ZGod’s gameplay and fully support him.

Currently, his account is filled with 391k subscribers on his channel and he has a total of 73 videos on his channel. He gained a very large audience with a very low amount of content, stating quality is always better than quantity. His daily viewership goes up and down regularly but he gets at least 20k daily views on his videos and the total number of views on his channel is 16.1 million views. He is a very hardworking guy and works a lot on his skills and live streams his gameplays daily.

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According to filmysiyappa.com, the net worth of ZGod is $80 thousand which is around 60 lakhs in INR. He gets a salary of around 5000 rs per match.


Z God is a famous personality of Indian Gaming and he posts his life updates on Instagram occasionally. His account name is “zgodofficial“. In this account, he has a following of 304 k followers on his account with a total of 107 posts on his account. He shares his daily life updates and reels regarding Pubg on his account.

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