Pubg is available for players all over the world. Different players from different countries have their own unique styles of playing games. They have different settings or selective choices of arsenal in the game. There are many great players who have been playing Pubg for a long time and have a good fanbase all around the globe. Most of the Pubg pro are very young and earning a hefty amount by playing and sharing their games on the internet. In this article, we will get to know the details of this famous Youtube Gamer Tacaz Pubg ID, Net Income, PC Setting, K/D Ratio, Girlfriend.

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TACAZ Pubg ID and Other Details:



Tacaz is a professional Pubg player and a content creator all the way from Vietnam. He creates his content on Pubg and posts the videos on YouTube. Let’s know more about him

Tacaz is the nickname of the pro gamer.

The real name of Tacaz is “Nguyen Trong Tuong”. Tacaz is also one of the youngest Pubg pros and his age is 21 currently. He is a resident of Vietnam.

Being so young, tacaz is recently married and he had posted images of his marriage on Instagram. Her wife’s name is not available.

He has completed his study by 12 standards and he is a full-time Youtuber which is the major source of his income.

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Family information about Tacaz is not available either on YouTube or on social media. He has not shared a bit of info about his family.

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PUBG Settings:

Tacaz comes under the top Pubg mobile players in the world. His reflexes and assault are very Elite.

Tacaz plays Pubg on his iPhone and he plays four-finger claw settings with gyro. His on-average KD is 5. People love this guy for his gameplay, create openings, and for his high-level skills in his gameplay. Tacaz easily gets millions of views on his videos. And his followers are spread across the world.

Tacaz is not in any clan or in any crew currently. And he prefers to play solo vs squad, and he literally wipes out the whole squad in no time. Tacaz Pubg I’d is 5545342200 and his in-game name is Tacaz.

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Tacaz is very popular on YouTube and he focuses the most on YouTube because it is his only source of income.

Tacaz’s YouTube journey started on 26 February 2019 and in such a short time of 2 years, he gained a million followers and subscribers on his channel. Whenever he posts his content, he gets a good number of views and engagement on his channel. He plays Pubg on his iPhone plus 8.

The Channel name of Tacaz is Tacaz Gaming and currently, his channel has 6.89 million subscribers with a total of 595 video content on his channel.

Tacaz shares his 1 vs 4 extreme gameplay in Asia server and he also plays Battle Grounds Mobile India. On his videos, there are no commentary or bg music just pure tacaz style gameplay and action. He uploads his content with a section of his handcam. The handcam videos display the person is actually playing the game without any cheating or something illegal. And with that high level of engagement, he earns a high level of income as well.

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His income majorly depends on his YouTube channel. Now the reach he gets on his YouTube videos is around 2 million. And per month he easily touches the target of 50 to 60 million views. And from Google Adsense only he easily earns more than 10 lakhs in INR every month. And he also does content promotion which earns him around 5 lakhs per month. And the major portion of his content engagement comes from India which is somewhere around 50-60%. He also plays BGMI.

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