Pubg is a highly competitive game with advanced graphics. Pubg always tries to compete with its competitors by releasing something new in the game. Pubg also releases different modes in the game to give extra thrills to the audience and bind them more in the game.

It has given us many different modes like TDM, Zombie mode, and short survival modes. These modes are made to create sudden panic situations and players have to keep their calm and use all their senses to perform better in these modes. It tests their patience and ability to handle panic situations.

The more control over situations, the more will be game under control. Today’s next pro on the list is “Solo Rush”.

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SOLO RUSH Pubg ID and Other Gaming Details:


Solo Rush is a pro Pubg player. He is a mysterious person as he has been hiding much information about himself, but we can dig some info about him from the Internet. His real name is Md Asif Iqbal.

Solo Rush is a Gaming Video Content Creator from India and he has a very wide reach of viewers, all over the world. Solo Rush is known for his Rush-type gameplay and he is known as the fastest player in India. His age is 18 and his year of birth is 2002.

Solo rush games are very interesting to play and people love to see montages of his videos. He also says that he does not play for K.D. or tier, he plays for pure skill improvement. People also say that he fast-forwards his videos after seeing his gameplays, he is that much fast.

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Family information of Solo Rush is not available on the internet.


Solo rush has never shared anything else except Pubg on his channel. He has not shared anything about his love life as well.

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PUBG Stats:

Solo rush is a famous Pubg pro and is loved by the Indian audience very much. He plays very fast gameplays of Pubg. He plays BGMI, the Indian version of Pubg and his BGMI id is 5166723929. His in-game name is iSxSoloRush.

He plays Pubg on his iPhone with 5 Finger claw settings. He plays in smooth Hd with extreme FPS on his device in Pubg mobile. His mobile clan name is Inhuman Skills.

The Solo Rush main motive is to increase his skill cap even more and make his reflexes more faster in the game, he does not plays for kills he plays for skills in the game. He has played some 1v1 with International pro MOK and gave him a tough competition in that fight.

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The YouTube journey of Solo Rush is not that easy, though every YouTube journey is not so easy but this guy has to face a lot of hate from the audience saying he fast forwards his gameplay and much more. But he continued his work and his progress also continued.

Solo Rush has joined YouTube on Apr 17, 2018, and till now he got 469k subscribers on his channel with a total of only 118 videos on his channel. His everyday content gets a reach of 20k + viewers. He has also revealed his face recently on his YouTube channel got a great audience response.

He has shared his 1v1 gameplay against MOK who is globally recognized as a pro player and this guy gave a tough competition to MOK in 1v1 gameplay. He mostly shares Pubg gameplay montages on his channel also guides other players on how to play Pubg.

He has gained a lifetime viewership of 47.3 million views on the channel. His channel is growing every day as the posts are increasing on his channel.

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According to, the net worth of Solo Rush is $4.6k – $74.1k.  His monthly earnings are $400 – $6.4k. This is the estimated Income of his YouTube channel.


Solo Rush is also famous on Instagram. Though he is not fully-fledged yet he is definitely growing every day. His Instagram account is “solorush_yt“. His account has a total of 81.2k subscribers in total with 121 posts currently active on his channel.

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